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Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce

June 16, 2015

Savoury tender beef  stir fried with rice noodles kicked up with spicy XO sauce and the crunch of bean sprouts.

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

You are just going to love Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce because it can be made from WOK to PLATE in less than 20 minutes. The spicy and savoury sauce with simple stir fry ingredients makes this that one dish that our whole family asks for time and time again.

I originally posted this Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce recipe on September 25, 2012. Our family has made this recipe about a million times since then so I have a few recipe updates and helpful hints to share with you. In addition, this recipe deserves a photography overhaul.

This week my eldest son taught me about a new Chinese cooking condiment called XO sauce.  You may ask how does your teenage boy know about new Chinese sauces... well you would be amazed the things that teenagers try when they have a new cute little Chinese girlfriend. Peer pressure in this particular case was a glorious event. Have you ever tried XO Sauce?

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

XO sauce is a very delicious sauce that was originally invented here in Hong Kong in the early 80's. XO sauce is made of roughly chopped dried seafood, including scallops, dried fish and shrimp, and cooked with chili peppers, onions, and garlic. The term XO comes from the word extra old cognac. There is absolutely no cognac in the sauce but it is a symbol of wealth and prestige and let me tell you they charge enough for this sauce!!! There are two types of XO sauce regular and spicy and of course my boys love the spicy. You can buy XO sauce at your local Asian Food Store or even I see that Amazon has the spicy version for $8.23 USD or you can buy directly from Lee Kum Lee. If you living in Hong Kong like me, your whole world is one big Asian Food Store, I am so loving that!!!!

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

The cost was 99 hkd for a small little bottle. However the taste is worth every penny. The XO sauce is savoury, spicy, rich and has an interesting texture. I would describe it as a super kicked up sauce that is great with beef, pork, noodles and phenomenal on stir fried rice. You can make your own XO from scratch (Gluten- Free version) click here at New York Grub Street for details.

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

My teenager pulled me into a little mom and pop diner here in Hong Kong called, Dynasty Kitchen, and showed me a picture of the XO beef on the menu. We decided to sit down and share a dish of XO beef noodles so that I could do what I do the product. I slurped the noodles, I savored the sauce, and memorized the flavors that were mingling in my mouth...Now I know why teenagers love this dish...

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

After our delicious lunch, I walked directly over to the local Park n Shop. While the flavors were still close to my memory, I purchased the items to try to recreate XO beef noodles in Bam's Test Kitchen.

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /

There are some helpful hints that will make your life so much easier when making this dish.

  • Don't over crowd your wok or frying pan as that is no longer stir frying but that is steaming and that will change the texture of your dish. Cook in small batches.
  • Keep an eye on your noodles when you are pre-soaking them and don't let them get too soft. Your goal is to have a noodle that is not as done as aldente as the noodles will be fried again and you don't want them mushy.
  • I used pad Thai style rice noodles for the Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce dish. However, you could use any noodle you wish in this dish and have in your pantry. I am all about staying budget friendly and using up your inventory.
  • If you need to adhere to strict gluten-free guidelines then pass on the XO sauce or make your own from scratch, pass on the oyster sauce and use tamari instead of soya sauce. If you want a little spice just add a dash of dried red chili flakes. (This is how I make my portions)
  • Adjust your seasonings to your taste. If you like it more spicy add more spicy XO sauce. If you like it more salty add more tamari (soya sauce). If your used to having that Chinese balance in flavors you are probably missing the little bit of sugar that they always add in sauces and I left out intentionally.
  • If want a more low carb version just load up on loads of veggies like bell peppers, broccoli, snow peas or baby corn, etc... and skip the rice noodles all together or just add a few to say that you did. Maybe even go for a fried egg on top...
  • Be creative! Use what you have in your crisper and in your pantry and adjust the recipe to your needs.

When you eat noodles in Asia, the more you slurp your noodles the better. This savoury, spicy and delicious bite is for you!

Beef Noodles and Spicy XO Sauce /


Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce /



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Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce

By HWC Magazine  , , , ,   

June 16, 2015

Savory tender beef stir fried with rice noodles kicked up with spicy XO sauce and the crunch of bean sprouts.

  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 2 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


Beef Marinade

beef - 1/4 pound of thinly sliced against the grain

rice wine (shao xing) - 1 tablespoon

tamari (soy) sauce - 3 tablespoons (1 tablespoons for marinade and 1 tablespoon for sauce)

white pepper - 1/4 teaspoon or to taste

cornstarch - 1 teaspoon

Noodles and Sauce

rice noodles - 100 grams

water - enough warm water to cover the noodles to soak

canola oil - 1 tablespoon

onion - 1 cut into long slices

garlic - 2 cloves minced

oyster sauce - 2 tablespoons

XO Sauce - 1.5 tablespoons or to taste (spicy or regular)

sesame oil - 1 teaspoon

Garnishes and Veggies

mung beans (bean sprouts) - 2 handfuls

green onions - optional (2 teaspoons) garnish


1In a medium bowl add your sliced beef, shaoxing wine, 1 tablespoon of tamari sauce, white pepper and cornstarch and allow to marinade with your rice noodles are soaking.

2Soak your dried rice pad thai (medium thick) noodles in a bath of hot water for about 3-5 minutes or just until they start to softened but not completely al dente as they will continue to cook in while they are fried. Rinse noodles with cool water, drain and set aside.

3Put oil in your wok (frying pan) and turn on medium-high heat . Once the temperature is at medium heat add the onions and garlic and fry for a minute just until the aroma hits your nose.

4Add your marinated beef to the pan and stirfry for a minute or two or just until turns golden brown. Remove beef and onions to plate and keep warm and set aside. (If you wanted to cook some other veggies then you would add them at this point)

5Step 5: Add your presoaked noodles to the seasoned pan turn up the heat to medium high and about 1 tablespoon of water and move the noodles quickly around in the pan keeping them separated so they do not stick. (feel free to add a little more oil or a little more water just to prevent sticking and to confirm that your noodles are aldente- test a noodle)

6Add your beef mixture back to the noodles and add XO sauce, Tamari (soy sauce), oyster sauce, mung beans and mix until well incorporated.

7Serve Pan Fried Beef Noodles with Spicy XO Sauce with a sprinkle of green onions for garnish and get ready to make second helpings...

  • Good stuff! I’ve heard of XO sauce, but I don’t believe I’ve ever tried it, and I know I haven’t cooked with it. I’ll definitely have to give this a try – it sounds super. And speaking of super, your trip sounds superb! What fun you’ll have! What great foodie info you’ll be able to share with us on your return! 😉 Hate to see you away from posting for a bit, but it’ll be totally worth it – have a great trip.

    • Thank you for your well wishes and I will be sure to share with you some culinary treats upon my return. Keep on writing and I can’t wait to read what cocktails and foods I have missed while I was away from the Kitchenriff’s Kitchen. Take care, BAM

  • I’m definitely going to be on the look out for that sauce. I may have to find a specialty shop, but this looks too good to miss out. Have a wonderful holiday, I can’t wait to see what you post along the way!! xx Smidge

    • Hello Smidge, you will have to visit an Asian grocery store for this product most likely. Thanks for your well send off wishes and I will be sure to get in touch upon my return. Take Care, BAM

  • Wow Bam, this looks wonderful! I am so envious of your ability to recreate restaurant dishes just bu tasting it, I have no clue how to make that happen, this is why I have to follow recipes most of the time…

    I’ve actually never purchased XO sauce due to their price tag, though I used to buy this XO sauce flavored pork dumpling, and man are they good!

    Hope you have a great trip, sounds jam packed!!

    • I don’t always get it right on the first try and I also have to do a lot of adjusting to my recipes to get it the way I want but I find it a blast inventing in the kitchen. I am sure you can do this as well you are just holding back.
      Using XO sauce on pork dumplings sounds very delicious. I still have sauce left so maybe will have to give that a try on my return back from my trip. Take Care, BAM

  • It’s always so informative to read your posts. I learn so much about things I have never heard before and even though I might not cook with half of the ingredients you use- its always good to be informed. I thank your boy’s girlfriend for this too! Great work on the re-engineering!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I also learn alot reading your posts as well. When I want to make an Indian dish I always visit your site first to see what I can find. Take Care, BAM

  • You are so lucky Bam to be going to Europe for 2 weeks!!! What is the occasion? I want your life 🙂

    • Some work and some pleasure. I will be sure to share some recipes upon my return. Take Care, BAM

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    You reminded me – I don’t have XO sauce in my pantry and I’m missing it out. I always get stuck with some recipe when it calls for it because I haven’t had one in my kitchen. Your noodles look so good. I need to go get noodles and xo sauce so I can try this recipe!

    • Nami | Just One Cookbook

      Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing about your trip when you return. 🙂

    • ありがとう Nami-san. The crazy thing is that do you know how many times I have walked by the sauce section in the grocery store and never really noticed XO sauce. I am going to start to make it my mission to learn about all of these Asian sauces and their uses. I too am missing out! Just on a side note, Japanese sauces are so abundant it is overwhelming. I guess this is our chance to give them all a go. Ja Mata, BAM

  • I am seriously going to have to find that sauce – or try and make my own. Have a super fun time away – I love Italy as you know, and France is another country we love. Amsterdam is on our list of places to go, so I will be interested to hear what you have to report 🙂 PS, just did the conversion and 1HKD is about the same as R1 – so the sauce is expensive!

    • I think you should try to make your own as this sauce has sugar in it. If you make your own, you can use a sugar substitute so this fits in with your dietary needs. Thank you for your well wishes and looking forward to my time away very much. Looking forward to catching up upon my return. Take Care, BAM

  • Ooh, XO sauce sounds heavenly! Wonder if we have it here in South Africa. Will hunt for it. Have a fabulous trip!
    🙂 Mandy

    • You will need to look in an Asian grocery store to find XO sauce or you can make your own from scratch.. However, you have so many other lovely things in South Africa to rave about and I’m in love with rooibos tea. I just started drinking this, what rock was I living under? Have a super week and look forward to touching base upon my return. BAM

  • Hi Bobbie,
    OMG this looks soooo amazing, I really should get make act together and cook more cantonese dishes. You are more Asian than I am 😉 lol
    I love XO sauce, my mother would always use it in her cooking but since living here in Austria Chinese groceries are really expensive but I should treat myself once in awhile with delicious dishes like this.

    • You are so funny and thanks for the compliment. I am sorry for my delayed response but better late then never. As you seen from my link, you could always make your own but if I was looking for dried seafood I would still want to go to the Chinese medicine shops/groceries for supplies. I guess you will just have to come back for a visit. Stop on by if you are ever in the area. Take Care, BAM

  • That XO sounds like the be all and end all of sauces my friend, your dish is so flavoursome!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Pam

    Have a great trip. Looking forward to your European receipies. I looked online and Amazon sells the Lee Kum Kee XO sauce in regular and extra hot. 🙂 Pam

    • Thanks Pam leaving in just a few minutes. Well there you go you can order XO sauce from Amazon. Life is good. Take care, BAM

  • Have a safe trip Bam and I really can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about it
    I love the marinade and the sauce in your recipe even if I can’t find or make the XO sauce. I still think the recipe has plenty of flavors with out it

    • Thank you Sawson. You know how us foodies like to take just a few pictures… on our excursions. I am thinking about getting another data disk just to make sure I have enough space on my card. Thank you for your kind comment and look forward to catching up upon my return. Take care, BAM

  • dutchgoesitalian

    Looks delicious, but I’m not sure to be able to buy the O sauce here in Italy… 🙁

    • I just heard this sauce is available for order on If not, give me a shout out and maybe I can send some your way. Take care, BAM

      • dutchgoesitalian

        Iw ill check that out!!!

  • I just love how your teenagers are moving in on the kitchen ! But most of all I love the way you eat a dish, then try and memorize it’s flavours and then go shopping for the ingredients while they are stiill fresh in your mind.
    Hope you have a supe rbreak – I love Amsterdam, my best friend lives there and you have reminded me I’m due a visit!! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to on your travels, stay safe !

    • Thank you for your very sweet comment. I have never been there before and actually we are just blowing through this area but for sure I hope to try some special Amsterdam Dutch savory pancakes during my short visit. Look forward to touching base upon my return. Take care, BAM

  • What a lovely dish. I never knew what the exact ingredients of the XO sauce were but I really like it. Have a great trip!!!

    • Thanks Martyna I am very excited to taste the culinary selections in Europe. I do not think this is going to be one of those kind of diet spa trips by any means. I plan to eat my way through Europe. Every girls dream! Take Care, BAM

  • This looks like a great dish, and so different than my normal weeknight affair.

    • Thanks it actually is quite yummy so now I know why teenagers love this dish. Im very happy we found this new ingredient so we can jazz up our daily weekday dinner routines. Take care, BAM

  • Mich Piece of Cake

    I have tried XO sauce and its delicious! Your beef noodles looks so delicious!

    • I am so happy to hear this. Can you get this sauce where you are living? Take Care, BAM

  • Your beef and noodle dish looks great. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I will be looking forward to what inspires you from your travels.

  • I am heading to an Asian supermarket to pick up the list of ingredients. These noodles look amazing! Very restaurant style!

  • I am always amazed when people can identify ingredients because I just have tastebuds that say “Oh, that’s good”. I’m just never able to really pick out what each flavor is so I make little notes from menus that describe a dish for me (or rely on people like you).
    You trip sounds fantastic & a great adventure. Enjoy all of it & looking forward to your posts.

  • saffronandhoney

    Oh the adventure sounds like fun! Have a great trip! Now, of course, I’m also dying to try some XO.

    • I’m at the Amsterdam airport waiting for my connecting flight….they have more cheese and chocolate here that I have ever seen,

      • It’s a fantastic food airport. Where else can you buy herring and 50 kinds of cheese?!

  • It looks delicious! Especially the last photo in the wok! Yum! I could eat right there!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words come on over any time my wok gets a lot of action with 2 growing teenagers.

  • I haven’t had breakfast yet and this is making me so hungry!! Yum!

    • Thanks Karista…. You will have to add this to your sauce guru collection. Take care, BAM

  • That xo sauce really gives the extra kick. p.s. You should come to Portugal, too. ;o)

    • I would love to come to Portugal , maybe next trip,,, take care, BAM

  • When XO sauce first appeared on the market I was really into it, even though it was pricey. have not used it for a while, thanks for the reminder, must get a jar next time I visit NYC.
    Have a great trip, looking forward to reading all about the foods when you return.

    • Did you know that you can even order xo sauce on amazon? Have you made something similar as I would like to know the ingredients you would have used. Take care and look forward to catching up upon my return. BAM

  • Sounds like you did a great job re-engineering this recipe. I’ll bet your boys put these skills to work often! Can’t wait to hear about your European tour!

    • Thanks and let’s catch up upon my return. I’m in the Amsterdam airport waiting for my connecting flight

  • jothetartqueen

    It’s nice that yr son actually introduced you to this. It works wonders in a dish right? Your beef noodles looks really good! I feel like having some for lunch now! Anw enjoy your holidays bam!

    • Teenagers are always full of unexpected surprises! Looking forward to catching up upon my return . Take care, BAM

  • The story of how you learned of XO sauce gave me a smile, BAM. Your photos of this dish are just incredible. Very well done and oh, so very appealing.
    Have a wonderful trip. I cannot wait to hear all about it upon your return. And like I’ve told others, do not pass a pastry — or gelato — shop without buying something. It’s the law. Really. 🙂

  • One of the best sauces ever created, I always buy them when I used to live in Hong Kong

  • Excellent dish Bam, looks so mouthwatering! Enjoy your travels! 🙂

  • Have a great trip Bam! How fun! I can’t wait to see what you discover on your travels and how you recreate it at home. I’ve never heard of XO sauce, but it sounds like something I need to find. I have no doubt Mr. N will LOVE it. And oye, girlfriends, I’m not ready to think about Mr. N with a girlfriend just yet. 🙂

  • Hahaha I am grinning from ear to ear because the 1st I know about XO sauce was from ex boyfriend who is a Hongkie 😀 He brought the sauce for my mum 🙂

  • Kathleen Richardson

    The entire recipe, including XO sauce, sounds scrumptious. My son always likes trying new hot sauces and I see that a Safeway near him sells this brand. Just sent him a message! Have a good trip, BAM, a safe trip and take lots of photos and write down all the details.

  • I’m sure a little of this XO sauce gives a lot of kick to the flavor. That is a nice stack of deliciousness, Bam! Have a wonderful and safe trip. Take care. 🙂

  • Bam this looks too good. Love the noodles.

  • I haven’t tried XO sauce, I don’t think I’ve seen it either. Next time I am at the Asian market, I well keep my eyes open for it. Intriguing… My teenager loves this type of food! 🙂

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  • I’ve been out of town and am just catching up. This dish sounds so savory and delicious…as does the XO sauce, which like so many others I haven’t tried. What a fabulous sounding trip, BAM, and I hope you have a wonderful time eating and learning as you make your way through Europe. What fun!

    • I have jet returned back and jet lagged but just getting on to reading and catching up with the food world. I can say that my recent travels was a culinary dream. Now I just need to get on to the documenting/writing part… Take care, BAM

  • Hi Bam!! Awww!! That’s so cute that your son has a new Chinese girlfriend! hehe.. I love this easy recipe!! Pan fried makes up 90% of my cooking lol! I actually don’t have xo sauce! So I should definitely try it!! 😀 Have fun on your culinary travels!

    • Hello Sammie, I met my son’s new girlfriend the other day- she is very sweet.
      I think you need to add this sauce to your pantry as with everything stir fried as you and I make it makes cooking a breeze. Take care, BAM

  • Eha

    [Big warm laugh!] Here on my first visit to find SO many people I ‘know’ commenting! I have heard about XO sauce on a number of occasions lately: had no idea what it contained! Well, thank you for clearing that one up 🙂 !

    • I am so glad you have stopped by. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Take Care, BAM

  • Dear Bobbi,

    XO sauce is one of the most popular sauces and condiments in big Chinese restaurants in Sydney. It goes especially well with seafood and shellfish as well. Excellent recipe.

    • What is your favorite Chinese restaurant in Sydney? I know that it is always difficult to find places that do not adjust the recipes for local tastes. Take Care, BAM

  • I like this recipe.
    I like change my italian flavors.
    Thank you for the idea.
    Bye from Italy

  • It looks sooooo good! 😀

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  • Sharon | Chinese Soup Pot

    This looks delicious! XO sauce is so yummy and versatile, I always have a bottle around. And you are right that good quality ones will ding the wallet for a small jar. But it is all worth it. =)

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Sharon! I went to the HK Brand and product expo and stocked up on all my favorite sauces and cooking products. I bought enough Spicy XO sauce to hopefully get me through the year. Take care, BAM

  • Oh my god that looks DELICIOUS and your trip sounds like so much fun!!! I’m so jealous. And thanks for linking to the homemade XO sauce–now I can make a pescetarian version and enjoy these noodles meat-free! Hope you have/had a great trip!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there Erika, it is so good to see you here. This dish would also be delicious with shrimp or tofu as it is the sauce that really brings all the flavors together. Take Care, BAM

  • Julia Woodburg

    WOW! You got ripped off for the XO sauce. I bought a bottle at my local Asian market on Saturday for $4.60. Same brand. I’m making your recipe tonight, using shrimp and chow foon noodles. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  • This looks great Bam! My kids would love slurping the noodles too and Mr. N would love the spiciness. I’ve never made a noodle stir fry, but should definitely try!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thanks Kristy! Oh you have to try a noodle stir fry-kids love this stuff. You will have to let me know the spoon rating later. I hope you are feeling better.

      • Feeling much better! Thank you. 😉 I think we’ll tackle a noodle stir fry this summer!

  • Wow! This looks phenomenal! You’re post are always so informative and fun to read. It sounds like I need to find some XO sauce – it sounds fantastic… especially the spicier version 😉

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thanks so much. Our family is a big fan of the spicy version on XO sauce. This sauce is a quick way to add a mother dimension of flavor to so many stir fry recipe.

  • I’ve never tried XO sauce but it sounds super tasty!! Will have to try it out soon!

  • Looks perfectly delicious, BAM! I have had XO sauce at restaurants but why have I never thought to look for it and cook with it at home? It’s like satay sauce. I will totally look for it and give it a go. I know my husband and I will love it.

  • Beautiful dish. I love XO sauce. I wonder if it would be hard to make from scratch. Probably hard to source ingredients but we have an amazing Asian store here that took over a huge grocery store building. I could spend hours in that store.

  • kitchenriffs

    I remember this dish! In fact I just read my comment from the original. I can tell you I’ve now tried XO sauce. It’s really, really good stuff! Definitely need to make this dish — thanks for bringing it back.

  • Looks delicious, and so cute that your son has a girlfriend that gets him to try new things!

  • I lurve this dish! Can definitely have second helpings! Yummy!

  • Robyn

    I’ve never tried XO sauce but I love the ingredients in it. I’ll have to see where I can find it because it sounds fantastic. This dish is beautiful, Bobbi, and how fun that your son introduced you to the sauce. It sounds like you two make a good blogging team! Love the pics – so vibrant!
    Hope that flu has gone and you’re feeling back to yourself. Sharing to the moon and back 🙂

  • You are such a tease! As all of your dishes, this one too looks delicious and tempting. Not sure what XO sauce tastes like, but by the look of your photos, I bet it’s very tasty!

  • When XO sauce first came onto the market I was using it a lot, have not used it for a while should get a bottle when next I visit Chinatown.

  • I’ve never used this sauce before but this looks so delicious.. loved your recipe and the helpful hints, thankks.

  • Eha

    Oh darling Bobbi – I do not know whether to laugh or cry as this seems to have been the very first time I visited your blog 🙂 ! Bobbi: almost three years ago!!! Fantastic memories and a delightful learning curve since!! And at least half a dozen of those writing here have become firm friends since! Also an absolute delight . . .Thanks for the repeat . . . life has inevitably brought changes to all of us . . . but we survive 😀 !! XO sauce: barely knew what it was at the time, except ‘everyone’ was talking about it !!!!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Eha, you almost made me cry tears of happiness as it really is true, 3 amazing years, with amazing foodies friends that have been here supporting me on our journey. With you and this amazing foodie group of friends life is a little brighter and loads tastier that is for sure. Thanks for being here little lady!!!! Take Care, BAM

  • I saw this on Instagram and knew I had to pop on over get the recipe. Yum!

  • This dish sounds great–and so convenient making it all in a pan!

  • This looks absolutely fantastic! I’m addicted to noodle dishes.. you’re speaking my language here 🙂

  • Great tips Bobbi. I must try and make XO sauce 🙂

  • Wow 99HKD for a bottle? It’s really not cheap! But I guess there are times when we need to splurge, this noodles look amazing. Since I don’t have XO sauce, I’d perhaps substitute with some oyster sauce, definitely won’t be as good as yours I’m sure!

  • I’ve seen this XO sauce on some other blogs but none really explained what it was & I’ve been curious about it. You really must have quite the palate to be able to pick out flavors like you do & recreate the dishes (probably in many cases improving on them). I just never seem to be able to do that.

    The dish really looks delicious and you’ve taken some very enticing shots of this. It’s kind of jumping out at me & right into my mouth right now.

  • This dish looks very good and I will look for the XO sauce in San Francisco. We will be in Europe at the same time, I’m leaving for Paris next week. Have a wonderful trip.

  • You nailed those rice noodles, they look perfectly cooked. I know its quite tricky to handle those noodles.

  • I have eaten things with XO sauce and seen it available in upmarket shops but I didn’t know anything else about it, including why it was called XO. This dish is really lovely and I can see why you and the boys like it.

  • hotlyspiced

    I love how this dish can be made in 20 minutes from start to finish – I’m always on the look out for these kinds of meals to serve to the family. I have heard of XO sauce but now I know I want a bottle in my pantry. How lovely that your sons interest in food is being fuelled by his girlfriend! xx

  • I already know I will love it. This recipes sounds so awesome. I totally would like to try it. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  • Hi Bobbi, I love how you add the bean sprouts at the end, so they look really juicy instead of soaked.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Sam! My boys really love this dish. Wishing you a super weekend.

  • We love spicy food! XO sauce sounds really special. Can’t wait to try xx

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  • You know I’ve heard of XO sauce, but never eaten/tried it before. You make it sound pretty darn spectacular, me thinks I need to change this stat.
    Your trip sounds awesome, can I sneak into your case and come with?! Have a rippa trip love. See you when you get back. xo

  • We are all big fans of Asian food and these noodles would be a hit especially for my son. Pinned my friend!

  • Looks fantastic and can’t wait to try it out.. love ur travel diary

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Dear, we are living in Hong Kong now. Loving Asia!

  • I was floored when you said you teenage son introduced this to you…but then it all made sense when you mentioned the girlfriend!! I had to laugh. 🙂 This is scrumptious! I LOVE the sauce in this recipe! I have to try this!! I love XO sauce 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      You are going to love this sauce Nagi! You see when you have little kids you have little problems and when you have bigger kids you have bigger problems. I keep telling my boys you do not even need to look as we have that whole arranged marriage thing sorted out but they are not buying it, they are looking… LOL 🙂

  • I’ve never had OX sauce but I know where I can find it. Love the sauce, the ingredients and the fact that it’s another quick and easy dish! Thanks for sharing!

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