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Middle Eastern Party Feast /

Middle Eastern Party Feast

July 13, 2017

A Middle Eastern Party Feast has 5 vegan recipes and all the extras to throw a fun, interactive, build your own flatbread party for your foodie guests. Huge Crowd Pleaser!

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

The best part about a Middle Eastern Party Feast is that your guests get to participate in this very fun and interactive activity of topping their own flat breads to their own liking. Middle Eastern Party Feast /

Over the last several posts we have been building our Middle Eastern Party Feast...

  1. Super Crispy Falafel Bites
  2. Better than Store Bought Red Pepper Hummus
  3. Middle Eastern Rice and Lentils (Mujadara)
  4. Traditional Baba Ghanoush
  5. Easy Tabbouleh Lebanese Salad

In addition, we also suggest having a tray of freshly sliced vegetables for building your flat breads and dipping into the Better than Store Bought Red Pepper Hummus and Traditional Baba Ghanoush.

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

Mixed olives and also pickled Lebanese vegetables are nice addition as well. We also stir fried a little okra with cumin and garlic and roasted some cauliflower with a little drizzle of EVOO and sumac and it was sublime.

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

It is not required for you to have flatbreads as big as your head but it sure is fun for guests to bread and pull apart. You can also use smaller pita breads or gluten-free flatbreads/wraps.

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

This complete Middle Eastern Party Feast is completely vegan.  It really simple to throw together and so much cheaper than planning a meal with animal based proteins. You can make this feast gluten-free by using gluten-free flatbreads and also replacing the bulgar wheat in the tabbouli with quinoa instead. This feast in egg-free and dairy-free as well.

Middle Eastern Party Feast /

The beauty of this Middle Eastern Party Feast is that you can make everything in advance of your guests arriving. You can enjoy your guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen. A Middle Eastern Party Feast is also a fun idea for a picnic, camping as it is easily portable. This Middle Eastern Party Feast will feed about 8 people for dinner.



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Middle Eastern Party Feast /

Middle Eastern Party Feast

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July 13, 2017



  • Robyn Gleason

    Let’s try to see if my comment will go through today! This looks so delicious, Bobbi, and I love that you share your knowledge of world cuisine with us. Each time I visit your blog I learn something new – even after 4 years 🙂

    • Yeah! Your comment went through. Can you believe it has already been 4 years? Simply Fresh Dinners will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Take Care

  • I love a good theme for dinner and the more hands-on, interactive, the better. It always makes for such a fun atmosphere. I love these ideas for a middle eastern feast, something I hadn’t thought of before. And doing dinners based on different international cuisines is such a great way to try something new.

    • We do too! Everyone always loves playing with their food…and creating their own little master piece. Raclette gatherings, Thai nights and Spanish Tapas and Tinis (martinis) are also some fun events that our friends enjoy too. However, a Middle Eastern Feast is always a winner when you also need to cater to your friends with any dietary issues…

  • Yes, I’m with Monica! I host dinner club this fall and now I’m thinking a Middle Eastern theme would be fabulous. But I’m not waiting to try your hummus 🙂

    • Thanks Liz. Dinner club sounds fun and when you can make everything and clean up the mess before your guests arrive that is the perfect solution. Take care

  • kitchenriffs

    Oh, yum! So MUCH GOOD STUFF here! Love Middle Eastern flavors — this looks wonderful. Thanks.

  • Come on over Gigi! The more the merrier! Wishing you a super weekend!

  • Middle Eastern Party Feast is just so yum. I am loving your spread, Bobbi. Those crispy falafels look so mouth-watering good. I wish I could grab a few of them right away.

  • [email protected] is How I Cook

    I’m all for this kid of party! Mezze are just a perfect way to entertain. My favorite meals in Israel always started with so many of these. Drooling!

  • Oh Bobbi, this is a fun way to have a party, let the guests work a little…and they can mix and match according to their taste…this is fantastic…thank you so much for the inspiration!
    Have a wonderful week 🙂

  • Perfect menu to share with friends! Gather around and dive in this yummy feast!

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