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10 Fun and Easy Chinese New Year Recipes

February 5, 2015

The Chinese New Years festivities have begun and I have 10 fun and easy recipes that will have you and your guests happy and healthy during this special holiday.10 Fun and Easy Chinese New Year Recipes- Bam's Kitchen

I know that the holiday season can be stressful, so I have a some fun and easy auspicious dishes that are traditionally served during Chinese New Year (CNY)/Lunar New Year but really are delicious and easy to make all year around. I also wanted to give you some healthier options this CNY to help you stay on target for your 2015 goals.

Lotus seeds are traditionally served as a dried snack during Chinese New Year and are usually soaked in a sugar laden syrup and dried and eaten as a finger snack. I took a fun spin on a healthier version of enjoying lotus seeds by roasting the lotus seeds first and then adding them to a shrimp and vegetable stir fry. You are just going to love the simple flavours with the delightful crunch of the lotus seed.

1) Lucky Shrimp and Lotus Seeds

Lucky shrimps and Lotus Seeds - Bam's Kitchen

One of the most common dishes served in Hong Kong is the Chinese New Year Radish Cake. The Chinese New Radish Cake is simply just dreamy to bite into. First the little crispy bits on the ends catch your senses and then once you take a bite the inside it is soft and mellow. The diakon radish mellows as it is cooked and combined with the mushrooms, sausage, herbs and spices and makes this for one hearty delightful treat. Well don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself and impress all of your guests this Chinese New Year and it is gluten-free. I love dipping it in a simple sauce of soya, dash Chinese dark Chinkiang vinegar and a little ginger for a little zest.

2) Chinese New Year Radish Cake

Chinese radish New Year Cake - Bam's Kitchen

Another Hong Kong favourite dim sum are egg tarts. I have made 2 different versions one with a pastry crust and one with a puff pastry just to make you life easier.

3) Hong Kong Egg Tarts

Hong Kong Egg Tarts - Bam's Kitchen

Baked Spring rolls are crispy and light spring roll wrappers filled with tender shrimp, pork, ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and spices and baked to perfection with a zesty ginger tamari dipping sauce.

4) Baked Chinese Spring Rolls

Baked Chinese Spring Rolls- Bam's Kitchen

If you looking for a healthy diabetic friendly dessert for Chinese New Year, then you are going to love these Asian Spiced Pears. Asian spiced pears are warm, cozy, delicately sweetened with the aromatics of lovely star anise, cinnamon and vanilla. While these lovely Asian spiced pears bake in your oven your whole house smells like a gorgeous bouquet of sweet goodness.

5) Asian Spiced Pears

Asian Spiced Pears - Bam's Kitchen

Sweet and succulent flower crab stir fried (Hua Xie Chao) with delicate herbs, spices and sticky glutinous rice Chinese New Year Cakes (Nian Gao) is something very special with your family and friends. You can make this dish gluten free if you just exchange the regular light and dark sauce with Tamari sauce.

6) Stir Fried Crab with Chinese New Year Cake

Stir Fried Flower Crab with Chinese New Year Cake- Bam's Kitchen

There is nothing more comforting than to be home for the holidays and to be able to enjoy some of mom's/ grandma's special wontons in a big delicious bowl of soup.

7) Lucky Shanghai Hun Tun Soup

Lucky Shanghai Hun Tun - Bam's Kitchen

My friends tell me that their teenage son can easily pack away at least 30 jaozi at one sitting so you better make a double batch. Jiaozi typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. Boiled Dumplings are called shuǐjiǎo and are a healthier option instead of the fried version.

8) Chinese Dumplings -Jiaozi 饺子

Jiaozi- Bam's Kitchen

When it comes to comfort food and wanting to eat something healthy and nourishing, there is nothing better than to sit around with your family and to enjoy a huge hot pot, especially when it is cold outside. In China hot-pot is called Huǒ Guō 火锅 , which literally translates to Fire Pot. It is sometimes also referred to as Chinese Fondue or Steamboat. All of these types of hotpots have different ingredients, dipping sauces, vegetables, fish, dumplings and meats that are cooked. However, the one common theme of all hot pots is that is a beautiful way for families and friends to sit around a steaming pot of yummy pot of goodness; cooking, chatting and enjoying their time together. This is a great diabetic friendly meal.

9) Heart of Fire Huǒ Guō (Hot Pot)火锅

Hot Pot - Bam's Kitchen

Longevity noodles, making sure they are not cut, are especially auspicious in nature and represent long life. They are especially popular during the Chinese New Year season, but you can enjoy them all year-long!

10 Spicy Beef and Longevity Noodles

Spicy Beef and Longevity Noodles - Bam's Kitchen



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10 Fun and Easy Chinese New Year Recipes

By HWC Magazine  

February 5, 2015



  • I love how Chinese New Year is all about food ! Some great recipes here and I really must try your bakes spring rolls. Gong Hey Fatt Choy !

  • hotlyspiced

    I would like the spring rolls followed by the spiced pears. I’m impressed with your list – you have some great recipes here. I would love to experience an authentic Chinese New Year once in my lifetime. Thanks for your email – I’m having a very busy couple of days (weeks) but will get back to you when I can xx

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Charlie, Saying a little extra prayer for you this week and hoping that your family is doing well. Take Care

  • Bam your post made me nostalgic of the good old Hong Kong days. The CNY time was always so much fun! Loved the CNY special spread here. Would love to eat all of that! 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Purabi. I am so glad I could make you think of the fond memories of your times in HK. A holiday would just not be a holiday without food!

  • Chinese New Year… Wow, how fast is the year going. It feels like just yesterday that I was planning CNY events, side note… We had one of the worlds only sand artists perform at a massive CNY event last year, it was amazing, wish I could experience the real deal tho. Now, to your list of foods, holy yarm. Spring rolls, spiced pear, dumplings and hot pot. So many of my faves annnnnd…. Eating these foods isn’t going to damage the new year intentions. Thanks for sharing your picks. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Anna, can you believe in is February already? Where has the time gone? CNY does not officially start until Dec 19th but most people have already started the migration over to Asia. It is getting so crowded and busy already. It is kind of like us preparing for Christmas but really kicked up. Stay tuned as this upcoming week I will be guest posting over at the VRAI magazine and sharing an up close and personnel version of how CNY is celebrated in HK and China. Lots of fun information coming your way. Take Care

  • shashi @

    Bobbie – these recipes are so fascinating! I haven’t ever tried any of them – but would love to sit down and eat them all in one sitting – that Chinese New Year Radish Cake so fascinated me – I though it was sweet – but it’s savory, and makes me wanna go by some daikon! Those egg tarts sound amazing too!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there Shashi, coming soon to a monitor near you, I will be posting a recipe for a Chinese “Vegan” Radish Cake with lots of delicious shitake mushrooms, spices and herbs and I know you will really like this it is crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. It is savory not sweet. I do not know why they call it a cake maybe because it has rice flour in it and it is steamed much like they do with Nian gao (New Year cake)?! Maybe you should try making this recipe with part beets and part diakon… LOL You are the beet girl!

  • Robyn

    Wow, Bobbi, such a great round up of beautiful recipes. I’ve already checked out the Hot Pot and I’ll want to do that soon. So fabulous that the holiday is all about fun food and when I come visit I’ve decided it will have to be at New Years! The Asian Spiced Pears are especially divine! Sharing 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi Robyn, you would love hot pot it is very nourishing and healthy. I usually make a mild chicken base broth with some special Chinese herbs for myself and of course the boys love their spicy. This is a very dinner to share with friends and family. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a super weekend!

  • Fabulous from beginning to end Bam. I would love to try them all. I remember enjoying Chinese New Year when we lived in Mauritius but sadly cannot remember any of the food.
    Have a beautiful weekend ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • What a great round up. I could live on dumplings and egg tarts! Looks like I’ll be busy next week deciding to go CNY or Mardi Gras! Perhaps I can combine the two!

  • kitchenriffs

    Jiaozi? Yes, please. When I was a teenager I bet I could have put away 30 at one sitting too. And that egg tart looks so gorgeous! Really nice collection of recipes — thanks.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you John! Don’t you just love that dipping sauce and the delicious juice of the jiaozi. Egg tarts are really big in HK and actually my favorite ones are made in Macau. They are just sinfully amazing!

  • What a great variety of dishes, BAM! 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Nancy

  • It’s hardly believably that you’re not actually Chinese, BAM! ; ) This is a gorgeous collection of Chinese New Year food. I’d take any of them on any given day.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there Monica, you are too funny! I think my Chinese cooking is a bit better than my Chinese language skills. I think I might have forgotten more words and characters than I actually remember, if that is even physically possible. I am glad you liked my recipe round up. Take care

  • Such great recipes, Happy Chinese New Year!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Dawn! Have a super weekend

  • Eha

    OMG! What fun!! The Mongolian hotpot was so ‘fashionable’ when I first got married way back when but I have never stopped having it with close friends . . .the laughter about making a mess and dropping food in to make a final superb soup never seems to stop throughout the night. And tho’ I hardly ever have dessert or serve any I am ever so keen to try your spiced pears: make the usual red wine ones reasonably often, but this looks so tasty without being ‘sinful’!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Don’t you just love hot pot! I crave this dish when it is cold and damp outside. There is something so nourishing about this dish. It is really healthy too. Lots of veggies, and lean meats and fish. Easy to prepare as you make your guests do all the cooking. You have to love that!!! I know how you feel about rich and decadent dessert and I am the same way but this one is light and delicate and perfectly diabetic friendly with a few little changes. I hope you are having a super weekend!

  • Oh it all looks good to me. This is the sort of food that I could graze on all day (as long as someone made it for me). Happy New Year.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Come on over Diane! As long as you kept me company in the kitchen, I would love to make all of these dishes for you. Pull up a chair…

  • I must try the Asian spiced pears 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Asian Pears, with your special fructose alternative, would be lovely they are so simple and delicious to make.

  • All these dishes remind me of the last year I lived in the states. My daughter-in-law is from Taiwan and together we made a bazillion dishes for Chinese New Year. I was exhausted but exhilarated. Looking at all your food brings back wonderful memories.

    • Bams Kitchen

      A bazillion is quite a few and I know how that goes and each recipe also has about a bazillion ingredients too, so it is really busy and lots of food prep. I would not suggest making a whole feast but just trying one small new dish as an appetizer/dim sum with a little tea. I think this way you have all the fun, without all of the stress.

  • What a delicious list! You know, it’s alway interesting to see what people from other part of China enjoy new year’s food. We share some similar festival food here, like the noodle and dumpling, but there crab is totally new to me! I found I learnt about Chinese food more than ever since started blogging 🙂
    Did you figure out what to cook for the big party?

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Maggie! I know it is a very diverse group of dishes. It is amazing to see how different that the dishes will be depending on which Province and city people are from. I know that jiaozi will always end up on the menu as it is always a huge crowd pleaser and my boys love them. It is getting so busy in HK and you can really feel the added population density in the streets. I bet it is the same way in your hometown.

  • The baked spring rolls are talking to me…crispy and delicious.

  • Great collection, have not had radish cake for a while, need to get to NYC to get some ingredients.

  • Wow, such a wonderful collection! Better than any restaurant I’ve been to. I would love to be visiting just to see all the happy festivities!

  • Love your CNY recipe round up! They all look so delicious. 😛 Just reminded me that I haven’t make the HK style egg tarts for a while. Gotta head to the kitchen soon and make some. I love the “deep dish” style of yours that can hold more egg custard! 😀

  • Great line-up of recipes Bam, I really enjoy the way the way you cook.

  • What an amazing roundups. The list of recipes on this one alone that I need to make is way too long!

  • What a amazing list of recipes, I want to try them all! Dumplings are always a favorite so I can’t wait to try that dumpling recipe!

  • This all looks so good!! Those egg tarts especially!

  • What a collection of recipes! Spring Rolls are always a favorite … time does fly … soon it will be spring here! Happy New Year 🙂

  • mjskit

    Can I come to your house for Chinese New Year’s? All of your recipes look amazing and what a feast it would be!

  • I need to find some CRAB – asap!

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