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Bammer’s Jammers

Bammers Jammers

This whole thing started because I was craving something sweet to eat and I had a bad case of the "Mother Hubbard Syndrome" (empty kitchen pantry).

Bammers Jammers

I looked under the broccoli for my secret stash of chocolate and it was gone. I looked in the refrigerator and it was barren of any fruit. I looked on the pantry shelves and nothing, not even a tiny cookie or a little piece of Halloween candy to be found. My hungry boys have been on midterm eating binge and cleaned out the house!

Bammers Jammers

Then, I opened the freezer and on the bottom most shelf was a bag of frozen cranberries and a half bag of consolidated  strawberries that froze in a hard block.  Hmm… I thought to myself I wonder if I can do something was these bits and bobs…

Bammers Jammers

I tossed my cranberries and strawberries in a small little sauce pan and put in a little water to see if I could bring these fruits back to life. I threw in a little of ginger just for good measure and this is the secret ingredient.

Bammers Jammers

A lovely sweet aroma rose from the pot. I then added a wee bit of ginger to warm up my soul and a bit of honey to satisfy my sweet tooth. The most amazing thing started to happen as my cranberries burst and the strawberries gave up their amazing sweet essence. The mixture started to thicken and intensify in flavour in just a few short minutes. It had the consistency of my dad’s homemade jam without a drop of sugar. It had the warmth of soothing warming ginger tea that my mom would make when I was little and the essence  and fragrance of  an early Thanksgiving dinner in my kitchen.

Bammers Jammers

I decided to call this little happy accident, “Bammer's Jammers” as this is one quick refrigerator jam that goes perfect with the holidays coming quickly around the corner.  I know we will all have extra guests over the holidays and what a perfect way to wakeup on thanksgiving morning with a cranberry strawberry jam on top of your croissants and English muffins to start your day.

Bammers Jammers

This jam is a little bit sweet, a little bit sour and a little bit warming because of the ginger.  Can you imagine how great this would be over your waffles or in thumb print jam cookies or as a filling for a cake?  How about drizzled on top of ice cream or as a side to your crumpets?

Bammers Jammers

For me, this was the perfect afternoon tea. I slathered this aromatic Bammers Jammers on top of my gluten-free cardboard (rice cakes) with a bit of almond butter and I was in second heaven.

Why do you suppose rice cakes get such a bad wrap? I know rice cakes are boring. I know they are plain and yes they indeed have the texture of a cardboard box but for me they are the perfect vehicle to transport my sweet and warming jam from plate to my mouth.

I took all of my photos and was delighted as I wanted to post this recipe a few days ago and then a slight hiccup in my plan. My eldest son had a school project due and had to borrow my camera and by some unhappy accident, poof! My pictures have vanished from my memory card and so had my jam. My Bammer's Jammers did not even last 2 days in my house.

Bammers Jammers

This gave me the fine opportunity to test and retest my jam in Bam's Kitchen and made it a second time with a delightful result. I also tried my Bammers Jammers on top of a toasted gluten-free English Muffin with a tad bit of butter and it was sublime.

If you can make jam this fast and this delicious in less than 15 minutes with only 4 ingredients and none of them sugar, why would you ever buy that nasty stuff off the shelves in the super market again?

I just called my parents to wish them a Happy Anniversary! 67 years of marital bliss! How special is that?! I chatted with my dad about none other than what he was cooking today and he said he was making some blueberry jam. Great minds think alike ! I might just have to give this recipe a go with other fruits and see how it goes.

Wishing all of you a super week.



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Bammer’s Jammers

By HWC Magazine  ,

November 1, 2013

Cranberries and Strawberries and ginger mingle together to create a jam that  is a little bit sweet, a little bit sour and a little bit warming.

  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 1 cup


cranberries - 1 and 1/4 cups frozen or fresh

strawberries - 2 cups frozen (or fresh)

ginger - 1 heaping teaspoon (freshly grated)

honey - 1/3 cup


1Add cranberries, strawberries, freshly grated ginger and honey into a saucepan and cook over medium low heat for about 15-20 minutes or until the cranberries have burst and the strawberries have broken down and it is a nice thick jam.

2Allow to cool. Enjoy over your favorite morning bagels, english muffins toast, pancakes, or even on top of your ice cream or in your thumbprint cookies or how about as a layer in a tower cake.

3Can be stored safely in your refrigerator for one week or in the freezer in a tupperware for a couple of months.

  • kitchenriffs

    That ginger in there sounds like a terrific idea! Really inventive jam – so seasonal, and so delish. Bummer about losing your pictures. I always upload immediately to my computer (and an external backup drive) just because I’ve had that happen once, and don’t want it to again. Fun post! Thanks.

  • Happy Anniversary to your parents! That is very very special, 67 years, wow. May they have many more happy years! This jam is perfect for the season, cranberries and strawberries, nice way to marry summer and fall.
    Pity about your photos but that gave you the excuse to make some more jam!


  • ohlidia

    Bammer’s Jammers is genius! 4 ingredients and ready in 15 minutes, how could it not be? Fabulous idea Bam. And I love that you called your dad and he just happened to making jam!

  • I love your home made cranberries and strawberries jam, home made is always better.

  • Awww happy anniversary to your parents, 67 years is really wow!! The jam looks amazing and I can’t wait to see your other kitchen happenings!

  • That sounds amazing, Bobbi! Great flavor combo!
    (Let’s see if I can make this work again…)

    • YAY! It Posted! 😀

      • Bams Kitchen

        I am so happy to see you here Marie! I have had problems with my hosting company and I think they had the security set incorrectly as a lot of things have now begun to work again. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Take Care, BAM

  • Ginger is my favourite but I never would have thought to combine it with cranberries and strawberries – how perfect! Such a simple, delicious, healthy solution instead of that horrible store bought stuff. Great job, Bam and great photos!

  • Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    You certainly did well for an empty cupboard! It looks mouthwateringly good!

  • Well you certainly went from nothing to something scrumptious!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • Yum!

  • Your special jam sounds great! 🙂

  • Love the title and such an easy jam to make, the addition of ginger kicked it up a notch. Happy Anniversary to your parents.

  • As you know, I just love making jam. This looks delicious, and the pictures even make the gluten free English muffins look amazing! I guess anything is good when there is homemade jam on top 🙂

  • Yum! Nothing like a little bit of hot jam to pep you up! And with the ginger this would be yummy and heartwarming! :3

  • This is amazing!!! I want to dive into this right now!

  • Your bits and bobs sound like they turned into something very yummy. 🙂

  • Jo (

    Beautiful and super easy, always a bonus!

  • Your instincts are intact,Bobbi Ann! Isn’t it gratifying to be able to create as you do? Great job!

  • I will definitely bookmark this recipe as it sounds delicious.

  • You hide the chocolate under the broccoli – good plan. My husband hates broccoli and would never think to look there. Excellent work coming up with this Mother Hubbard jam. Loving the ginger zing.

  • This would be really nice with scones, picklets, pancakes or any breakfast bread.

  • Sounds amazing! I am always in awe of your ability to make something so delicious out of bits you find in the kitchen!

  • Wow – interesting combination and what a beautiful color 🙂 You have a knack for coming up with delicious recipes with leftovers – thanks for sharing!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you very much! I want to come over to visit your website but your gravatar has your old blog spot site and not the link to your wordpress site. Have a super day. BAM

    • Bams Kitchen

      Just to let you know that was really me, even though there is a picture of my IT specialist, Dan. Sorry about that I have to get that sorted. Take Care, BAM

  • Hotly Spiced

    Congratulations to your parents. 67 Years is very impressive and they would be in a very select group of people who have been together for such an incredible amount of time. I do hope they make it to 70 years – what a celebration that would be. And you lost your images? I hate it when that happens. And your Bammers-Jammers looks so good and I love how it has that hint of ginger. Who knew it was so easy to make jam! xx

  • I love your bammers-jammers. Perfect for Thanksgiving. I bet it tastes as good as it looks!

  • Buongiorno, BAM!
    67 years!!!! What a happy event! God bless!
    This jam yours sounds terrific. Mixing the 2 berries with a bit of ginger is brilliant! I know a certain Signora in Michigan that would love this. I’m going to visit her mid-week and I hope I have time to make a batch. Thanks, BAM!

  • I guess you should had your own jam brand Bam…..
    Ginger flavoured jam sounds a great pairing with dumpling too….

  • this is the same recipe I use, but I have never tried it with cranberries as we so seldom get them here 🙂

  • Nothing beats a freshly-made jar of strawberry jam. Awesome!

  • I haven’t made jam in soooo long! You have inspired me … love the no sugar 🙂

  • I just love the name! It rolls right off the tongue. I can nearly taste this right now. I always put ginger in my cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. It’s my secret ingredient too. 😉 It just adds that extra something. This would be fabulous on toast at breakfast through the holiday season – very festive!

  • WOW!! Clever you! You have created something delicious from bare cupboards. I love the idea of using ginger too! YUM!

  • I would love to try some of your jam! 🙂

  • Great minds do think alike.. I’ve got a cranberry jam/chutney to post as well, as does Mar at Musing Mar. We must be craving the same things, only I still have hallowe’en candy. It seems I’m the only one who has no will power and am munching my way through an entire box! I love the strawberries in yours, I haven’t posted mine yet.. but will link up with you if you’d like:D xx ps Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!! Wow!!

  • I’ve made a lot of jams but never one with cranberries. I love the simple combination of ingredients. Bet that ginger adds a zing to the jam!

  • Oh I love these spontaneous ideas of the moment! Usually they end up with a delicious treat like this!

  • BAM, I always have cranberries in the freezer, honey in the cupboard, and ginger root in the freezer. That just leaves some frozen strawberries and I’ll be all set to enjoy this fine offering. Great pictures by the way… you are getting to be quite talented in the photography department. Congrats to your mother and father on their many years together.

  • A touch of gingery heat sounds a clever idea Bobbi! I also like the idea of fridge jam – saves the effort of canning , that and the fact I don’t really eat a lot of jam but do want some occasionally for sweet treats – so I can see how this one would work for me. And many congratulations to your parents, happy days x

  • You should copyright the name! Sounds like someone broke into your house & stole all the good stuff – I’m sure it wasn’t the boys. Excellent combination & I agree that it’s just the right thing to have with afternoon tea…huh, like right now it’s afternoon but alas there really is nothing at all in my cupboards, or my fridge.

  • Jam as good and beautiful as it gets 🙂 A winner recipe for its simplicity and freshness.

  • The ginger is such a spicy and comforting touch here…love this, Bam! The title and vibrant color drew me in and the basket of beautiful ingredients and beautiful recipe kept me in =)

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  • That sounds so delicious and mouth watering!!

  • Love the catchy name for this recipe! I don’t think I had any jam that has both cranberries and strawberries together. The combination sounds delicious! And great use of ginger too. I’m a big ginger fan <3

  • LOVE! What a brilliant inspiration to combine cranberries and strawberries. 🙂

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