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Viaamse Frites and Zesty Mayo

Viaamse Frites and mayo

A couple hundred years ago, some brilliant person decided to slice up a few potatoes and fry them in hot oil. Absolutely ingenious and delicious! Served with a topping of homemade mayonnaise, it is like heaven on earth.  In the Netherlands and Belgium, they call these fried things of beauty “Vlaamse frites” and they are on every street corner in Amsterdam.  Vlaamse frites literally means “Flemish fries,” as the name originated in northern Belgium region of Flanders.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

When you are jet lagged, cold, wet from the rain and tired, a combination of the salt and grease from this delicious Vlaamse frites comfort food is sure to cure-all of your woes.

Viaamse fritz

15 minutes later after walking by some beautiful gingerbread houses (that look identical to the little bottles they hand out during your KLM flight into Amsterdam) "coffee shops", swans in the canal and several other odd shops in the red light district.  We came upon a Frites (French Fries) shop that was sure to cure my craving.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

I stood in front of the little take away restaurant and pondered looking at over 18 unique condiments. I was ready  to put my order and then I was stopped abruptly by Mr. Anonymous, who reassured me, that I must try the traditional Viaamse Frites and Mayo.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

I watched in amazement as this one man show, "doubled" fried my frites then took them off the fryer to drain and season. He then placed a whopping serving of Viaamse Frites in the paper dome, drizzled the top with mayo and served it to me piping hot with a little miniature fork.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

Please do heed the warning, careful as they are hot. I almost lost complete sensation of my tongue and all surrounding sense organs on my rush to try this yummy treat. Viaamse Frites have a gorgeously crunch on the outside and are nice and delicate on the inside with a great seasoning. However, it was the mayo that was the star. I had never tasted mayonnaise this good ever. It was not from a bottle, it was homemade and it was zesty and fresh. It was just amazing.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

The next day for lunch I ordered Viaamse Frites and mayo again at a different restaurant. No homemade mayo and a real disappointment. Its their special mayonnaise that it the secret.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

I was on a mission to find out how to make mayonnaise taste like "Amsterdam" mayonnaise. So off to Bam's Test kitchen we go...

Viaamse Frites and mayo

I started with the usual ingredients in Mayo such as pasteurized eggs, oil, mustard, salt and lemon juice. It was okay but lacked that sparkle so I added more lemon juice, a little better, but still missing something. I tried some wine vinegar and I was closer but it still needed something to make it zesty...cayenne pepper?  Now here is the recipe all with just a dash of this and a dash of that but it was pretty close to the Mayo recipe in Amsterdam.

Viaamse Frites and mayo

A few months back I posted by recipe for some great some great frites so please take a look at Now keep reading along to find out to make some authentic Amsterdam homemade mayo to accompany your Viaamse Frites...

Amsterdam Mayonnaise Recipe

  • 1 whole pasteurized egg
  • 1 pasteurized egg yolk
  • 1-2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice to taste
  • 1-2 teaspoon white wine vinegar to taste
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Pinch of cayenne (optional)
  • 1 cup olive oil

Step 1: With a whisk and very strong muscles or a blender, combine egg, egg yolk, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, salt and cayenne. Process until well blended.

Step 2: Now slowly pour in olive oil in steady stream until mixture thickens while whisking or blending.

Step 3: Serve homemade Amsterdam Mayonnaise with Viaamse Frites and enjoy!



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Viaamse Frites and Zesty Mayo

By HWC Magazine  ,

October 21, 2012

  • Cook: 15 mins


potato -

mayonaise -

eggs -

lemon juice -

cayanne pepper -

dijon mustard -

vinegar -


  • Very nice..

  • I agree! The invention of fries was genius! We too love fries, although her we, or rather I should say I, dunk them in ketchup. My youngest gal prefers tartar sauce and my husband is the mayo dunker. Love your post and gorgeous photos!

    • That is the beauty of Amsterdam as they have a dipping sauce that is perfect for everyone. The frites shop I visited had something like 18 different types of dip for your fries. Seriously until my visit to Amsterdam, I was a ketchup girl all the way. However, after my first bite of their special Amsterdam homemade mayo I think I have changed my mind. Take care, BAM

  • Although we. Darn iPad auto correct!

  • There is something so ridiculously delicious about fries when I saw your pics, I actually went downstairs and baked some 😉
    Fantastic pics!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • There is nothing better than a little grease and salt to cure any cravings. Great comfort food. Take care, BAM

  • I love this.. the vibrant colors in Amsterdam were so invigorating to see (gray and cold here in Calgary). Celia made some mayo as well.. this is really calling out to me!!

    • I must say it rained almost non-stop when we were in Amsterdam as well. It was cold, wet and rainy. I think that is why the frites really hit the spot as they were warm and comforting. Take care, BAM

  • Joyce Barnes

    Oh! stop the torture! We are on a low fat low salt diet here! I can make baked wedges and sub no fat yogurt for the mayo, but it is so not the same thing!

  • I need to travel there to try these fries! Next best thing, of course, is to try your recipe. Good fries I can make, and I know what they should taste like. The mayo there I haven’t tasted, so I’ll absolutely trust you on these – the mayo looks first rate. Good stuff – thanks.

    • I know it sounds strange but I have never tasted Mayo so good as it was in Amsterdam. Take care, BAM

  • I remember seeing a tv spot about these Belgian type of fries. They look tasty!

    • If you ever visit Amsterdam, it is a must try. However, until then give my frites and mayo recipe a try as it is pretty close in taste. Take care, BAM

      • Its all about the fat! These frites are baked in ox kidney fat. First at 140°, second at 190°.

        • No doubt! That is why they are soooo great! Not only fried twice but then you put dollops of mayo on top. I shutter to think about the calories but you do only live once! Take Care, BAM

  • The fries are mouth-watering of course, but it’s your photos of the scene that make me really hungry- For travel! You captured the details so well, I almost feel like I’m there with you.

    • I am glad that I could bring a little of Amsterdam to you. I was only in Amsterdam less than 24 hours on a layover but just long enough to get a nice flavor of both the culture and the food. Amsterdam has amazing architecture, lovely canal walks, beautiful swans, great museums amusing red light district and have I mentioned the best fries in the world! Take care, BAM

  • I agree Bobbi, french fries are definitely one of the best food inventions on Earth! They’re so addictive! Beautiful photos of Amsterdam you’ve got there! Reminds me of my trip in Amsterdam 🙂 I didn’t get to eat the yummy fries in Amsterdam that time, but thanks to you, I think I can re-create them in my own kitchen, thanks Bobbi! 🙂

    • Xie Xie Ni Jasline. I can’t think of a country that does not serve frites in one form or another but Belgium and the Netherlands have the lead in this very special dish. Even though the doubled fried frites are the best, I prefer to have the baked ones just to save a few calories. This is not the most low carb meal on Bam’s Kitchen, by any means, but it is really yummy.
      So what country is next on your travel bucket list?
      Take Care, BAM

  • What a fun post! I love the house with the red shutters. It’s not even noon and I want fries.

    • Thank you. The Amsterdam architecture is beautiful. They look like little gingerbread houses all lined up in a row. However did you know that because everything is essentially built on a swamp that are their buildings are built on stilts for support first. As you can imagine. architectural changes occur over time due to land changes and many of their houses are not exactly straight but full of character. Have a super day. BAM

  • Absolute heaven. Scorching hot with salt and vinegar. Strange how the best condiments for chips is an argument that could go on forever.

    • Hello David, thanks for stopping by. Salt and vinegar is also very sublime. I enjoy this as well with a side of fish. However, it is the “double fried frites” that are the star of the show. I think everyone craves a little comfort food this time of the year and we only live once. Take Care, BAM

  • Mich Piece of Cake

    Wow those fries look amazing… i’ll remember to eat them if I do visit Amsterdam.

    • Thank you. A must try if you ever have a layover/visit in Amsterdam. They are conveniently located almost on every street corner.

  • I’ve been to Amsterdam a number of times, BAM, and always enjoyed it. The people are so friendly and the city is beautiful, no matter when you visit. I’ve brought back a number of bulbs each time I’ve visited and never had a problem going through customs, so long as the bulbs were soil-free and certified. I’ve left some beautiful tulips at a number of the places I’ve lived across Chicago. 🙂
    You’ve got me wanting fries and mayo now and I was perfectly happy without them. I need to get to work and make some of your mayo. And double-frying the potatoes is the key to crispy fries!

    • Bonjourno John! Hong Kong/China actually has loose custom standards compared to any other country as people always have to bring in their Chinese medicine and sorts to and from, so a few bulbs here and there is no problemo.
      I am sorry I have everyone craving the salts and fats of the perfect Belgium fries but when the weather cools down, our body, well at least mine, craves the comfort foods.
      So how is your whole IT connectivity going? Any resolutions or are you at a Starbucks getting caught up? Take care, BAM

  • If I miss something after living for 5 years in Belgium are the incredible fries! Favorite sauce: Andaluse!!! 🙂

    • Hello Villy, I am glad that I could bring back some memories for you. These frites are just gorgeous! I have little self discipline to eat frites only on special occasions. I see why bike riding is such a favorite pass time there…have to do something to burn off those extra calories. Take care, BAM

  • Living in Belgium now and happily living close to à “fritkot”, thats how we call this sort of van where they make fries and all the favorite:SamouraÏ (made with mayonnaise and harissa).lovely to see such à praise for fries on your blog! If you gt back to Belgium one day,try thé waffles and speculoos!

    • Charlotte, that is a very dangerous thing living so close to a “fritkot”. I am sure I would have to visit it every day and for certain will have to try the SamouraÏ, next time I visit. We simply ran out of time during our short visit but if I wanted to visit a traditional pancake house, where do you suggest? Take care, BAM

      • Hey Bam, I haven’t been to Amsterdam in a while, but I would say Pannekoekenhuis is a good spot for traditional pancakes, pannekoeken in dutch, which litterally means”cookies in the pan”. ( And if you go to Brussels one day, THE spot for their traditional waffles and speculoos is the Dandoy tea room ( Hope you’ll have the occasion to discover both soon enough. Cheers,

  • Wow! You’re in Amsterdam? I’m so jealous! I”ve never had the chance to travel to that part of Europe and THOSE Frites look so delicious I could eat a whole bag myself right now totally what I call YUMMILICIOUS hehe ~

    • Completely Yummilicious! If your travels ever take you that direction, Amsterdam is a great layover city. As the city is easy to navigate around by walking and public bus and surrounded by loops of canals, it is really fun to visit. It also has the BEST Frites ever. Thanks for stopping by. Take care, BAM

      • I’m definitely going to try and plan a trip to Amsterdam in the near future 🙂 I have heard so many good things about this country and now that you’ve introduced me to FRITES, I don’t think I could stay away from long hehe ~

  • Now this is a kind of mayo I’d like to dip my fries in. Now I I could just get some of these Amsterdam fries. Looks like I need to put Amsterdam a little higher up on my wish list now. 😉 Those look so crispy and golden. I love a good fry – Viaamse or French! Love the pics from your trip too.

    • Frites or Fries are like one of our kids main food groups…right? Taste testing them in Amsterdam is a must see thing to do while you are there. Amsterdam is really a fun little city that you can get the feel for in about 24 hours. A great layover spot when visiting other destinations. Take care, BAM

  • Nothing like delicious salt and grease to cure a jetlag! You’re right to say that the homemade mayo makes all the difference. The next time I make mayo, I’ll add a dash of cayenne in as well. I would keep a look out for Vlaamse frites if i head to Amsterdam. love all the photos that you shared.

    • I know the clinician in me says that I need sunlight, exercise and to eat healthy to cure my jet lag but you only get to travel once, you can eat healthy any old day. The little dash of cayenne pepper does really make the difference. It is quite nice. I hope you like it. Take care, BAM

      • yeah..totally..I always believe you should eat whatever you want when you are travelling. Worry about the health part when you get home. I’ll most certainly try it with the cayenne pepper. it does sound good!

  • that was a happy memory for me while there as well. oh yum…now I’m thinking of a cone of frites and mayo, yes please.

    • A pure comfort food. Who would have ever thought I would actually like mayo on my frites. I guess that is where the old saying don’t knock it until you try it comes into play. Glad I could bring back some memories. Take care, BAM

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    I heard about french fries with mayo and my Belgian who came to the US still eats like that. My friend is visiting Amsterdam and it’s been really one of city I want to visit! Thanks for sharing your pictures so I could visit there virtually for now… 🙂

    • I am glad I could bring a little bit of Amsterdam’s culture your way. I know that mayonnaise is also very big in Japan. I remember actually being quite shocked to see it in use. Do you know how mayonnaise ended up in Japan and what started the mayo craze? It would be interesting to know. Take care, BAM

  • Always loved my fries with mayo sometimes a ketchup and mayo mixture is good as well

    • I am all about trying new things. Ketchup-mayo swirl sounds yummy. People may start calling it Ray’s ketchmayo. You might even start a new trend. Have a great day. BAM

  • Mmmmm….fries. Not even 9 am here, and I want some!
    Lots of people in New England douse theirs in malt vinegar. I can’t do that….

    • I know. I know… Grease and salt is good any time of the day… I think the diverse types of topping for fries is what makes this such a fun food for everyone. However the fries are the star of the show.

  • How did you shoot that photo of the building with the red shutters? Were you lying on the road shooting up? Amazing photo. You sure had a grand trip.

    • Norma you are so funny and really not far off from what I needed to do to get that shot. Sometimes, Mr. Anonymous takes pictures of me taking pictures as he is amused by this activity. Especially when I have to stand on my chair in the restaurants to get the best shot of my culinary dish…just kidding but sometimes I want to… take care, BAM

  • Homemade mayonnaise has been on my list forever and I can’t wait to try your recipe Bam

    • Thanks Sawson, you need to make sure that your eggs are pasteurized with the little guys in your family… Take care, bAM

  • It’s my first time here and I must say, those fries look amazing!

    • Thanks for stopping by so that I could check out your site. Looking forward to keeping in touch. Take care, BAM

  • Ohhhhhhh nooooooooooooo. As I was reading through the post, I realized the mayo was an emerging theme….then I started to wonder if you’d provide the recipe…then I worried that you’d provide the recipe… because I just HAVE to try it after that write-up. I love frites and mayo, but it doesn’t love me. Okay, it loves my hips. But, it is soooo good. Thanks for making us feel like we were right there with you. (Maybe next time?)

    • I feel your pain. I feel like I gained a bit a weight over these holidays even though I walked miles every day. I am not used to eating lots of Westernized food or their serving sizes. Huge delicious serving sizes compared to Asia. I was amazed. I am glad you liked the little glimpse of Amsterdam. I have many more dishes and countries to share with you, so stay tuned. Take care, BAM

  • I just tried frites from a food truck … what a treat! Potatoes fried twice … heaven on earth! Love all your photos too 🙂

    • Thank you. I know one would not list this food under diet or healthy but it is just so delightful. I was so tired, wet and cold in Amsterdam and these little frites just made my day. I was grinning from ear to ear.

  • Your pictures make it look even yummier!! Luv it!

    • A little food and a little culture all wrapped up in one. Have a super day. BAM

  • Thank you for sharing this, agree with you that fried potato is a great food invention 🙂 Lovely pictures, bring back my memories of my trip to Holland many many years ago… too bad I miss the chance to taste the Viaamse Frites … Now it will be in the list of my thing to eat in my future travel 😀

    • I always say there is a next time. It gives you a great reason to go back to Holland. However in the meantime, you can give my baked fries and homemade mayo a try. Take care, BAM

      • Hahaha very true and yes…will do , I am sure they will taste as good as those in Holland, maybe even better 🙂 Cheers

  • Outstanding photos – I really love the house with the red shutters. Now I can finally ‘come out’ though & I have you to thank for it! My mother always made homemade fries and I grew up dipping them in mayo only to find out that around here everyone drenches them in ketchup. In all my years, I never ran across anyone else who dipped in mayo. I’ll have to try this recipe for the mayo though because it sounds just about perfect to me.

    • Thanks Diane, I had so much fun taking these photos and actually took more photos in Amsterdam than in in of the other countries I visited on this trip; Germany, France, Italy. I think it is because the architecture is so interesting. I also have to admit I used to always, always dip my frites in ketchup but after this trip I am open to all other ideas and mayo is sure one of them. Have a super week and take care, BAM

  • I really loved this post. I may be going to Amsterdam and Belgium in a couple weeks (haven’t decided between those places and Germany yet) and it looks like I have a lot to look forward to!

    • Good for you! Everything is an experience so enjoy it to the fullest. Each country has something interesting to offer. Europe is such a small place that you can hop on a train, drive or even consider something like the Ryan air company for very inexpensive flight around Europe and go from place to place. Take Care and safe travel. BAM

  • What a fantastic post!! Makes me feel to visit Amsterdam again with your eyes 🙂

    • Thank you very much. I think it is really unique how everyone looks at the world differently from the view of their camera lens. I am glad I could bring a little of Amsterdam your way but to really experience it with all of your senses you need a hands on visit and for sure stop and get some frites on the way… Take Care, BAM

  • Kathleen Richardson

    OMG, Bam, the frites and mayo look so-o good! I’ve got to pin this one so I can find it immediately. That mayo sounds like it would go beautifully on many foods.

  • I definitely need a trip like this and THOSE FRITES! 🙂 Perhaps was there garlic in the mayo? Your take on it sounds delectable!

  • [email protected] San Francisco Kitchen

    Ohhh my, these look sooo good and addicting!!! Lovely photos 🙂

  • createeng

    Great choice of food! Those frites look like the poutine I ate on my visit to Montreal. 🙂

  • I wholeheartedly agree that this is one superb cure-all! I’m a believer =)

  • dutchgoesitalian

    I feel at home 😀 Love Vlaamse friet!!! First thing I eat when I’m back home in the Netherlands….have to wait until December for it 🙁 My favourite is ‘patatje oorlog’ with mayonnaise and satay sauce…so good!

  • Frites and mayo was so yummy…I had them in Belgium a couple of years ago.

    • Are you back home yet from your travels? I have been enjoying following you along on your trip. Take care, BAM

  • I’m so happy you had a great time in one of my favourite cities (my best friend lives in Amsterdam). I remembe rvisiting for the first time as a student on a field trip and having chips and mayo and thinking WOW!! I’ve never been a fan of ketchup but mayo – YES PLEASE!! And I just love the idea of adding a touch of cayenne, so clever! And now I really think I should book myself a flight 🙂

    • This was my first visit to the Netherlands. Short and sweet visit but so fun and of course delicious. Frites in one hand and falafel in the other. I was one happy camper touring the little city with gingerbread looking houses. Book yourself a flight before the snow flies. Take care, BAM

  • Oh sweet Lord those fries look good! (What is it about fries which is so darn incredible?!) and mayonnaise… oh yes! Two of my favourites (so sad they’re not really the healthiest things, lol!). Did you notice, as well as the wooden post thing, that the tops of the houses lean out slightly from the bottom? That’s to facilitate the lifting of things up on that pole which sticks out apparently.

    • I did notice that most house are tilting, but not always to the front but in every which way. I just assumed it was due the settling of the the ground because everything is built on stilts. Have a great day. BAM

  • You are so lucky with all of these adventures and the traveling you do! Where do you even find the time to blog? Incredible!

    • I am glad you enjoy following along on the travel. It has been very busy with family, work and obligations and sometimes with even my best intentions it is difficult to keep up with all of you and post. However I love to cook so there is always action in my kitchen. Take care, BAM

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