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Rosemary Herbed Pork Chops with Shallot Wine Sauce

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

We had a bit of wind and rain, a few days ago, and her name was Super Typhoon Usagi. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those that have lost family and friends and their homes.

Compared to other wind and rains that have passed through Hong Kong, I felt this typhoon was pretty mild except for lots of fallen trees and a few broken windows. My teenagers were praying for a four-day holiday as the Hong Kong Observatory started to raise her flag warnings. For school age children and workers, a T8 typhoon warning is like a snow day in Michigan. Public transport stops, schools close and many office buildings close. However, it seems like most of karaoke bars remain open so that is the business men and women can practice for their big solo debut...

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

So you might be asking, what did BAM do while Super Typhoon Usagi was tormenting Asia? I cooked, of course. While the rest of Hong Kong was enjoying their ramen noodles from a cardboard bowl with their disposable chopsticks, our family enjoyed a decadent meal of tender rosemary and herbed pork chops with a roasted shallot wine sauce, roasted herbed carrots, baked potatoes and a delightful spring salad. I usually do not boast about my dinners but I have to tell you this was one really a happy accident that needs to happen again.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

I had spent the last couple of days, prior to the hit of Super Typhoon Usagi, doing a bit of emergency preparedness. I was born and raised in Michigan where the winters are very cold and long and if a big storm passes through you might not have electricity and water for days and access to supplies is limited.  I always had gas reserved for the generator, extra water and canned goods stored for an emergency. I even stored extra blankets and food and water in my car.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

In Japan, I added to my emergency list by creating an emergency back pack for each member of our family as you never know when that big earthquake may hit and you have to evacuate quickly.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

In Hong Kong, I have also made emergency back packs, extra water and "did have" extra non-perishable foods on the shelves. I started looking through our reserves and realised that my hungry teenagers have been eating through the emergency supplies so I had to restock and rearm.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

I am glad I did this several days in advance. I have been told that the shelves were empty of everything in Hong Kong by the day before the typhoon hit because of the panicked public. (We live in the world's most densely populated city in the world. I just have to get there before the 8 million others decide to.) I am not an expert regarding emergency preparedness, by any means, but there is a sweet little blogger, Tonnette that has done a whole series on emergency preparedness. Please stop by and give her a visit at as she has some great tips on the essentials. Don't wait until you have an emergency to start planning, then it is too late.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

Now let's get back to this amazing dinner that you must try.  It is not a prerequisite to make during a typhoon but you can make it any time you want to make a delicious dinner in less than 30 minutes. I did not have a plan when I started this meal. I know... your shocked...! (smiling) However, did pick up these gorgeous bone in tender thick cut pork chops from Australia and I wanted to do something special with them. I foraged in my crisper of my refrigerator and was delighted to see that I had some fresh rosemary, a bag of these mini onions and a new spice mix called Kick'N Chicken Weber's seasoning which is essentially a mix of dried onion, sea salt, garlic, crushed red peppers, orange peel and paprika.

Rosemary herbed pork chops with shallot wine sauce

My bone in pork chops were thick cut maybe about 1.25 inches, maybe a little less. I rubbed my pork chops with olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary and spices, seared them in a hot pan just until golden colour and then popped them in the oven with my mini onions I did not even take the peel off as I was of course in the middle of Super Typhoon Usagi) and baked for about 30 minutes and then made a simple roasted shallot wine sauce with the bits from the bottom of the roasting pan. You have to love how quick and easy this meal comes together.



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Rosemary Herbed Pork Chops with Shallot Wine Sauce

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September 26, 2013

Tender rosemary and herbed bone-in pork chops with a roasted shallot wine sauce in 30 minutes.

  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


pork chops - 4 tender thick cut (I used bone-in pork chops and also a smaller boneless tender cut for myself)

olive oil - 2 tablespoons

rosemary - 1.5 tablespoons freshly chopped

Kick N Chicken Seasoning - 2 teaspoons (or make your own with dried onion, sea salt, garlic, crushed red peppers, orange peel and paprika.)

mini onions - 1 cup whole unpeeled (or shallots)

white wine - 1 cup (1/2 for roasting and 1/2 for sauce) can substitute chicken broth if needed for dietary reasons

water - 1/2 cup

salt and pepper - to taste

butter - 1 tablespoon (use lactose free margarine if intolerant)


1Pre-heatoven to 190 Celsius or 375 F.

2Rub your pork chops with olive oil on both sides. Season pork chops with fresh rosemary, Kick N Chicken Seasoning (or make your own with dried onion, sea salt, garlic, crushed red peppers, orange peel and paprika.)

3Heat up an oven proof skillet or pan to a medium high heat stove top burner and sear for just a minute or two on both sides of seasoned pork chops.

4Place your pork chops in a ovenproof pan, add 1/2 cup of wine and unpeeled mini-onions. Bake your pork chops uncovered for about 25-30 minutes or until the internal temperature of at least 145 degrees F or 160 F if you like well done, depending on how thick your pork chops are. (now I know that our moms have taught us that you need to cook pork until it is lifeless and resembles shoe leather and then just a few minutes more, just to be safe.) However, new guidelines for USDA Pork  is safe at this temperature as long as you leave it rest for about 5 minutes after cooking.

5Remove your pork chops for the pan and rest covered for 5 minutes. (Do not wash the pan that you cooked the pork chops in) Instead place the pan you cooked your pork chops in over a burner on top of the stove and turn on medium heat. Add wine to deglaze the pan.  Add water. Chop up a few of the caramelized mini onions (shallots) and add to the wine sauce. Allow the wine sauce to reduce to about 1/2. Season with salt and pepper. Turn off the burner and add a tablespoon of butter to finish the shallot wine sauce.

6Serve pork chops with a drizzle of shallot wine sauce on top. Enjoy!

  • Delicious.

    • KitchenMagic

      Just made this and it was very tasty!

      • Bams Kitchen

        Hello Kitchen Magic, I am so glad you like the recipe and stopped by to say hello. Wishing you a super day!

  • Those rosemary pork chops look really delicious!The flavours sound really awesome. I wouldn’t think that it’s so quick and easy to make.
    I hope you and your family continue to stay safe in the midst of this typhoon. It’s a good thing that you have food stocked up and have emergency bags packed.

  • My thoughts go out to you my friend, I hope you keep safe from the winds and typhoon!
    And keep eating delicious pork chops like this as well to make you feel even better 🙂


  • I want to plant my face in that plate

  • The title alone had me oooing and salivating Bam – fantastic meal! Well done!
    Sorry to hear about the weather and lives lost though.
    Stay safe.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • I’m with cquek, I just want to pick that up with my hands and start chomping! So moist and perfect looking, Bam.
    I’m glad you’re safe, Bobbi. Take good care.

  • Thank you for the reference, Bobbi Ann! I aim to help. You look like you certainly have your act together. May you never need your emergency supplies!
    BTW…I keep being called ‘sweet’…my family would laugh at that!
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Best wishes,
    (one ‘n’ )

  • Those sound wonderful with the rosemary and sauce!

  • kitchenriffs

    Glad to hear you weathered Super Typhoon Usagi OK! I read about it and wondered how you were. Sounds like you’ve made an art out of preparing for emergencies! But you really have to – we used to live in Florida, and although we never lost power or water in a storm or hurricane in the decade we were there, it was always extremely possible. So we always stocked up on water and other supplies every year at the beginning of hurricane season. Anyway, great dish! I haven’t had pork chops in ages, and you’ve reminded me I’ve been missing out. Really good stuff – thanks.

  • Jo

    Glad you and yours are okay!! Your pics of that dish are makin’ my mouth water!! 😉

  • Happy to hear that you are OK! Thank you for the reminder about being prepared for emergencies. We use Kickin’ Chicken … great stuff … will try it on pork chops now 😉

    • I just wanted to let you know that I used this recipe a few nights ago … it was a success. I left out the rosemary because I’ve been accused (in the past) of using too much, personally I love the stuff!

      • Bams Kitchen

        Hello Brenda, I am so glad this recipe worked for you. I love how juicy the porkchops are in this recipe and I hope your family enjoyed them too. Take Care, BAM

  • Well you surely do know how to ride out a typhoon! I just read that we could be in for some nasty weather this weekend so I guess I should get some nice thick chops 😉 These look super and very juicy.
    I don’t think our winters are quite as severe as Michigan (although these past 3 years have been brutal in Mass) but it is crazy how people hear about a storm coming & rush out to buy things like milk (umm – perishable?), bread, batteries & booze. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bad winter for us here & we’ve finally decided to get a generator which should be wired in about a week. Of course our hope is that by buying the generator we’ll not need it.
    So – did the boys get out of school? And after dinner did you go down to the karaoke bar?
    Glad you made it through the storm safe & sound though.

  • hotlyspiced

    I’m so sorry to hear about the typhoon. I remember being a child and wishing for natural disasters so the school could be closed! Isn’t that dreadful! I love how simple this dish is yet so full of flavour. What a yummy meal xx

  • Liz

    Sounds familiar…a pantry decimated by teenagers. Glad you stocked up just in time. Hope the typhoon season is not too bad for you this year. We had a rare summer with no tornado sirens going off at all. Hope the winter is drama free, too. Your chops sound amazing…I love pairing rosemary with pork…so yummy!

  • Eha

    Oh, Bobbi, you did escape by a whisker tho’!! I had been out of action for quite awhile and got such a shock listening to our evening news. Spent the rest of the night on Hong Kong radar until it was obvious there was not going to be a direct hit and that Usagi had been downgraded! But landfall less than a 100 km away!! What with the Michigan winters and Japanese experiences you do have the knowledge as to how to prepare. Our main fears are bushfires [forest or wild fires]: early spring here, but over 50 burning in the state already. Also wind: we would have at least a couple of dozen electricity outages every summer, some lasting for days, so batteries, stored water and tinned food absolute necessities. The emergency bag for evacuation always packed! Love your dinner; hmm, have to look whether I would have all the ingredients for the weekend upon us 🙂 ! All the best . . .

  • Beautiful…I must try this one. Looks delicious!

  • Looks amazing BAM! I love cooking during a storm :).

  • The herb crusting and white wine goes so well and will be so flavourful on these pork chops.

  • I am not sure which I would rather prepare for – a huge snow storm or a typhoon? I am glad you are all safe! This dish looks perfect for any time of the year 🙂

  • Drooling big time here!!! Stay safe my dear.

  • This looks sooooooooo good! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  • You are an amazing woman Bam, but I had not doubted that. My emergency preparedness kit definitely waxes and wanes. It’s not really a kit mind you, just a well stocked pantry and added supplies. BUT sometimes it runs low and you have just reminded me to re-stock it so THANK YOU! I do hold you guys in my thoughts and will hope for the best for those affected by the typhoon. These chops look totally sumptuous. Your family should be very happy to have a mom like you who can whip up a delicious meal during an emergency.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog…the empty room is doing just fine. I am holding up. Someday, when you are in the same position, you will realize your kiddo prepared you well for this moment when you need to let go. Teens tend to subconsciously break away before the “big day”. He was hardly around all summer…the back of his head was the most I saw of the boy and so now it honestly doesn’t seem that different. BUT he is very close by (one hour away by car) so I can go visit when I need to. Take care!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you so much Geni! No worries I am sure your university student will be stopping over to see you with bags of laundry for you to do, especially if you are only one hour away. Take Care, BAM

  • Very elegant BAM.

  • Love those delicious close-up shots!

  • Heard about the typhoon. Glad you’re safe. Living in Japan it’s normal to have an emergency kit and I also prepared for my family here too. Your pork chops look soo juicy! Love your herbed chops with shallot wine sauce!

  • Glad you and your family are safe. Scary I’m sure, but boy did you come up was an amazing meal! Looks delicious!!

  • I love thick porkchops! and this just looks very tasty.

  • So beautiful and inviting! I think rosemary and pork chops are the perfect combination, I wish I would make it more often.

  • My brother lives in Hong Kong and I’m surprised we haven’t heard from him, but hopefully he’s ok. I’m glad I read this, I’ll send him an email straight away. You are so calm sounding, I would be in a complete state if I lived through that. I’m in love with your recipe.. I just picked up some lamb chops and I think this would be great with those? What do you think? xx Glad you are well!!

  • Bam, you could teach the boy scouts a thing or two about preparedness! You are a good person to have around in an emergency. I think that famous slogan will have to be amended to “Keep Calm and Cook Pork Chops” – they look very delicious.

  • Anne ~ Uni Homemaker

    This sounds absolutely amazing Bobbi! Rosemary, shallot and wine? Oh my! Sounds wonderful!

  • I remember those Typhoon days in HKG! 🙂 My brother and I even fly a homemade kite (made with plastic bag and tied up with a long string) up on the roof when it was a T3! ohahaha…..Good to know the typhoon Usagi didn’t make to many damages.

    🙂 Your Rosemary Pork Chops look succulent and juicy! Oh…you’ve got me craving for some pork chops now. I love that you seared them in the pan for a nice crust and finished them off in the oven. Drooling!

  • Look at all that flavour, very visible in that piece of nice meat. Yum!

  • Oh wow!!
    This looks so incredibly good!!! It is mouthwatering!
    Well done, I bet you were the families favourite cook!

  • Every time I make pork chops they come out dry. Need to try this!

  • Looks so tender and moist. And HA about the karaoke bars.

  • Looks so yummy! I love all the close-up photos! They make you want to reach in and grab one. 🙂

  • Looks delicious!!

  • lisa

    looks great….wish it was in a printable format! It won’t allow me to copy and paste to Word, or even “print select”?

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Lisa, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for letting me know about the broken print functionality. I have sent you a microsoft word document with the recipe to your e-mail. Have a super day and happy cooking. BAM

  • Sallie

    Yum!!! According to my Husband ” this is the best pork chop I’ve ever had”. I left out the rosemary though. I know, I know…..I had everything else in the house except rosemary and was to busy to run out. It still came out fabulous. So tender and the red pepper gave it a nice little kick. Thanks BAM!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Sallie, thanks so much for stopping by. I am delighted to hear that your hubby enjoyed the pork chops too. It is nice to know they turned out good even without the rosemary. I will have to give your version a try next time. Take Care, BAM

  • ooooooooh it looks sooooooo good!! :O thank you for the recipe! 🙂

  • kristen

    Ok so I am dumb when it comes to cooking…what kind of white wine???

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Kristen, thanks for stopping by. I always say any white wine you happen to be drinking at the time would be fine such as a chardonnay or other dry white wine. You just want to avoid sweet white wines. You can also use cooking sherry. Take Care, BAM

  • Beautifully done and presented. I will be trying this one for sure.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you so much! My boys really love this simple busy week night recipe.

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  • Monica

    Are you suppose to use shallots or mini onions? It says onions, but the reciepe is titled with shallots? Thanks

    • Bams Kitchen

      Dear Monica, you can either use mini onions or shallots- whatever you prefer. I made this dish in the middle of a typhoon 8 so I was just lucky we had power but I just used what I had in the pantry and you can do the same.

  • Making this for dinner tonight!!! Yum!!

    • Carrie

      Made this last night exactly as written but I peeled the onions. Absolutely delicious! My husband and son raved. The sauce was especially good.

      • Bams Kitchen

        Hello Carrie, I am so delighted you liked the recipe and very special thank you for stopping by to write a little note. Wishing you a super start to the 2015 year. Take Care

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  • Donna

    This recipe will be forever my favorite. I just made it and it was delicious..The pork chops were tender I was able to cut through with my fork and that sauce..Yum ..

    • Bams Kitchen

      Dear Donna, I am so delighted that you enjoyed this recipe. Wishing you a very special day. Take Care

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