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Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry

January 12, 2016

Easy pork shiitake mushroom stir fry is a delicious one wok dish with velvety tender shiitake mushrooms, caramelized thin pork slices quickly tossed with ginger, garlic and chilis and a simple oyster sauce. Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

2016 is upon us and all I am craving is Chinese food. Well not really Chinese food but simple, quick, easy and healthy food that I can get on my table in less than 30 minutes. How about you?

Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

Quick stir fry dishes like this delicious easy pork shiitake mushroom stir fry is one way for me to clean out the refrigerator inventory and make sure my family eats their required vegetables every day.

Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

You are going love how fast this recipe comes together. One very important thing to remember is that the prep for the stir fry is all the work but the cooking time is less than 5 little minutes. When your wok or your frying pan is hot and ready, it cannot wait for your ingredients to get chopped and ready. Your chopped and ready ingredients need to be ready for your hot wok.

Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

Actually, you could do much of your prep work (chopping, dicing and slicing) for this easy pork shiitake mushroom stir fry on your days off work.  You can put your prepared ingredients in tupperware or storage bags and then in minutes you could have dinner on your table. You could even make your rice in advance on the weekend and then just stir fry with a few aromatics on the day and you are good to go.

Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

I used fresh shiitake mushrooms for this easy pork shiitake mushroom stir fry recipe but you could also use dried Chinese shiitake mushrooms. If you used dried Chinese Shiitake Mushrooms, you will need to soak them for about 20-30 minutes covered in hot water to hydrate and soften them. I find the stalks of the mushroom whether using them fresh or dried are a little too tough for a stir fry so I reserve them for soup instead and use the caps only. You can use any fresh or dried mushrooms of choice as these quick and easy stir fried meals are all about using your personal kitchen inventory up.

Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /

You do not need really any special supplies or ingredients to make Easy Pork and Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry but if you can purchase a bottle of oyster sauce then you will have so many quick and easy meals on your table with this delicious sauce. Oyster sauce is made out of oyster extract and is thick, rich and delicious.. There are oyster sauce brands without MSG and gluten-free and you may be able to find this ingredient in your Asian food stores, health food stores or even just your regular grocery stores near you because it has become quite popular. I use Choy Sun is made by Lee Kum Kee and do not have ave any gluten issues but if you are celiac you had better contact the company directly to determine if all is okay for you.

Living here in Asia, I have the luxury of purchasing my pork slices already sliced super thin for hot-pot but you can also use pork tenderloin and then cut very thin slices so it cooks quickly in the wok. You can use any vegetables you have in your crisper but I just happen to have broccoli and mung beans in mine, so in the wok they went.

Well let's get chopping and woking!

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Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry /



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Easy Pork Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry

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January 12, 2016

Easy pork and shiitake mushroom stir fry is a delicious one wok dish with velvety tender shiitake mushrooms, caramelized thin pork slices quickly tossed with ginger, garlic and chilis and a simple oyster sauce. 

  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 2 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


oyster sauce - 1/4 cup

water - 2 tablespoons

sugar or sugar alternative - 1 teaspoon (I used coconut sugar)

canola oil - 1 tablespoon ( or you can even use light olive oil or any light flavored oil)

ginger - 1 inch knob peeled and grated (or can use 1 teaspoon ground)

onion - 1/4 cup chopped into half moon slices

garlic - 2 cloves minced

chili pepper - 1/2 mild fresh red chili- minced (or a dash of red pepper flakes)- optional

pork - 1/4 pound thinly sliced (tenderloin or pre-sliced for stir fry)

salt - to taste

white pepper - 1/4 teaspoon

shiitake mushrooms - 6 fresh, cleaned, stems removed and sliced

sesame oil - 1 teaspoon

broccoli - 1 cup fresh and roughly chopped

bean sprouts (mung beans) - 1/2 cup fresh chopped in half

cooked rice - as desired (optional)


1Oyster sauce Mixture: In a small dish add your oyster sauce, sugar or sugar alternative and water still until well incorporated. set aside.

2Very Important: Wash, prepare and chop all of our ingredients and place them near your wok or frying pan. (Cook rice per package instructions-optional).

3In your wok/frying pan add your canola oil and turn your wok to a medium high heat and add your ginger, onion, garlic and chili (if desired). Keep that wok moving and once you can start to smell the aromatic...about 1 minute quickly add pork and mushrooms and season with salt and pepper and sesame oil. Keep your wok moving and cook for about 2 minutes just until the mushrooms are velvety tender. Remove your pork and mushroom mixture from your wok into a dish and keep warm.

4Add your broccoli. Season with salt and white pepper and add 1 tablespoon of water and cover to steam for about 1 minutes. Take the lid off the wok. Add mung beans to the broccoli mixture and then add your pork and mushroom mixture back into the wok. Add your oyster sauce mixture and just toss until all of the pork. mushrooms and vegetables are coated.

5Serve Easy Pork and Shiitake Mushroom Stir Fry with rice or all on its own if going low carb and enjoy.

  • Gorgeous photos, Bobbi, and such a fun and tasty dish. I’ve got all the ingredients in my fridge and I’m staying home again today because of the snow so this is lunch! Love the benefits of snow and LOVE this dish 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thanks Robyn. I am so delighted to hear that you like the ingredients in this quick and easy favorite. I can tell you this, I do not miss the snow at all. Not even a tiny bit. It is always such a nightmare getting to work in that snowy icy mix… Be careful and take care.

  • Quick recipes are the best especially when they’re as healthy and delicious looking as this stir fry! Oyster sauce is the key to a great sauce! Great recipe, Bobbi!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Sandra. Loving the quick, easy and healthy recipes for 2016.

  • Two of my favourite ingredients in one dish, this will be something special to me. I can already smell and taste the earthiness of those shiitakes. Yum!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Raymund! I love shiitake mushrooms too. Once they hit the wok, something just magical happens to them.

  • I wasn’t craving Chinese till I saw this recipe! Bobbie I love that this only takes 5 minutes to cook up – the quicker for me to get my fix eh?

    • Bams Kitchen

      The longest part is the chopping…not too long but just a few… maybe you could your daughter on that and then it would be all ready for the wok, before you get home for work..(shhh you did not hear that from me)

  • I actually typically use a light olive oil in stir-fry these days. I always have it on hand, and it just seems to work. Anyway, this is such a great looking dish! Haven’t made a Chinese dish in ages — need to again. Thanks!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Light olive oil is delicious and it can handle the heat pretty well. When I get the garlic, onions and chilis in the wok…my dog, Buddy, usually comes around as that means dinner is not too far from being ready.

  • This is definitely a recipe I will try. It sounds so delicious, and your awesome pictures just help with my decision. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you very much Cecillia.

  • Eha

    An enticing stir-fry recipe! Usually cooking just for myself stir-fries are on the menu at least 3-4 times a week: in the last three decades I do not think I have ever made two alike – and there is such a satisfaction being able to use up all he odds-and-ends in the fridge as long as one has 3-4 kinds of soy sauce in the pantry plus the usual oyster, hoi sin and fish sauces plus sesame oil, rice wine vinegar etc the combinations and permutations are endless, fast to prep, great to taste and fun! This one does appeal and the recipe will be followed 🙂 !

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there Eha! Quick and easy stir fries that let you use up all the tids and tads in your refrigerator are beautiful and delicious with some aromatics and a little flavorings. I am so glad that you make them often too. It makes good sense for us as when you are in Rome… it is also a way to keep grocery costs in check. (OMG have I mentioned how much my boys can eat…!!!! LOL) Wishing you a super week and take care.

  • Great combo with all my favorite ingredients. Yep, stir-fry is the way to go for quick, easy and tasty meals.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Norma. This stir fry would even be better with some of your beautiful organic veggies from your garden. Are you getting ready for CNY? Take Care

  • I love your stir fry dishes – one of these days I will get myself a wok to get the real experience!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Dawn. You should get yourself a wok, it really expands your cooking service to get the fast sear and stir fry of ingredients. Heck you can even find me cooking with long cooking chopsticks…who would have ever thought 7 years ago that would have been even remotely possible. (smiling…)

  • I love everything about this dish plus I am a big Asian fan. My son eats even with chop sticks, i am not as articulate haha! Anyway, he would be thrilled to eat it! Pinned and shared!

  • I make some kind of stir-fry for dinner a few times each week…and I love using pork tenderloin. I realized a while back that instead of roasting a whole one, I could slice it up and use it for stir-fry. I just did a pork with tofu last night to mix things up from the usual beef. Next time, it has to be this pork shiitake mushroom stir-fry. My mouth is watering!

  • I’ve been trying my hand at more and more Asian foods, Bobbi.This looks beautiful!

  • I’m seeing stars in my eyes, this is totally my type of meal! Also thanks for the reminder to start growing mung beans again! I always forget to do it in the Winter! Pinning recipe now! 🙂

  • Such a scrumptious stir fry! I tend to use chicken—but this pork with broccoli and mushrooms looks amazing!

  • mjskit

    I need to get me a wok! These quick and easy, nutritious meals are exactly the type of dishes that I love to make, Fabulous stir fry!

  • This looks so delicious! Something I would make for sure. In fact, it looked so good my gym shared the post with the members 🙂

  • Your dish looks way better than many you see at a Chinese restaurant.

  • I am starving right now, so reading your post has me craving chinese food. Lol! Gotta go to the supermarket, this may just be included on my ever growing list. Brill that it only takes 5 minutes to cook up, great recipe love, sharing fo shiz. 🙂

  • This looks like a very yummy meal! Those mushrooms look so good!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Nancy this is one of these soul nourishing kind of meals. Great textures and savory earthy mushrooms makes this one of our families favorite stir fry dishes.

  • hotlyspiced

    This is a very yummy dinner. I do love Chinese food and I’m trying to learn to cook it myself. A few nights ago I made fried rice and I white cooked a chicken in a stock – I even made my husband chop up the chicken Chinese style! I do love shiitake mushrooms and there’s a lot of great texture and flavour in this dish xx

  • Buongiorno, BAM! Today’s stir fry looks so fresh and inviting. Then again, your stir fries always do. Loved the advice to do the prep work ahead of time, like on the weekends. I did that with stews and casseroles when I worked but it never occurred to me to do some prep work. That would have allowed a big improvement in the meals I served myself during the week. Where was ya when I needed ya, BAM? 😀

  • I’m a bit stuck in a rut with my stir fries, Bam … I always make the same two or three. Love the idea of branching out and trying a combo I never cook with – pork and mushrooms. Sounds REALLY delicious!

  • I love this pork and shiitake stir fry, Bam. I’ve been feeling the call of healthy stir fries as we move into this new year and you’ve inspired me with all of these…thank you!

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