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Watch it Wiggle, See it Jiggle…

Watch it wiggle jello jigglers

Watch it wiggle...

See it jiggle...

Watch it wiggle jello jigglers

Cool and smoothy, its jello brand gelatin. Of all the desserts you like the one that tastes so light and creates so much fun... (Or something like that, did I get the lyrics right?) It's J E L L O!

Do you guys remember this commercial?

As soon as I opened the package of cherry jello mix, I was teleported back into time. I felt like I was 6 years old again. Do you know how certain smells bring back some fond memories? I felt like I was back in my mom's kitchen, sitting on top of the counter because I was too short to reach, patiently stirring the jello in the white plastic tupperware until all the crystals melted.

Watch it wiggle jello jigglers

Jello fruity gelatin is one of those desserts that never goes out of style. As a matter of fact, it just gets better.  Jello is just one of those fun desserts that makes everyone smile. Kids and adults as well, love to watch this dessert  jiggle and wiggle on their plate.  Now, with only 10 calorie per serving sugar-free jello everyone can feel happy about eating a heart happy dessert.

Heart Happy Jello Jigglers

Serves 6 adults or 2 hungry teenagers

(adapted the recipe from the back of the package of sugar-free jello gelatin)

Watch it wiggle jello jigglers

  • 2 packages of sugar-free jello gelatin (I used cherry but there are over 20 some flavors out there to choose from)
  • 2 cups boiling water (Do not add the additional cold water as described on the back of the package. This recipe will make a fun finger food dessert.)
  • cooking spray- spray oil
  • Heart shaped silicone molds or 9  x 11 pan

Step 1: Boil water

Step 2: Open 2 packages of jello brand gelatin and empty into medium bowl.

Step 3: Add the boiling water to the jello crystals and mix well under all the crystals have melted.

Step 4: Spray heart molds or 9 x 11 inch pan with cooking spray. Then gently pour the liquid jello gelatine into the molds.

Watch it wiggle jello jigglers

Step 5: Refrigerate the molds for at least 3 hours or until firmly set.

Step 6: Remove heart happy jello molds from fridge and place in a shallow dish of warm water to help them unstick- about 2 minutes.

Step 7: Carefully push on the underside of the silicone mold and push out the heart-shaped cherry flavored jello jiggles. (If you used a 9 x 11 inch pan then you can now use cookie cutters or hand cut into shapes and blocks, use a spatula warmed in water to remove from bottom of pan) Be very gentle so they do not tear.

Step 8: Play with your food. Make it wiggle, jiggle and dance then pop it in your mouth. Jello jigglers are firm and made with less water than traditional jello, so you can eat it with your fingers.  Enjoy the cool, refreshing and sweet taste of this childhood nostalgic favorite.



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Watch it Wiggle, See it Jiggle…

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February 5, 2012

  • Cook: 4 hrs
  • Yields: 6 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


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  • Those are pretty cute. We actually cooked with gelatin the other day, first time in years!

    • Thanks Rufus. Retro is written all over this dish. A fun blast from the past!

  • Liz

    These are SO cute! And the smell of cherry jello takes me back to my childhood, too 🙂

    • Thanks Liz. I was looking up the origin of jello and it started in the early 1900’s (maybe even earlier) and has been around ever since. That is many years full of childhood memories. Take care, BAM

  • Too cute and wiggly 🙂
    I love jelly!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I am not there yet with video on Bam’s Kitchen yet, but this post would be perfect to show my hearts dancing.

  • So sweet, Bobbi. I remember as a kid loving to choose that wiggly jello at buffet restaurants on Sundays or at Wednesday church potlucks. Thanks for the memories and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • What cute molds!! Perfect for the teens and kids. And as for the adults, a bit of alcohol makes for a nice jello shot!!!

    • You know I was so going to mention this…These make for some yummy jello shots for the “Big Kids- us Adults” (1 cup boiling water, 1 cup water vodka or your favorite spirits, 1 package of flavored gelatin). Cheers!

  • Aw, these are so cute – In England we call this type of dessert “jelly”, as we don’t have the “Jell-O” brand (or whatever it’s called). I haven’t had it in absolutely years! I used to love it… making a big bowl of it and then putting a spoon in and hearing the squelch as you take some out 😀 So tasty 😀

    These look great… I love that you can just pick them up with your hands too… so cool!

    • Charles, I love the funny squishy sound “jelly” makes when you take it out of the serving bowl. Everything about jelly makes me smile. (Will add the term Jelly to my post) Take Care, BAM

  • Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge

    How fun and so sweet 🙂

  • That’s the cutest jello I have ever seen! Great idea for Valentine’s Day! And I do remember those commercials!

    • I cant get that Jello song out of my head….Thanks Jill.

  • Thebigfatnoodle

    Jello!!!! My husband and I love these. My favourite flavour however is strawberry, black currant and clementine 🙂

    • I know there are many many different flavors of the rainbow for Jello. Clementine is my favorite too. A little HK humor for you. I traveled on the ferry to Macau and they served lime jello with corn inside. EWWWW??? Really??? Why???

  • Awww.. this looks so darn cute and perfect for Valentine’s day. I absolute love the cute molds you put them in too 🙂

    • Thanks Kay. I just love my new valentines molds. It was first time to purchase these silicone baking molds. Having a lot of fun with them.

  • Yes, I remember those commercials well and sang along! Thanks for making me smile! Love the word jiggle…except when referring to my thighs. 😉

    • Geni, you are making me laugh. Well the good news this jello dessert has only 10 calories per serving our thighs wont jiggle as much. Take Care, BAM

  • Very cute shape!

  • Oh yeah, I love it when foods take me back in time! Fun, fun recipe – and great pictures. Thanks!

    • I am feeling so very retro today. Its great to feel like I am 5 again…. even if it is just for a minute in time.

  • Hehe I miss jello, all squishy and jiggly and fun… very festive with the heart molds, too!

    • Hello Stephanie. I think everything about jello is fun. all of the senses have a chance to get involved. Yes it does make that funny sound when you spoon into it makes everyone laugh.

  • Sharon | Chinese Soup Pot

    I haven’t had jello for so long!! Seeing these pictures teleported me back to when I was a kid too! My favorite flavors are the lime and the cherry. Love these heart shaped ones – perfect for valentines day!

    • I think we all deserve to be a kid again even for just a few minutes. Happy Valentines day to you Sharon! BAM

  • Love the cute silicone molds and of course, cherry is my favorite!

    • Thanks cdnbaking fairy. You have to love Times Square for all of your baking needs in HK. Well except for brown sugar that is….BAM

  • I love how smells or taste can transport you back in time.
    These look really cute and they are fun to eat.I think my kids will love them in heart shape. I usually just make them in cups

    • It has been some time since I have made these myself and on the back of the jello package it only talks about pouring into a 9 x 11 pan and then cutting into shapes later. However, it really worked well just make sure you spray your molds well with spray oil.

  • Lisa

    Oh, your jello hearts are gorgeous and bring me back to childhood in such a good way! I love them! That said, I also loved your ‘cold lemonade’ comment, so funny and so true!!

  • jo-lyn

    I love jello!! nom nom nom!! =) I think my favorite flavor is…. Oh never mind, I can’t choose just one! lol Now I wanna make these…. *digs out the jello molds* Crap! I don’t have hearts, now I gotta go shopping… =)

    • Have fun getting all those Valentines accessories! Take Care, BAM

  • Wow, 20 flavours??? We probably have 8 at most, counting the blue which is just odd.

  • petit4chocolatier

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Yours looks like it was incredible 🙂
    Love the jiggle wiggle of the adorable treats! These are perfect for anytime!! Love them 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Happy Valentines day to you. These little treats brings the kids back in all of us. Do you remember the song? Take Care, BAM

      • petit4chocolatier

        Yes 🙂

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