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Chocolate Berry Bites of Cheesecake Heaven

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?

I am a foodie and I'm supposed to have at least a million kitchen gadgets. Right? However, I am actually quite deficient in this area.  I really do love kitchen gadgets, but usually do not buy them for myself. I usually just make do with what I have. However,  I think maybe it is time for Bam's Kitchen to obtain a few upgrades in the kitchen tool area.

Mr. Anonymous knows I have a weak side for fun and interesting kitchen gadgets so he gave me a couple of very unique ones for our anniversary. I am happy that he supports my passion for cooking. However, I know what you all thinking. "Hey that is not very romantic!" At least it was not a shop vac..!  ( Come on fess up... How many of you got a new vacuum cleaner or electric drill for your anniversary ...?)

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Mr. Anonymous knows that if he can get BAM into Bam's Kitchen the higher the probability that he will be able to reap some rewards. Mr. Anonymous always says, "Having a wife with a food website is a like a gift that keeps on giving."

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

One of the kitchen gadgets that was gifted to me was a Lékué Decopen. According to Lékué website and pamphlet, "The DECOPEN is the most recent, innovative product added to Lékué's TOOLS family, you can add design and flavour to all your dishes, whatever the occasion. Mix your favourite sweet and savoury sauces and have fun adding the finishing touch and giving flavour to salads, meats, fish and desserts. Also have fun with the kids, decorating their favourite dishes. The new, four nozzle model opens up even more possibilities to decorate and improve on your favourite foods. DECOPEN: DECORATION GIVES THE FINISHING TOUCH."

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

I was off to put the Lékué Decopen to the test. I began experimenting the with the 4 nozzles with a little chocolate sauce. The first time I filled up the container and drew my name in the sauce with the smallest of the tips. Easy enough. I proceeded to tried each of the nozzles and the fan nozzle was by far the coolest decoration on the dish. Now, I just needed a small little dessert to show off my artistic work.

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

One full size Berry cheese cake coming up for one of my dearest little teenage fan, Jason.

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Several little mini heart-shaped cheese cakes with cool Lékué DECOPEN Chocolate designs to keep my hungry teenagers happy too.  I better hurry and photograph my little cheesecakes before they are inhaled. Please continue to read along to find out how to make this yummy little treat...

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Chocolate Drizzled Berry Bites of Cheesecake Heaven

Recipe adapted from Tyler Florence from (You have to love his cheese cakes)

Serves 12 adults or 2 hungry teenage boys

This recipe will make one standard sized 8 inch cheese cake spring-form pan dessert or one 6 inch spring- form mini cheese cake and also about 12 bite sized mini cheese cakes.


  • 2 cups finely ground digestive biscuits (about 1 package of plain cookies, graham cracker or you could use chocolate biscuits as well) Graham crackers are hard to come by in Hong Kong.
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 stick unsalted melted butter
  • cooking spray


  • 2 (8-ounce) cream cheese, softened
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 pint sour cream
  • 1 lemon, zested
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Blueberries, strawberries or any fruit your little heart desires
  • Powdered sugar- just a dusting
  • Chocolate sauce (I used Hershey's)

Step 1: Preheat the over to 325 degrees F. (162 degrees Celsius)

Step 2: In a medium bowl combine all the crust ingredients (cookies, butter, sugar and cinnamon) with a fork until evenly moistened. Spray cooking spray on spring- form pans or tart pan, or cute heart-shaped tart pan around the bottom and sides.

Step 3: Pour the crumbs into the pan and use your fingers to pat evenly on the bottom and sides of your pans or tart pans.  Refrigerate for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Make the filling: In a large bowl add cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, zest of lemon, and vanilla and beat until smooth and creamy

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Step 5: Pour the cream cheese filling into the either your spring- form pans or small tart pans that has the cookie crumb filling. Be careful not to overfill as you will have a big mess.

Step 6: Wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the bottom and sides of spring- form pan and seal. Fill a baking pan or baking sheet with a enough water so that once you put the cheese cake inside the water level comes up about 1/4 up the outer sides of the pan. (Putting the pan in a water bath prevents the cheese cake from cracking on the top) You can also create a water bath for the tart pans as well.

Step 7: Bake the cheesecakes for about 40-45 minutes or until the center of the pie comes out clean with a toothpick.

Step 8: Allow the cheese cake to cool at room temperature and then refrigerate at least 5 hours but best overnight. Run a knife around the edges of the spring- form pan or mini-tart pans and remove the cheese cake.

Step 8: Decorate cheese cake with berries or whatever your little heart desires. Decorate bottom of plate for the mini bite sized cheese cakes with chocolate designs using your Lékué DECOPEN and artfully place mini-cheese cakes around plate. Enjoy!

Chocolate drizzled berry bites of cheesecake heaven

Step 9: Refrigerate and consume cheesecake within 3 days. (Ha Ha Ha... like there would actually be any left with my 2 hungry teenagers in the house after one day) You can also freeze cheese cake if it will not be used within 3 days, but best if consumed within one month of freezing.



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Chocolate Berry Bites of Cheesecake Heaven

By HWC Magazine  ,

July 23, 2012

  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: 12 Adults or 2 Hungry Teenagers


digestive biscuits -

cinnomen -

butter -

cream cheese -

eggs -

sugar or sugar alternative -

sour cream -

vanilla -

lemon zest -

chocolate sauce -


  • Love your decopen and the nice stripes ribbon, your hubby is so thoughtful 🙂

    • Mr. Anonymous is indeed my biggest fan and supporter. I am blessed. Take care, BAM

  • That looks like a great gift!

  • What an incredibly awesome gift! You are going to have loads of fun!
    Super cute mini puds.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Even I, who was not born with the artsy fartsy gene, found it quite simple. I am sure you could make a masterpiece.

  • I was just thinking it was time to clear out my kitchen of gadgets that aren’t being used. Then I can go get one of these:D How fun are those tips and the possibilities for decorating desserts is endless!! I love your little <3 mini treats.. I bet they were gone in seconds! xx Smidge

    • As I was telling John, I started out with 12 of these little mini heart shaped cheese cakes. However, because of my teenage quality assurance testers, I only ended for with 4 for my final pictures and then 2 and well now…all that was left for me was to lick the chocolate designs off the plate. Take care, BAM

  • Awww what an awesome gadget!! I love collecting baking gadgets, I have to restrain myself from even walking into one bakeware shop… I can’t stop ogle and yearning for them (I can literally shop there for hours!) And that’s an amazing cheesecake! Pretty, delicious and I’m sure gone within 1 second!

    • Thank you Jasline. Glad to hear I am not the only one that likes to look at kitchen ware. Hey are you okay in Singapore? We had a typhoon 9 here in HK last night, damage nearby and lots of flooding and high winds. The boys and I are just fine here just hoping you are okay. BAM

  • Heh, if I had a nickel for every useless kitchen gadget I’ve been given over the years… hmmm. But I’m glad you are enjoying your new gadget. :)The cheesecake bites look amazing – reminds me I NEED to make a cheesecake at some point this summer! – and the heart-shaped tarts (another great gadget!) are so sweet!

    • I rarely use gadgets in my kitchen and that is why finally getting one was such a treat. I don’t even have a proper bamboo steaming basket but instead use a my wok with a bowl and plate and a lid. How sad is that. It is time for a little fun in Bam’s Kitchen and start to accessorize. However, I agree with you I want to be the one to pick put the one’s I really need or want as with such a small cook space we need to keep in simple and easy in our kitchens- not cluttered. Take care, BAM

  • Hi Bam! Your new kitchen gadget looks like fun! The Mr. did good! Isn’t it nice when your family members appreciate having a wonderful cook and show their support? I rely on my little girl’s enthusiasm to keep the fire going, it’s great to hear her woo ahhing over dinner dishes, and really fun when she insists on joining me when I make goodies on the weekends.

    The cheesecake heaven looks absolutely delicious, and that big cheese cake is just divine!

    • Jeno, you are so right with out our family support none of this would be possible. They are our number one fans!

  • A very pretty dessert. I like that they are small to maintain portion control. Of course they look so good not sure I could only eat one!

    • Thanks Bernice. I see your point there and I guess for my 2 hungry teenage quality assurance analysts they thought of this the very same way. Inhaled in nanoseconds! Take care, BAM

  • These are beautiful!! Nice job 🙂

    • Thanks Dawn. Next I will be making stick figures as that is where my artsy fartsy curve ends! LOL

  • Your husband is the best, this is the coolest invention ever 😀
    Your super cute mini bites look delicious!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Even a little bit of chocolate in there for you, CCU! I know if you were here with me in Bam’s kitchen we would have made a chocolate marbled cheesecake with a chocolate crust dipped in a chocolate glaze with chocolate sprinkles and a berry on top! That would have been fun! Maybe you can join me next time!

  • Wowzaaaa! These are on my list even without the fancy swirly stuff although I think I could have lots of playtime with that little gadget. Right at the alter I told my husband to never, ever buy furniture or to gift me an appliance. As a joke one year though I did get him a toaster for our anniversary.
    I was just about to do a blog about this chopper that I confiscated from my daughter. I thought it would be great for chopping onions, garlic, nuts. I’m still taking it for a test drive but so far I’m not impressed w/it – it was more effort to cut up the onions & then keep smashing this plunger down than if I just took the knife & chopped away. Of course I’ve drawn lots of blood w/the knife, but still….

    • I also think some gadgets are just a waste of time as it takes you longer to clean the gadget then to use. This one I just popped into the dishwasher.
      I am glad to see you could have a little humor with your hubby. He might not remember the golf clubs or new cuff links you gave to him but he will always remember the toaster. A symbol of your love together. Have a fantastic week and take care, BAM

  • Your hubby knows the way to your heart just as you know the way to his! Lucky men in your family, getting to test all your creations. This one sounds so simple, with yummy and attractive results, BAM.

    Keep writing…

    • I laugh when you say “test” my creations it is more like inhale them. I have learned the hard way over the years to never bring my dishes out to the kitchen table without first taking my portion off first. Take Care, BAM

  • What a cool gadget! I love how cute those little chocolate bites – perfect for a cocktail party!

    • I think they would be perfect for a cocktail party or just plain portion control. One perfect little bite. Thanks for stopping by. Take care, BAM

  • This is really a fun gadget to work with. The berry bites look very pretty and heavenly.

    • I am so glad you stopped by. If I wanted to make the crust gluten free could I just use ground almonds in place of the crushed cookies and add some sugar along with the cinnamon? What options do you suggest? Take care, BAM

  • Now this is a gadget we can all get behind! I love all of its possible uses. And what better way to show us than by creating little cheese cakes. These are just too perfect! I could just see myself with a dozen, trying to arrange them “artfully.” Within a minute, there’d be 10 bites. Another 2 minutes, 8 bites left. 5 minutes and I’m down to a half dozen. Another 3 minutes, with only 4 left, I think, “Why bother?” and grab the remaining few and head, happily, back into the kitchen. My guests never knowing what they missed.

    • John, you sound like my boys! As soon as I would just turn my head these mini cheesecakes started to disappear from the plate. Please note that I started out with 12 mini cheese cake heart bites and then notice I was down to 4 bites for the photo. Hmm what happened here? I must have gremlins! Take care, BAM

  • Hi Bam! I love this gadget! I made a cake for Mr. N a few weeks back and this would have been perfect for that little adventure. What fun! And your bites look delicious. I know my kids would devour the plateful. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristy. I think for big pastry jobs just as a wedding cake or some other type of masterpiece this device is not appropriate but for small jobs or just to decorate your savory plates with your sauces it is very useful. Very fun! Take Care, BAM

  • Your desserts are works of art. I laughed at your post because I’ve been getting kitchen gadgets from my husband since our first Christmas together. Some women might be offended but I love it. I wouldn’t complain if I got your handy little Lékué Decopen (remembering the name will be the hard part!).

    • As long as were not gifted a shop vac or ironing board…you are in the clear. I do like it quite a bit and it has a little end stopper so if you make some kind of glaze you can store it in the fridge right in the Decopen for later use. That is kind of a nice feature.

  • machisan

    WOW! these look like the best starter ever, they’re making my mouth water

    • My only suggestion is to make more as they do go quickly. Especially with teenage boys in the house.

  • Too Pretty To Eat is never a problem with teenagers around! Girls are just as bad, believe me…
    Great recipe, and good on Mr. Anon for the fun gift!

    • Thanks Marie. I have heard this about growing teenage girls as well. However, they always come across as dainty and so full when they are around their boyfriends. Closet eaters I guess… Take Care, BAM

  • I’m imagining the hours of fun you can have with your new gadget. Not an anniversary present but I did get a shed one year 🙂 Much rather have something I want !

    • I have been given some really unique gifts in my lifetime but never a shed. That is a good one and perfect for all of your garden gadgets! I hope that I don’t end up with so many kitchen gadgets that I need a shed. Take care, BAM

  • My goodness these look amazing. What a gorgeous presentation! And the digestive biscuits. Love!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. Digestive biscuits are a great alternative to graham crackers for this dish. There are also so many different kinds of flavors such as ginger, plain and chocolate and all of them work very nicely in this dessert. Have a great day. BAM

  • Those are beautiful!

    • Thanks Greg. I am on my count down now to going back to US to eat a real homegrown tomato! So go ahead post away with lots of juicy tomato pictures as I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Take car, BAM

  • Those look fantastic Bam, really so nice! Beautifully made – I could imagine seeing them in a bakery or cake shop! I almost bought one of those deco pen things, but settled instead for a piping gun… which reminds me, I need to make churros soon 😀

    • Thanks Charles. Usually as fancy as I ever get is to sacrifice a plastic baggie with a little cut on the edge to make my designs. This was less messy.
      Ohh my yummy churros! My boys would love those sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar.
      Take Care, BAM

  • Those definitely look like heavenly bites!

  • Very beautiful presentation!

  • i’ll welcome that gift from my husband with open arms! nifty kitchen gadgets are always welcomed. I love the presentation of those mini heart-shaped cheesecakes! gives the good-old cheesecake a little makeover..

    • I think as this baker you are you would really like this gadget. However it is only good for small projects not big ones.

  • that’s a very nifty gadget indeed 🙂

  • I’m decorating-challenged, so this would be lost on me. But maybe my wife – who is the real baker – might find it interesting. Hmmm? 😉 Good recipe, nice post – thanks.

    • Actually this was a big step up for me as I am usually stick figure 101 expert only. So if I can do it, really anyone can do it. I guess you have to let your wife have a little fun and do the baking. Take Care, BAM

  • Oh, that is just plain mean. I could so use a couple (or 5) of those cheesecake bites right about now. 😉

    • I will send some right over! I Might need a little dry ice!

  • I have a problem. I love reading your blog, but everytime i do i just want to eat everything!!! Your creations are delightful!

    • Thanks for the kind comment. You are always welcome to drop by but you have to be quick to the punch as I have 2 hungry teenage boys here and food goes really fast! Take care, BAM

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  • petit4chocolatier

    Wow – Heaven is the word of the day for me complimented with chocolate drizzle! These are ambrosial!! Love the gadget too : )

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog tastings page?

    • Thank you and sure it would be my pleasure. This gadget is very fun for detailing especially for baking and final touches for presentation. Take care, BAM

  • Jo (

    OOOhhhh, these are super cute! 😉

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thanks Jo, because they are so small it limits my overindulgence!

  • Oh my goodness…these look too beautiful to eat. Scrumptious and gorgeous! Your site looks fantastic!

  • petit4chocolatier

    I am loving the gadget! These little hearts are outside of the box creatively delicious my dear! They are beautiful. And the full cheesecake is a dream come true!! Outstanding as always 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you for your very kind comments. I also love this gadget and use it all the time for sauces and desserts. It is so handy. My boys just loved these cheesecakes and were inhaled. Thank goodness I was able to snap a few photos first. Take care, BAM

  • Oh my goodness. These are so pretty. I love the mini version a lot. So lovely you make them into these heart shapes. That tool looks like a fun gadget to have around the kitchen. hehe…and I totally think that’s a cool gift for any occasion. Guess I’m more of a practical girl than romantic. LOL

  • wow. Wow. WOW. This looks beyond amazing! Too pretty to eat 🙂

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