3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce

May 19, 2015

3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce is made with decadent and velvety smooth cheesy delicious spinach ravioli, stuffed with not one, but three different kinds of cheese inside tender home-made pasta and drizzled with a sage butter sauce. Pure indulgence! Family Fun! Time Saving Tips! 

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You are just going to love this recipe for this 3 cheese spinach ravioli and sage butter sauce as it is OMG (oh my goodness) out of this world. Allow yourself one day of pure indulgence with light pillows filled with cheesy goodness.

3 Cheese Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com

However, the best reason of all to give this recipe a try is that your family will be attracted to the kitchen like a magnet. There is something about gadgets and men. When I set the Marcato Atlas Wellness Pasta Maker out on the kitchen counter, the boys and husband become immediate experts in the pasta making process. (You might notice in the following photo that I have a delicious slow cooked veal ravioli stuffing too and that will be coming up as a new post soon.)

3 Cheese Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com

They all want to get their hands dirty in the process. They helped with everything from assembling the dough in the food processor to holding the dough through the pasta maker feeder to cranking the handle. Maybe it takes them back to preschool times playing with Play Dough... who cares about the why.  I love the extra help, bonding time and having fun in the kitchen.

3 Cheese Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com

If your pasta maker is in the cupboard collecting dust, it is time to crack it out and put it to good use. If you do not have a pasta maker or food processor you can make everything by hand and you can refer back to my Florence's Homemade Pasta Ravioli in Sage Butter Sauce for making it the old fashion way like grandma used to.

3 Cheese Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com

Spring has arrived here in Hong Kong.  Yesterday, the heavens have opened up and we can have days and days of rain and humidity. This is the perfect time to have a little fun inside with your family and younger children will have a blast with this as well as to them it is like playing with your food. Just between you and me, I think the adults like playing with  their food more than even the kids.

As you have noticed there is the word "spinach" in the title. Normally, kids won't touch spinach with a 10 foot pole. However, when they have helped make these beautiful three cheese spinach ravioli for some reason spinach seems to rock their world. They are so proud that they have made this dish they just inhale and ask for seconds.

3 Cheese Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com

You can serve these delightful three Cheese Spinach Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce dish as a primo (first dish/appetizer) or as a secondo (main dish) in your meal, this is up to you.

I found some huge time savers that really makes making homemade pasta a breeze. I use the food processor to make the pasta dough. I add first 100 grams of 00 flour to the food processor and let it whiz around for a few seconds then I add 1 large egg, and a drizzle of olive oil and let the food processor do its job and in less than 5 minutes I have pasta dough.

How to Make Pasta Dough the Easy Way / http://bamskitchen.com

While I am letting the pasta dough rest, I make the delicious 3 cheese spinach filling. I used fresh spinach and cooked it for just a minute to wilt and then squeezed all the juice out and added an egg, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and shredded mozzarella and seasoned and used the food processor to mix in a flash.

3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli filling in a Flash/ http://bamskitchen.com

If you want to buy your ravioli's pre made in the freezer section of your grocery store and just try only the 3 minute fast, quick and easy sage butter sauce of this recipe that is A-okay. If you want to save additional time and just use wonton wrappers instead of making homemade pasta, that is also A-okay. Life is just plain busy and you need to do what you can do to simplify your life. I won't tell a soul.

I know what your thinking...BAM you can't eat this gluten laden, cheese and egg filled wonder. Well I tasted one magnificent bite and was delighted to serve this to my family. I have some new exciting ideas that will be coming your way for all of my gluten-free and vegan friends, that I know you will love.

The only part that would have made this ravioli pasta making process even easier if I only had the ravioli attachment for the Marcato Wellness Pasta Maker. If you are doing this process without a ravioli attachment that is where 2 sets of hands was of great help.

How to Make Homemade Ravioli / http://bamskitchen.com

I want to let you know that this recipe made loads of ravioli (about 24 or so).  If you know that you cannot eat all if them,  freeze your ravioli before you boil them. Place your uncooked ravioli in a single row not overlapping in a sealable plastic ziploc bag or something similar. These frozen ravioli are great time savers for those really busy weeknights; just boil, make a fast sage butter sauce and a salad and dinner is on the table in less 15 minutes.

Go ahead and dust off that pasta maker or start pumping up your muscles and lets make some homemade 3 cheese spinach ravioli.

3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce / http://bamskitchen.com





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3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli and Sage Butter Sauce

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May 19, 2015

Decadent and velvety smooth cheesy delicious spinach ravioli, stuffed with three different kinds of cheese inside tender home made pasta and drizzled with a sage butter sauce. Recipe adapted from Mario Batali  and Tyler Florence

  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: 4 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


Pasta Dough

00 flour - 100 grams per person (Total 400 grams. I made this much so I could freeze some for later) and extra flour on the side for rolling.

egg - 1 whole per 100 grams of flour (total 4 eggs)

olive oil - 1 teaspoon per 100 grams of flour (total of 4 teaspoons)

egg wash - 1 egg and water

water - use large pot and add enough to boil noodles (add salt)

3 Cheese Spinach Filling

olive oil - 1 tablespoon

onion - 1/4 cup chopped

garlic - 1 clove

spinach - 2 cup fresh or can use frozen 1/2 cup

ricotta cheese - 15 ounces

parmesan cheese - 1/2 cup

mozzarella cheese - 1 cup shredded or can use fresh and chop up

egg - 1 whole

salt and pepper - to taste

Sage Butter Sauce

butter - 4 tablespoons (or so)

garlic - 1-2 cloves sliced thinly or minced (whatever you prefer)

sage - 8 fresh leaves or 1 teaspoon dried

salt and pepper - to taste

parmesan cheese - 1/8 cup to garnish - optional


1Make the pasta dough. In a food processor combine 00 Flour, egg and olive oil and mix just until the dough starts to pull together. (I have found the little bit of olive oil makes really tender pasta) Remove the dough from the food processor and place your dough on a floured surface. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes or until you can put your finger in the dough and it springs back. Roll your dough into a circle and wrap with plastic wrap and set aside in refrigerator for about 30 minutes. (I have a very small food processor so I can only fit in 100 grams of flour at a time. My pasta measurements are for 1 very hungry persons amount of pasta. For every 100 grams of 00 flour you add 1 whole egg and 1 teaspoon of olive oil) Alternatively you could do this whole process by hand. 

2Make a egg wash with 1 beaten egg 1 tablespoon of water and set aside for ravioli assembly process.

3Make the 3 Cheese Spinach Filling.  In a frying pan add olive oil, onions and garlic and sauté until aromatic. Add spinach and stir fry until just wilting. Cool spinach mixture and squeeze out all water. In a food processor add ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, egg, garlic, spinach, and salt and pepper and mix until well blended. Set aside. Alternatively you can mix by hand. 

4Roll out your pasta dough: Remove your pasta dough from the plastic wrap. Cut your 100 grams pasta dough in half and flatten out a little bit with your hands.

5If using a pasta maker, place the pasta maker on zero dial and run through and then fold the dough in half and run through once again on zero one more time. (Set aside some extra 00 flour nearby so you can flour your pasta dough periodically before running through the pasta maker so it does not stick- very important ) Then change your dial to #1 and run through the pasta machine. Fold pasta in half and run one more time through dial setting #1. (What that does is really gets that gluten activated and makes for a smooth and tender pasta. ) Now set the pasta machine on #2 and run through the machine. Next set it on #3 and run through the machine and keep on going up until #5, then cut that long pasta sheet in half so it is easier to work with. Run 1/2 of the pasta strip through the pasta machine on #6 and then again one last time on #7. (7 seems to be the perfect number for thin and tasty ravioli) (If you can recruit some help in the kitchen this is great to have help to crank while the other person runs it through the pasta machine but is not required, its just more fun that way)

6If using your strong muscles, hands and a rolling pin, you are going to have to put some time and muscles into getting your pasta paper thin and into the shape of a rectangle. If your blow under your pasta sheet and it ruffles, you have the correct thickness.

7Stuff the ravioli:  Flour your working surface with 00 flour. Take one of your pasta sheets that you rolled through the pasta maker until the level #7 and trim up the edges so that it is a rectangle. Place about 1 teaspoon of the 3 cheese spinach every 2 inches apart on the the ravioli sheet on one side of the pasta sheet. Brush your egg wash around each section of filling as this is the glue to help it stick. Next fold over the sheet of pasta in half lengthwise. Gently press starting on one side nearest to the ravioli filling outward get out all of the air and press outwards to seal around edges. Continue you on with the rest making sure to get out all of the air so they do not burst in the cooking process. Next cut ravioli into segments- I used a round cookie cutter to perform this task.  I do not have a ravioli press or maker or attachment for my pasta maker. Sigh  :(   (You will want to flour your dish before you set your raviolis on it to prevent sticking) 

8Bring a large pot of water to boil and salt your water. Boil your 3 cheese spinach ravioli just a few at a time for about 3-4 minutes or until aldente. Strain with slotted spoon/strainer and place into your serving bowl.

9Make Sage Butter Sauce: Add butter garlic, sage, salt and pepper to a small sauce pan and cook until butter turns from cloudy to clarifies and your kitchen smells amazing and turn your burner off- about 2 minutes. (Of course fresh sage is the way to go but low and behold I live in Hong Kong and obtaining fresh sage requires a special visit to one of the boutique stores far away. You know what, dried sage was just as gorgeous and I did not even have to venture out in the rain or humidity.) 

10Add your cooked 3 cheese spinach ravioli to your dish drizzle with a little sage butter sauce and top with grated parmesan cheese. Enjoy!


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