Moroccan Olive Chicken

November 19, 2016

Moroccan Olive Chicken is juicy, tender, pantry friendly and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.
Moroccan Olive Chicken /

Moroccan Olive Chicken /

You are just going to love this Moroccan Olive chicken recipe as it is made with buttery and briny Castelvetrano olives and fresh and bright lemons. In addition, this recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and super easy to throw together.
Moroccan Olive Chicken /

Unlike, traditional Moroccan chicken that calls for preserved lemons and hard to find spices, this Moroccan Olive chicken is made with you in mind and kept simple and easy.

If you are anything like our family, we do not go out and buy special ingredients just to make a dish. We are always reinventing and trying new things and these are how happy culinary accidents happen. Today was an epic culinary happy accident. If you don't have Castelvetrano olives on hand, try kalamata or whatever you have on hand.

Tender juicy chicken sautéed on top of the stove with spices, lemons, olives and served on top of Vegan Chickpea Lemon Rice Drizzling a little of the juices on top and this is one lip smacking easy meal.
Moroccan Olive Chicken /

Exploring your pantry on those end of the week kitchen explorations can bring about some fantastic ideas in the kitchen. You are forced to work with what you have on hand.

Staples in Bam's Kitchen always include garlic, onions, citrus fruits and some basic spices and of course olive oil. You can do some amazing things with just a few ingredients.

Traditionally Moroccan chicken has about a billion spices and expensive saffron but we have narrowed it down to just the ones that we really enjoy; turmeric, cumin and paprika.
Moroccan Olive Chicken /

I know Thanksgiving is coming up, but what are you going to make the other 364 busy days of the year??! You need some fast and easy less than 30 meals like Moroccan Olive Chicken in your recipe rotation as life is just plain busy and I know you want to feed your family healthy meals.





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Moroccan Olive Chicken

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November 19, 2016

Moroccan Olive Chicken is juicy, tender, pantry friendly and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.

  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4 Adults


olive oil - 2 tablespoons

onion - 1 small chopped

garlic - 2 cloves minced

chicken breasts - 4 ( We sliced them lengthwise as they were thick and wanted them to cook fast)

turmeric - 1 heaping teaspoon

cumin - 1 heaping teaspoon

paprika - 1 heaping teaspoon

salt and pepper - to taste

Gluten-Free Chicken Broth - 3/4 cup

olives - 1 cup Castelvetrano olives (or whatever kind you prefer)

lemon - 1 lemon chopped into wedges

butter/margarine - optional - 2 teaspoons dairy free (only real butter if you do not have dairy intolerance)

flat parsley - optional - 2 tablespoon chopped

vegan chickpea lemon rice -


1In a large frying pan or dutch oven on medium heat, add olive oil, chopped onion and saute until translucent, then add the chopped garlic and stir.

2In the meantime, season both sides of the (cut in half lengthwise to help chicken breasts cook quicker) chicken with turmeric, cumin, paprika and salt and pepper. Place the seasoned chicken in the pan and lightly brown the chicken for about 1-2 minutes on each side. Add the chicken broth to the pan, olives and lemons and put on a lid and simmer for about 15 minutes with a lid until the juices run clear or internal temperature reads 165 degrees F. Add a dab of butter or dairy-free margarine to finish off the dish. Remove pan from heat and allow to set for 5 minutes.

3Serve your Moroccan Olive Chicken over your Vegan Chickpea Rice. Spoon over the delicious juices, olives and lemons, garnish with parsley and enjoy.


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