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Mocha Orange Frappuccino

August 1, 2014

Cool and refreshing iced frappuccino with a slight essence of citrus, sweet flavour of mocha and eye-opening espresso is one way to get the juices flowing in the morning.Mocha Orange Frappy

Chocolate and orange are like a match made in heaven. The citrus aroma really sparks my taste buds and the mocha is a sweet little ending to a perfect little treat.

I have two delicious recipes to share with you today. I have a mocha orange frappuccino (iced coffee) for the adults Mocha Orange Frappy for the kids with bananas, almond milk and mocha. In addition, we have a very fun WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY sponsored by Nu Naturals so please keep reading to find out the details.

Mocha Orange Frappy

Some days you just need a little something sweet to get you through that afternoon. Most days, I need a kick-start to start my day and a cool and refreshing mocha orange frappy is just the way.

However, I know many of you are trying to watch our waste lines, carbs and if your diabetic you might have already given up on the idea of ever having a look-alike Starbuck's frappuccino ever again but the NuNatural company has the perfect solution for you.

Mocha Orange Frappy

The NuNaturals company offers NuStevia based sugar alternatives, powders, liquids, syrups, baking blends, baking ingredients and dietary supplements. I had so much fun in the kitchen trialing their products. You can use their NuStevia based sweeteners in all of your baking, cooking and refreshments needs in your kitchen.

The boys and I had so much fun testing their new cocoa syrup and all of their NuStevia liquids such as cherry, vanilla, lemon, orange and peppermint just to name a few. It just takes a drop or two of the NuStevia liquids and our second runner-up was a teenage masterpiece they called the cherry vanilla chocolate frappy.

Mocha Orange Frappy

My boys and I also made some banana, chia seed, raisin and cocoa nip muffins using the NuStevia simple syrup and NuNatural Oat fiber and of course they have disappeared in a flash. (I tell you there were already 2 muffins gone from the time it takes me to walk from the kitchen to fetch my camera and back. Okay boys, fess up who did it?)

Feel free to have fun with this recipe and change out almond milk for soy milk, regular skim milk, coconut milk or even cream. I used my fun Nespresso coffee maker to make a perfect cup of espresso and frothed my almond milk. However, feel free to substitute with decaffeinated organic coffee. I heard Trader Joes has a nice selection to choose from. I even just added a couple of the NuStevia orange flavoured drops to my morning espresso and that was quite nice.

Mocha Orange Frappy

For the boys, I did not want them having lots of caffeine and bouncing off the walls as we were stuck inside on this stormy day. Instead, I made them a "Kid Friendly Frappy". I did not add espresso but instead added more almond milk, a frozen banana, cocoa powder, NuStevia chocolate syrup and some ice. My boys wanted more white fluffy topping than what comes from frothing almond milk so I whipped them some fresh cream with just a drop or two of the vanilla NuStevia liquid drops and they were happy campers.

Mocha Orange Frappy

Everything in moderation is always the key to keeping on healthy diet including sugars and sugar supplements.  I used the NuStevia products for these recipes. However, if you cannot have sugar alternatives because you are on a "cystitis diet" or for any other reason, then by all means just substitute with your favourite regular sugar or fructose, fresh oranges/orange zest and use regular chocolate sauce and enjoy.

NuNaturals will award (4 ) four of Bam's Kitchen followers ( 1 ) one bottle of the Orange Stevia Liquid, a 50 pkt box of our NuStevia White Stevia Powder packets, PLUS a bottle of our NEW COCOA SYRUP, AND a bottle of our NEW SIMPLE SYRUP. Each of the 4 winners will receive the complete product selection of all 4 items with the retail value of $ 52.00 USD , PLUS A FREE BONUS PRODUCT !

To Enter the Giveaway:  Please follow Bam's Kitchen on Pinterest, Pin this Photo and leave a comment to let me know which board you have shared it on. 

Please do the following to add bonus chances for winning the NuNatural giveaway... 

1) Like NuNaturals on Facebook. Come back and let me know you’ve subscribed in an additional comment on this post.

2) Like Bam's Kitchen on Facebook  Come back and let me know you’ve subscribed in an additional comment on this post.

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The Rules:  This is a worldwide giveaway. The giveaway will be closed on August 9th, 2014 at 12:30 pm Hong Kong Time. Make sure that you have your current working e-mail listed when you leave a comment on this post.

If you want to shop online at NuNatural and once you proceed to the checkout page, you should enter the DISCOUNT CODE ; BLG1214 and you will receive - 15% DISCOUNT on their ENTIRE ORDER. ( Not to be combined with other discounts ) This discount remains EFFECTIVE UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2014 .

Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U. S. on all orders exceeding $35.00 after discounts.

Winner: The winner will be chosen at random using and announced at the top of this post. I will email the winner and if he/she does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

Disclaimer: NuNaturals sent me this product and is mailing the prizes out to the winners of the giveaway. My opinions remain entirely my own, as always.

Good Luck! Stay Cool and enjoy your favourite Frappies!



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Mocha Orange Frappuccino

By HWC Magazine  , , ,

August 1, 2014

Cool and refreshing iced frappuccino with a slight essence of citrus, sweet flavour of mocha and eye opening expresso is one way to get the juices flowing in the morning and a kiddy version too.

  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Yields: 1 Adult


Mocha Orange Frappuccino (Adult Friendly)

almond milk - 1/2 cup (and a little extra for frothing for topping)

espresso shot - 1/2 cup

chocolate syrup - 1 Tablespoon (NuStevia Chocolate syrup) or to taste

simple syrup - 1 teaspoon (NuStevia Simple Syrup) or to taste

orange drops - 5 drops (NuStevia Orange flavored drops) or to taste

ice - handful

cocoa nibs - 1 teaspoon (garnish-optional)

Mocha Orange Frappie (Kid Friendly)

almond milk - 1 cup

banana - 1 frozen

chocolate syrup - 1-2 tablespoon (NuStevia Chocolate Syrup) or to taste

orange drops - 5 drops (NuStevia orange flavored drops) or to taste

unsweetened cocoa powder - 1 teaspoon

ice - handful

whipping cream - 1/2 cup (for topping or can use frothed almond milk)

vanilla - 1-2 drops of Vanilla NuStevia drops

cocoa nibs - 1 teaspoon (garnish-optional)


1Mocha Orange Frappuccino (Adult Friendly): In a blender mix almond milk, espresso, chocolate syrup, simple syrup, orange drops, ice and mix in blender until the ice is crushed. Taste and adjust sweeteners as desired. Put some additional ice in a glass and pour your delicious mocha orange frappuccino on top of it until 3/4 full. Froth some additional almond milk and scoop on top and garnish with cocoa nibs. Enjoy!

2Mocha Orange Frappy ( Kid Friendly): In a blender add almond milk, frozen banana (remove peel), chocolate syrup, orange drops, unsweetened cocoa powder and ice and mix until the ice is crushed. Taste and adjust sweeteners as desired. Place a little bit of ice in glass and pour your delicious mocha orange frappy on top until 3/4 full. Froth some additional almond milk or cream with a 1 or 2 drops of Vanilla NuStevia drops and scoop on top of your mocha orange frappie. Garnish with cocoa nips. Enjoy!

  • The Frappucino looks and sounds so yummy!

  • kitchenriffs

    Great looking frappies! I like mocha, but I think I’ll join your boys and enjoy the orange one! That looks terrific. 🙂 Thanks for these.

  • I have to tell you, I make myself a mocha frap almost every morning to go with my breakfast. I used to buy them all the time and learning how to do it was the best thing ever since I could save a ton of money and I could make it “cleaner”. I absolutely love chocolate with orange so this is wonderful inspiration. Thank you! : )

  • Who ate the muffins? Why the dog ate the muffins and if your boys haven’t learned to use that one yet, let me talk to them. Those frappys would certainly make me happy. Yes, citrus and mocha is a pretty nice combination. Love those mugs!

  • hotlyspiced

    Chocolate and orange truly are a perfect match. Your boys must have loved these. I’ve heard lots of good things about the NuNaturals range xx

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Charlie, my boys are always ecstatic whenever I make anything sweet as you know I do not make lots of desserts in Bam’s Kitchen. Take Care

  • Would you believe that I have never had a frappuccino. I’m a tea girl but it sounds delicious. 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Karen, well we will so have to get that sorted for you and send a frappuccino over to help you get through the move. I am also a huge tea fan but every once in awhile I need something with a little kick and this is perfect.

  • Just pinned on First Look, Then Cook on the board Recipes to Try – beautiful BAM!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Dawn! Have a super day.

  • I just liked NuNaturals

  • I just liked BAMs page on Facebook

  • I am so tired I will have to make mine with a double shot of espresso 🙂

  • The frappucino look wonderful 🙂 I followed you on instagram and am pinning the photo on my pinterest board.

    • I was not able to get the photo pinned for some reason…my technical skills!! but I did follow you on instagram! 🙂

  • Time for some kid-friendly frappies! Those cocoa nibs aren’t options for me. They look so good on top!

    Gourmet Getaways

  • Ohh, I’ll take a double serving of whipped cream! Orange and chocolate is a great combination for a Frappuccino. You should sell your recipe to those expensive coffee shops 🙂

  • Chocolate and orange both sound lovely together…mmmmm, I would rather make my own frapp! I received a huge package of their sweeteners from a giveaway I won months ago! I really need to use them at some point!

  • This looks just amazing BAM. Not a big fan of orange with chocolate though I do not mind it, but this just looks ridiculously good that I am ready to forego all reservations I have about the combo!

  • Orange mocha frappuccinos will forever remind me of the movie Zoolander lol. Thanks for the giveaway! I pinned it to my “Sip-able Endeavors” board:

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Jordan for stopping by and thanks for the pin. Take Care, BAM

  • I already follow NuNaturals on facebook

  • I just liked Bam’s Kitchen on facebook, too 🙂

  • And I follow you on twitter @j_mosh

  • I love that you have two versions, this way the whole family can be together.

  • Oh I’d love to be sipping on one of these right now!

  • Buongiorno, BAM. Both frappies sound great and I wouldn’t mind sampling either one about now. Just make ’em decaf. At this hour, a little caffeine and I’ll be scrubbing walls at midnight. 🙂

  • I could totally go for one of these right now!! I’m sitting in VERY HOT house and this looks super refreshing 🙂

  • I pinned two pictures since I wasn’t sure which one you wanted done

    • I also follow you on Pinterest as Cezovski9

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  • I like NuNaturals on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson

  • Like Karan above, I have never had a frap, your looks delicious though and would love to try one right now for breakfast.

  • Dear BAM,

    Your frap looks really enticing though I don’t drink coffee and never had one before.

  • shashi @

    Oh heavens – this is such an awesome way to kick start my day or even my afternoon!
    I’ve seen NuNaturals before but wasn’t sure how they tasted – next time I am gona have to pick some up for sure!
    I have pinned your amazing frapp: Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome gift!

  • I love your photos of this frappe, it looks so full of delicious ingredients – jaffa meets coffee meets cappuccino 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Happen to be reading this while drinking a regular old coffee frappe and should be really having your mocha orange frappuccino instead!

  • My goodness. It must be fun trying out all of these wonderful flavors. I love mocha but never had it with orange flavors and now I am very curious. Thank you, BAM and wish you a great week. 🙂

  • Hi Bam, love the adult version the best, sounds delicious! so many flavors to choose from.

  • Wow, I didn’t know that stevia came in so many flavors!

  • Sounds so yummy! Would be great for a hot day too!

  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    I liked nunaturals on facebook!

  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    I liked Bam’s Kitchen on facebook!

  • Who need Starbucks when you can make this at home. Yum!

  • This reminds me that I haven’t had a Frappie in a very long time! I love mocha, but your orange one sounds quite enticing. Now I am thirsty!

  • I could definitely use a glass of this beauty today that is very hot here!

  • Bobbi! Your timing is perfect. I just now hit low-level diabetes and this is heavenly! Chocolate and orange are wonderful together and I want to, NEED to, try the rest. Thanks,I would be thrilled to get these.

  • I liked NuNaturals on FB.

  • I follow you on FB

  • I follow you on Pintrest

  • And I follow you on Twitter…sign me up!

  • Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I’ve never made these things at home but it’s time I joined the revolution! 🙂

  • Bobbi! I received my prize g from NuNaturals and am thrilled… I jumped right in to using them. They are marvelous! Thanks for introducing me to them.

    • Bams Kitchen

      I am so happy they arrived. Happy baking!

  • What a fantastic treat and yes chocolate and orange is a fabulous combination!!

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