Appetizers/ Snacks

Appetizers/ Snacks recipes that are healthy and guilt free. Many are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free and super easy to prepare. Perfect for any gathering from football games to weddings. Some of our most popular appetizers are our Spicy Garlic Refrigerator Pickles, Feta Stuffed Mini Peppers and our Chinese Vegan Radish Cake.

6 tuna rolls ready for guests on a plate.

Curried Tuna Salad Roll Ups

Curried Tuna Salad Roll Ups are a super easy appetizer or lunch idea made with zippy curry tuna salad with Japanese Diakon pickles rolled up in a gluten-free tortilla.

5 chocolate espresso balls on a white plate.

Chocolate Espresso Fig Balls

Chocolate Espresso Fig Balls are a 2-bite healthy no bake dessert. Prepared with dark rich cocoa, espresso, dried figs and toasty almonds for a guilt free, no added sugar, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dessert.

Cooked and sliced BBQ baby back ribs on a white cutting board.

Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs

Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs are a super easy fall off the bone tender dinner and tailgating idea with a delicious spicy date sweetened (no added Sugar) BBQ sauce for the win.

Summer Rolls with Chili-Lime Dipping Sauce /

Summer Rolls with Chili-Lime Dipping Sauce

Summer Rolls with Chili-Lime Dipping Sauce is a fresh and bright appetizer or light main made with crisp rainbow vegetables, fresh herbs, shrimp, rice vermicelli noodles wrapped up in a gluten-free rice wrapper and served with a spicy prik nam pla dipping sauce.

Grilled Italian bread with delicious tomatoes with EVOO and aged balsamic on a wooden platter.

How to Make Bruschetta Bread

Learn How to Make Bruschetta Bread with just 6 ingredients in less than 20 minutes for a delicious easy classic Italian appetizer.

Berry Cherry Smoothie Blast /

Berry Cherry Smoothie Blast

Berry Cherry Smoothie Blast is a creamy frosty dairy free breakfast on the go beverage with mixed berries, Michigan Cherries, Coconut cream and citrus zest.

Firecracker grilled shrimp just off the grill garlished with lime and cilantro on a black plate and marble table.

Firecracker Grilled Shrimp

Firecracker Grilled Shrimp are spicy, garlicky and a little zesty from the lime. Perfect as an appetizer or a less than 30-minute dinner or on top of a crisp salad.

2 gigantic globe artichokes stuffed and steamed in glass bowls with white flowers around the bowls.

Best Italian Stuffed Artichokes

Mom’s Best Italian Stuffed Artichokes recipe is the one and only recipe you will ever need to make tender and delicious whole stuffed globe artichokes that celebrate the spring harvest.

Sesame Burdock Root Salad /

Sesame Burdock Root Salad

Sesame Burdock Root Salad is made with braised Japanese gobo root and carrot with light and creamy sesame mayo dressing.

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