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Valentine Strawberry Bliss

Valentine Strawberry Bliss

Did you know that strawberries can make you feel more romantic?

Yes really! If you feel good inside, then you will look beautiful on the outside.

Are you planning on making a simple Valentines dinner or lunch for your sweetheart? I have an awesome 10 minute, be kind to your heart, dessert that has the feel good factor without eating the rich coma inducing chocolate.

Valentine Strawberry Bliss

The power of vitamin C in strawberries can help with the production of collagen and make our skin more elastic and help prevent wrinkles. So there you have it. We can look more beautiful and radiant for our significant others under the candlelight of our romantic Valentine Day dinner.

Valentine Strawberry Bliss

Strawberries can help fight bad cholesterol so that our heart pumps without even skipping a beat on our romantic evening together.

This little dessert is a sweet ending to a romantic dinner. Valentine Strawberry Bliss is light and delicately sweet so you still have added energy and vitality for what ever the evening might entail.

Valentine Strawberry Bliss

Makes about 6 strawberries- serves 2 adults or 1 hungry teenager

  • quart of strawberries- about 6 to 8 large strawberries
  • fresh blueberries- one for each strawberry
  • 1 cube for each strawberry of Laughing cow light cream cheese spread ( or maybe about 1/4 cup no fat cream cheese for about 8 strawberries)
  • 1/4 cup Non fat plain yogurt (or if you wanted you could substitute with low fat whipped topping)
  • 2-3 packets of Stevia or sweetener of choice
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Step 1: Wash and dry strawberries and cut off the stem. Scoop out the middle of the strawberry so you can put in the filling.

Step 2: In a blender or by hand, if you want to build up some muscles, mix the cream cheese spread, yogurt, sweetener and vanilla until creamy and fluffy. (Lots of whipping- you should see my muscles!)

Step 3: Place the cream cheese mixture into a bag and pipe cream cheese filling into strawberries (I just spooned my mixture in a baggie and cut off end as I do not have a special pastry bag)

Step 4: Place one blueberry on the top of each strawberry and plate up your creation.

Step 5: Enjoy the creamy sweet delicate taste of Valentine Strawberry bliss and have your self a Happy Valentines Day.



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Valentine Strawberry Bliss

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February 13, 2012

  • Cook: 20 mins


strawberries -

blueberries -

whipping cream -

sugar or sugar alternative -

cream cheese -

vanilla -


  • I love this! Such a great idea! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    • Thank you. So sad for me as I brought the Valentine Strawberry Bliss out to the dining room table and thought maybe I should back to the kitchen to grab some napkins and in the 2 minute time frame my teenagers and hubby gobbled them all up. They did not even save one for me!!! So if actions speak louder than words this quick recipe is a hit! Take care, BAM

  • What a wonderful idea! These look simply perfect and awesomely delicious for valentines day 😀

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Healthiest Sugarless Muesli Bars

    • Thanks Choc Chip Uru. We should somehow hook up our recipes as your healthiest sugarless muesli bars and my Totally nuts for my Honey granola bars are like twins. Let me know what you think? BAM

  • Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge

    Wonderful 🙂 These sound great.

    • Thanks Zoe, I hope your family spoiled you on Valentines Day!

      • Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge

        I think I am always spoiled.
        Thanks Bam, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!!!

  • Ohhh I’ve never had strawberries like this. This is so easy! I know this will be a dessert or snack tomorrow. My kids will be excited. These strawberries not only look pretty, they are so easy to make!

    • Dear Nami-san I also love your chocolate covered strawberries so festive for time of the year. Guess what tonight we are having for dinner??? Of course your curry udon desu…. Ja Mata, BAM

  • yum, yum, yum!

    • I know it must have been good but can not really let you know as my family demolished the entire plate of them. They did not even leave a scrap or one for me.

  • Lovely presentation!

    • Thanks Marie. I’m glad I was able to grab a quick photo before the vultures (my teenagers) swooped in for the kill. Really now I know you are laughing but I cannot tell you how difficult this is. Maybe I need to install a lock on the kitchen door….

  • Great idea and healthy too!

    • Thanks Sibella. I have decided I can no longer look at your website when my teenagers are around. They will not leave me alone until I make Sibella’s pretzels!!! Take Care, BAM

      • Oh, is that so?! 🙂 I think you should make those pretzels soon so they leave you alone! 😉

  • “serves 2 adults or 1 hungry teenager” – 😉 I love this! Anyway, nice and delicious, and we’re getting seasonal strawberries from Florida and Mexico in the stores now. Pretty photos. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I know that many people laugh about the “serves 2 adult or 1 hungry teenager”. But it is a real life situation here. Teenage boys can really pack away the food. I think they must have hallow legs. Where do they put it all? Take Care, BAM

  • Strawberries is my favourite fruit…you has a lovely idea……Happy Valentine’s Day, from Spain “Feliz San Valentin”, take care … katya<:)

  • I made strawberries like this over the weekend and we ate them all before I could even get a picture! Might have to make them again. So good!

    • I feel your pain. At least you were able to eat one. I was able to grab a quick picture but then they evaporated – inhaled by family and they did not leave me even one!

  • Love strawberries and agree that they make me feel good, especially with cream like you have made. We were planing a picnic dinner by the waterfront with the kids and our young puppy, but it’s been so rainy I’m afraid we will go to the local restaurant and have dinner there – not cooking this year 🙂

    • Martyna, a picnic by the beach sounds so romantic I hope the weather holds out for you. If not it might be your special day to take the day off from cooking. Take care, BAM

  • I love strawberries and blueberries, so this is such a wonderful dessert! Best combination of the berries ever (: Happy Valentine’s Day! May you have a sweet and blessed day ahead (:

    • I hope your day is filled with lots of fun surprises. Happy V-Day to you! BAM

  • Gorgeous! A perfect bite.

    • Indeed the one perfect bite Valentine Strawberry Bliss. One bite my family did not leave me… as they gobbled it all up. But one perfect bites it must have been. LOL

  • What a fun idea.
    🙂 Mandy

  • jo-lyn

    Yummy! And so good for you!! Romantic, too! Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day! =)

  • Woo Hoo, Food that makes me look prettty!! Fantastic!

    • Cecillia you are already beautiful!!! However one can never be too beautiful or too rich so lets eat more strawberries! BAM

  • Perfect ending to dinner.. except you didn’t get any? Lol, isn’t that a compliment!! Happy Valentine’s day!! xo Smidge

    • I guess I could only take it as the utmost highest compliment. Not a crumb or morsel left for mom. Take Care, BAM

  • These are mouthwatering! What a gorgeous way to end any meal!

    • Thanks Geni, I hope you try them soon. But make sure you grab one off the plate for your self BEFORE serving your family. Take Care, BAM

  • Wow.. Okay I would love to make and eat these any day of the week. I can’t wait till strawberries are in season here. Love this

    • That is the key to the success of this dessert is buying fruit in season. Take Care, BAM

  • Just dropped by your blog..I love strawberries and cream! the most perfect combination! no wonder your husband ate them all! =)

    • Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to keeping in touch. take care, Bam

  • “This little dessert is a sweet ending to a romantic dinner.”

    Sweet, and light – nothing kills a romantic mood by being so stuffed full of food to even move or stand up from the table! These look just perfect as a wonderful, flavoursome dessert! Thanks for sharing the recipe Bam! 🙂

    • Thanks Charles. Just one perfect dessert bite. Hope your weekend is grand. Bam

  • I absolutely adore strawberries! And think they must pair so well with cream cheese. A great and easy treat! Plus you are fighting those wrinkles away!

    • Wrinkle freedom by eating desserts now that is some awesome marketing. Have a great weekend. Bam

  • These are awesome! Every bit of them is awesome.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to keeping in touch. BAM

  • Those would be so great for the Fourth of July too in the states.

    • Indeed! Maybe we could bring them out to the table with some sparklers to really celebrate. Take care, BAM

  • A simple, sweet treat that won’t weigh you down- Definitely perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also any sort of day, too.

    • Thanks Hannah. They are so simple and you are right any day would be perfect for an easy one bite dessert.

  • petit4chocolatier

    One word…, “Scrumptious”!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you. I was thinking because of the color scheme these would be a fun fourth of July treat as well. Take care, BAM

  • Jo

    Mmmmm, I am so making these! I am always looking for healthy, delicious desserts!!!! Thanks BAM!!!! xo

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