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Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast

October 24, 2017

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast is a succulent bone in turkey breast cooked with turmeric, cardamom, spices and a very fun twist for a holiday gathering.

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Super moist, filled with aromatics and spices and super-fast to make. Win Win!

Do you ever wish you could have a delicious turkey without all the time in the kitchen? Cooking a bone in chicken breast without the legs and wings cooks much faster. If you are just having four to six people over for Thanksgiving, then this is also a great solution.

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Does dark meat go to waste because no one in your family will eat it? Then, a bone in turkey breast is the perfect solution. We usually allow 1 pound of turkey for each person with a bone in turkey breast.

The best reason to make a toasted turmeric spiced turkey breast is because it tastes fantastic and is super tender and moist. Why not try something a little different for Turkey Day? We are not just going to be different. We are going to be creating a full Thanksgiving menu with an Asian touch. How cool is that! Stay tuned to a monitor near you so you can check out the Turkey Day full spread.

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Do any of you suffer with achy joints as the weather gets cooler and damp? Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Turmeric is a spice that adds that beautiful yellow color to any dish. You can use either freshly grated or dried powdered turmeric in this Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast recipe. We love cooking with turmeric. If you are looking for other recipes for health please try our Turmeric Vegetable Medley , Turmeric Pork Skewers and Thai Basil Dipping Sauce, and our Cozy Chicken Curry Soup.

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Turmeric is also a warming spice along with the paprika and ginger. Around this time of year with the seasonal changes this really hits the spot. We also used cardamom and a little clarified butter(ghee) to make this bird sing.

Just look how moist this bird is. The secret we have found is to cook our bone in turkey breast with a little turkey broth and covered for the 1st 30 minutes and then we uncover and baste with the turmeric infused clarified spiced butter every 15 minutes until the juices run clear or the internal temperature is 165 degrees. As the turkey rests, the temperature will rise.

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

If you are going to get that oven going, you might as well add some vegetables around your bone in Turkey Breast for an easy one pan meal. Seasonal veggie work best like Brussel sprouts, root vegetables, etc. Cauliflower and turmeric is also a delicious combo! We hope you give our Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast recipe a try this autumn.

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Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast /

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast

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October 24, 2017

Roasted Turmeric Spiced Turkey Breast is a succulent bone in turkey breast cooked with turmeric, cardamom, spices and a very fun twist for a holiday gathering.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 2 hrs 15 mins
  • Yields: 4 servings


1 (4-6 pound) Turkey bone in breast

ghee or clarified organic butter – ¼ cup

turmeric - 2 teaspoons dried ground (can also use fresh grated)

paprika 1 teaspoon

garlic powder – 1 teaspoon dried ground (or 2 cloves minced fresh)

salt and pepper to taste

cardamom – 6 whole crushed pods or 1 teaspoon dried ground

seasonal vegetables – 3 cups chopped (we used Brussel sprouts, potatoes and onions cut into bite sized pieces)

chicken broth- ½ cup


1Preheat oven to 325 degree F or 162 degrees C.

2Spray a roasting pan with cooking spray

3Pour your ghee or clarified butter (you can make your own clarified butter by just heating your butter slowly on the stove until clear, strain any solids) Place your bone in turkey breast in the roasting pan. Rub your turkey on all sides with your clarified butter (ghee) and then sprinkle with turmeric, paprika, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste, cardamom if using dried. (if using whole cardamom pods just lightly crush and add to the roasting pan.

4Add seasonal vegetables and pour chicken broth around the sides of the bone in turkey breast. Season the vegetables with salt and pepper to taste. Cover your turmeric spiced turkey breast with aluminum foil and secure around edges.

5Bake for ½ hour. Remove aluminum foil from your turkey and baste turkey. Place turkey back into the oven and baste every 15 minutes until the turkey is golden brown, the internal temperature is 165 degree F and the juices run clear. Remove the turkey from the oven to rest and keep warm for 10 minutes. (cooking time will be around 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 hours for a 4-6 pound bone in turkey breast)

6Carve your Turkey and enjoy!

  • mimi rippee

    Great recipe! I’m making two of these this Thanksgiving and hadn’t planned how yet. Sadly, I love the dark meat, but no one else does!

    • Thank you Mimi! Perfect solution for those that won’t eat the dark meat on the turkey. Maybe try this spice method for a whole turkey too. Wishing you a super week!

  • abbethisishowicook

    This sounds like a lovely way to make turkey. To be honest I’ve never made one! Hubby always smokes one outside. This is one I could do all year! Thanks for that!

    • HWC Magazine

      Lucky you Abbe! Hope you give this quick and easier version a try for some of your smaller gatherings.

    • Lucky You Abbe! I bet this dry rub would be awesome smoked too!

  • kitchenriffs

    Although we like dark meat and always roast a whole turkey for holiday celebrations, we often will do just the breast for meals throughout the year. Love to have leftover turkey in the refrigerator for sandwiches and such! Anyway, great dish — and a great way to use turmeric. Thanks!

    • HWC Magazine

      The weather has really cooled off and actually had to put on the heat this morning. BRRRRRR….Turmeric is one of the great spices that warms you up. Thank you John it is a great little recipe for smaller gathering throughout the year.

    • Smaller turkey breasts allows us to celebrate turkey day any day… With the weather turning cooler it really hits this spot with this warming spice. Thank you John!

  • Okay, I’m ready for Thanksgiving! This looks great! I sometimes buy a turkey breast and roast it for dinner in the fall and winter so I’d be happy to have this any night. Your turkey breast looks so juicy and perfectly dressed for the holiday table with the brussels sprouts.

    • We are ready for Turkey any day too! Why wait for the holidays to enjoy the things we love.

  • I love all the spices and there is nothing better than a turkey sandwich the next day.

    • You bet! Piled high turkey sandwich with all of the fixings.

  • Absolutely mouthwatering! I am sharpening my knife!

    • Thank you Katerina! After turkey we are coming to your house for dessert. Just thought we would put you on notice now… LOL

  • I have just pulled a muscle in my back and Turmeric would be the perfect thing to have to hand right now. This turkey looks super moist 🙂

    • Oh goodness Tandy…wishing you a speedy recovery! Yes lots of turmeric, rest and ice for you. Thank you dear and take care

  • Robyn Gleason

    This looks so delicious, Bobbi, and I’ve decided to cook turkey more often rather than just the holidays. We love it so what’s the point of saving it just for special times?
    Love your spice combo too. I’ll try this for sure 🙂
    Hope you’re having a fabulous week!

    • Hiya Robyn! No doubt! Why wait to enjoy something so delicious and healthy for once a year. Wishing you a super weekend dear!

  • This is one tasty way to add turmeric to my diet! I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is my al time favorite meal to make, but I would make this all year long!

  • Karen (Back Road Journal)

    We always cook a turkey breast the day after Thanksgiving for sandwiches as we travel on Thanksgiving day to be with family. Your nicely seasoned one would make great sandwiches.

    • Hiya Karen, Love your idea of making a turkey just for sandwiches and such. Left overs tock, if they are any leftovers… LOL Take Care

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