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Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños /

Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños

November 2, 2017

Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños is a low carb hot out of the oven treat perfect for any gathering.

Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños /

Overhead shot of cooked Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños

Saturday Football games, unexpected guests and late night munchies all need delicious baked cheesy salami wrapped jalapeños. Only 4 ingredients, about 20 minutes in the oven and you are good to go. What is not to like about that?!?

We know that many people wrap their poppers in bacon but they do not get that crispy but baked salami is perfect as it takes less time in the oven to get crisp. There is not deep frying mess or added carbohydrates just peppers, cream cheese and salami. We added a little sprinkle of oregano and freshly cracked pepper just because we felt like it but it is not required.

You start off by cutting all the jalapeños in half and removing the seeds and white pith to reduce a little of the heat.

Cut in half jalapeños with seeds and pith removed

Next take a little spoon and stuff with a little bit of cream cheese…

raw jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese

Then take your salami and cut it into 3 slices. Wrap a couple of slices around each cream cheese stuffed jalapeno

raw jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese getting wrapped with salami slices

Sprinkle with seasoning and pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes and ta da.. Your hot out of the oven appetizer is ready to be served.

Ready for the oven cheese stuffed salami wrapped jalapeños

If you are looking at timing your Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños appetizer, you can either prepare them before the start of the game and bake while you are watching the game or prep during half time and bake. Choice is yours.

Long photo of Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños in black serving dishes

We always seem to have last minute guests and Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños
is quite simple to throw together. When the weather is cooler it is always nice to have a few hot appetizers. Be sure to also try our Spiced Nut Mix , Feta Stuffed Mini Peppers and our Traditional Baba ghanoush  or your can consult our appetizer section to see if something suits your fancy.

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Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños /

Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños

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November 2, 2017

Baked Cheesy Salami Wrapped Jalapeños is low carb baked treat perfect for any gathering.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 16 Appetizers


Jalapeños – 8 cut in half and seeds and pith removed

Cream Cheese – 4 to 6 ounces depending on how big your jalapenos are.

Salami – 11 slices cut into thirds (33)

Oregano – 1 teaspoon dried

Pepper- to taste


1Preheat oven to 350 degrees F or 176 degree C

2Stuff each halved jalapeno with a little of the cream cheese to fill. Wrap 2 of the pieces of sliced salami around each stuffed jalapeno pepper. Wrap tightly, no toothpicks needed.

3Season with oregano and pepper and place on a greased baking sheet.

4Bake for about 18-20 minutes or until jalapenos are fork tender.


  • I could live on these. If I have to watch a game to get me some, so be it.

    • Thank you Christine. A glass of wine and a girly gathering would be lovely too!

  • I’d love to have a plateful of these on my table when entertaining. They look amazing!

    • Thanks so much Julie! It is game day here and the boys are ravished.

  • I always have some jalapeños in my fridge because I like them. What a great idea to stuff them with cream cheese and cover them with salami. I know I would eat more than one.

    • This week both jalapeños and avocados on sale. We hit the jackpot. At least 4 or 5 baked cheesy wrapped jalapeños….thank you dear.

  • What a great snack these would make, I’ll have mine with vegetarian bacon but my fella would go crazy for the salami ones.

    • That is so cool, need to check out the vegetarian bacon… You could also top with a little sprinkle with a little vegetarian sausage and you could even stuff with vegan cream cheese too if want to make dairy free and vegetarian.

  • I miss Jalapeno Poppers so this do-able make at home variation is going onto my must make list. I love that they are not deep fried and that you’ve achieved a crispy finish with the help of salami – which I’m imagining also adds an extra flavour dimension to these beauties too. I first had poppers when I was studying in Florida years ago and my husband when he visited Chicago with work, also years ago. Over the years we’ve both had them whenever we’ve spotted them, but they are few and far between over here. I’m going to surprise him one Friday night very soon.

    • Hi there Jane and thank you so much. We hear you the deep fried version is both a complete mess in your kitchen and just makes you feel so sluggish. This version is so much lighter and no mess. Now that part you are going to like a lot. Take Care

  • I would be snacking on these all day long!! Love the idea of using Salami!

    • HWC Magazine

      Thanks so much Dini! The salami gets really crispy and the boys love that.

  • What a great idea! I am used to seeing them wrapped in bacon, but I love the idea of salami. And I definitely prefer the baked version…deep fried is a mess plus it makes my place smell like grease for days!

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