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  1. Karen says

    Hi Maggie, I grew up in Texas until I married and I think you will find the people there very welcoming. My father loved fried okra but if he could have tried your stir fry, I’m sure he would have loved it. I can’t wait to give your recipe a try. Enjoy your new adventure in life. 🙂

  2. cheri says

    Congratulation Maggie, on your new life adventures. I love cooked okra, thanks for the great tip how to make it not slimy. Take care!

  3. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine says

    Congratulations Maggie! I know how long you’ve waited to live in the same country with your husband again 🙂

    I needed okra inspiration– I always look at it and think, nah, don’t want to learn to cook it today! This looks great.

  4. hotlyspiced says

    I think moving from Beijing to Austin, Texas would be quite a culture shock! I don’t think I’ve eaten okra Chinese style before as I normally have it with Indian cuisine. It’s lovely to see it vibrantly green and fresh looking rather than muted by a curry. Okra isn’t easy to buy here – I’ll have to check when it is in season then pounce on it xx

  5. Anna @ shenANNAgans says

    I tried okra for the first time recently. And sadly…. it just isnt a taste or texture I could get into. The little kid in me who used to shove food I didnt enjoy down the back of my dads fancy lounge chair wanted to show her face. LOL! Great pictures tho. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Cheers from this uneducated green veggie eating foodie. x

  6. Monica says

    My mom occasionally cooks okra. I love it but come to think of it, I haven’t ever cooked it at home. Love this easy stir-fry and I will keep a lookout for some okra! Thank you.

  7. Abbe @ This is How I Cook says

    What a nice send off! The okra sound great and I’ve always wanted to try more ways to use them besides gumbo!

  8. Sandra - The Foodie Affair says

    I’ve only eaten okra Southern-style which is fried! Since I don’t often eat fried foods this stir-fry is a great way to eat more orka! Love the fresh simple ingredients in this recipe. What an exciting time for you, Maggie! I’m off to take a closer look at your site!

  9. Liz Weber Berg says

    Good luck with your move, Maggie! I’m glad you explained that okra wasn’t a typical Chinese veggie—I was wondering about that! And this simple recipe sounds wonderful.

  10. HapaNomNom says

    I love Maggie! She’s such a doll! One of the things I love about her dishes, is that she uses ingredients that I never knew were common in Chinese cooking. I had no idea okra was used at all in Chinese cuisine, I thought it was totally unique to southern US. I love all of the flavors in this dish, and it’s so beautiful!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Maggi is so much fun and she also holds on to the Chinese customs that are true to her and that is what I love most. Yes, okra is also commonly used in Chinese cooking too. I like Maggie’s version as she keeps it very dry with just a few ingredients. You can see by her photos how the okra are still a little crisp but have gathered all the lovely numbing spices.

  11. shashi at runninsrilankan says

    I always have trouble cooking okra – so I am totally loving this dish – raosting the okra in that peppercorn and chili pepper infused oil makes for one flavorful dish indeed! Good Luck Maggie – wishing you all the very best as you begin a new chapter in Austin! And thanks Bobbi for introducing Maggi to us!

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Maggie is on a plane and maybe in Austin by now, but she most likely going to be a tad jet lagged so responding to some of her comments…I used to have trouble with okra and its the whole texture that makes most people not try it. However I found the high heat of the wok like Maggie discusses and also grilling you do not have that issue with the whole texture thing. Instead it becomes a little crunchy and I love that with those numbing spices.

    • Healthy World Cuisine says

      Thanks Mira for Maggie’s lovely send off and pinning her dish. I know she appreciates that very much.

  12. Eha says

    Feel somewhat silly at the moment – I have made pasta aglio e olio all my life and have never carried the easy methodology into other cuisines. Okra is not always available in rural Australia, but when I see it next will certainly use this oh so easy and flavourful recipe!. And naturally one can carry the flavour combination and method over to other vegetables. Maggie – all the best to you and your husband-to-be . . . may happiness follow you in your marriage and your new abode . . .

  13. kitchenriffs says

    What a great recipe! I like okra, although it’s one of those food that I know a lot of people don’t care that much for. Love what you’ve done with it — easy dish with tons of flavor. My favorite kind of dish. Good stuff — and good to meet you, Maggie.

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