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  1. The Gourmet Gourmand says

    Such an interesting ingredient to use. I definitely have never seen these type of beans at the store, but we have a lot of Asian grocers here in San Diego so I’ll have to do some poking around. Glad to see you’re still being prolific even while on vacation. Enjoy your time back home, it is well earned!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Thanks so much Raymund for the fun opportunity to get to know your followers. It was my pleasure. Please rest and take care.

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      You would love Hong Kong. One does not need to eat chicken feet and sea cucumbers on their first day here… we save that for later. Just kidding. Only the good stuff for you. There are lots of interesting fresh veggies and fruits that you can only get in an Asian market or in Asia and it is fun to try them all.

  2. Anna @ shenANNAgans says

    Just commented on Raymunds post. Brill to see you there too. 🙂

    Love the look of these beans, such a fab colour. I wonder if they are something we can find down under?

    Now… can I come live with you? 32 degrees is my happy place, seriously, that is my bodies ideal temperature.

    Happy week ahead my lovely. Stay cool, in every essence of the word. xoxo

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      That is so sweet! Thanks for visiting Raymund too. I think you have just taught me a new Aussie slang word.. BRILL…looking that one up now so I can add to my Aussie slang book. No seriously, I have a book as one of my besties is from Sydney and it was like learning 2 foreign languages at once when I first met her in Japan. I had my new Nihongo vocabulary in the front and the Aussie slang in the back and personally I think learning Japanese is much easier than learning Aussie slang… LOL Come on over to hot and steamy HK for a visit and you can teach me more Aussie slang while viewing the sunset…

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      I am glad that I could introduce you to a new veggie. I think about 5 minutes is all I would last in the kitchen as today, so thankfully it only takes 5 minutes to prepare. It is super hot and humid, I almost melted waiting for the public bus earlier today…

  3. hotlyspiced says

    I’ve never seen those red beans before. They are a stunning colour. Lovely that you’ve had some sunshine but it does sound very hot in HK xx

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      These long beans are really stunning! It is very hot and HUMID in HK. It would not be so bad its just the humidity that is hard to handle especially in the main heat of the day.

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Thank you Nancy, it is one of those fast and easy recipes that can be easily adapted to do with just a regular run of the mill string beans from your garden as well.

  4. Robyn Gleason says

    Oh my goodness, Bobbi, you are too sweet! Thanks so much for including my drink with your post today. I have to tell you that I’m bowled over by that sunset pic – it’s simply beautiful! I would like that as art for my wall!
    And this dish – completely new to me! I’ve never seen these beans before but I’m fascinated. I’m off to visit Raymond’s blog.
    Thanks again – you’re so sweet!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      You are very welcome Robyn! I have taken enough photos to fill up all the walls in your home…with HK sunsets.

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Come on over! Can you pack me a cute little bento box for a snack later? You better make that too my husband adores your work. Take Care Jean…

  5. mjskit says

    That first picture is amazing!! What a site to see early in the morning. Thanks for sharing it with us. Headed over the Raymund’s to check out your long bean recipe. Your pictures have me inspired already.

  6. Eha says

    Tried to leave a message at Raymond’s site not once but twice so have come back!! Lovely simple recipe so full of flavour – have not seen red long beans here but can access green ones and am certain the dish will taste almost as good! Best regards to you both . . . oh, love that view of the South China Sea . . . well, my trips into HK began when you were in grade school methinks and it was both scary and fun to land at Kai Tek in Honkers on our QANTAS daylight flight coming in in the evening cooking time and watching all the locals cooking their dinner in the highrises. The plane was at their kitchen height for ages: honest’injun!!!!

    • Raymund says

      Hi Eha, apologies I cant reply as I was out of the country and basically out of blogging for a month. Anyways I am back here now to answer any questions you may have

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Eha, I have seen some video clips of the flights coming into the Kai Tek Airport and they are scary. Holy cow! You have to be an awesome pilot to get your plane to maneuver that way. Once again, even with the new airport out on Lantau island we have outgrown that and we need more terminals. It is one of the busiest airports in the world but also one of the most efficient. I just can’t seem to get enough photos of our sunsets they really are gorgeous and really different each and every night. Hoping you are on a swift recovery dear and take good care!

      • Eha says

        Well, am ‘returning’ in November . . . . easy now to laugh but the two nearest loss of personal life occasions did happen leaving on overweight planes ex Kai Tek on hot, heavy nights on overloaded planes [Oh, does anyone remember the ‘ BA Comet’?]. . . Oh, retrospectively all the very many times I landed at Kai Tek in the evening hours’ and a ‘bad’ flier I was, I was just damn happy to be on the ground, but it was a ‘Luna Park’ ride!!!!

  7. Monica says

    We’re enjoying a lovely weekend here, too. I don’t think I’ve ever had these long red beans. Gotta check it out. The dish looks delish!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Oh good can show you a new veggie. It is like visiting a new country from the comfort of your own home…

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Thank you Shashi! I am thinking about making your tomato garbanzo patties for meatless Monday! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Long Red Beans were a fun find at the wet market! They are a little more tender than the standard long green beans here in Asia.

  8. Kristy says

    Love Raymund’s site! What a great recipe. On the table in 7 minutes? You can’t beat that. I used to be anti beans, but they have quickly grown on me the last few years. I’ve never had red beans, but the flavors sound great!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      I am delighted that I could introduce you to Raymund! He has so many delicious dishes and loads that your kids will like too.

  9. thecompletebook says

    Always something tasty over at Raymunds. How lovely to share this recipe for him Bam.
    Pete and I are off to Kenya for a week so at least I will get to defrost with their warm weather.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

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