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Toasted Almond and Date Larabars

August 18, 2015

Just 2 little ingredients of "toasted almonds" and "sweet and tender dates" make this healthy larabar (breakfast bar, power bar) a nutritious and delicious start to any day or as a healthy snack for the kids or even work lunches. Toasted Almond and Date Larabars_watermarked_20

Really, just TWO SIMPLE INGREDIENTS! I know that many lara bars have only raw ingredients but if you want to take the average bar from "HO HUM" to "AWESOME" you need to just toast the almonds. It is just as simple as that! Toast your NUTS!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

Toasting your almonds releases their essential oils and this extra nutty taste makes your taste buds very happy and your mouth happy as you hear the crunch. Toasted almond and date larabars are vegan and gluten-free. You can toast your nuts on the stove top and in about 2-3 minutes you can watch the magic happen. You could use any little nut you fancy but I have a huge industrial size bag of Diamond sliced plain almonds here at home.

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

Believe it or not, we have an A & M here in Hong Kong and it is a like a super mini Costco (Buy in Bulk store). The store is about the size of your shoe closet, I kid you not.... However, I found some raw almonds, dates and some Red Hot hot sauce for the boys and tugged that load home in my grandma roller bag.  I was so proud of my new find!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

My bag was already heavy and I was melting in the oppressive heat and humidity of the August summer in Hong Kong.  Therefore, going on a wild goose chase on the other side of town to try to try to find chocolate chips, chia seeds, carob and any other dried fruits was certainly not going to happen. I came home and sat my very heavy almonds and dates on the counter and thought to myself , my goodness I have no place to store these in my kitchen. We will have to eat the inventory ASAP!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

I was toasting some almonds to put on top of my salad when the idea came to me.  I don't need loads of extra things in my larabars to make them healthy, nutritious and tasty but instead just two. I began experimenting with ratios of toasted almonds to dates and it is about 1.5 cups of dates to 3/4 cups toasted nuts. However, then I had this extra 1/4 cup toasted almond slices. I decided to press them into the lara bars during the rolling out process. Brilliant, I tell you! I ate at least 3 of the props while taking some photos. My youngest came in and ate the rest of the photo props while I had my head turned the other way.  I was able to practice making these in my mini food processor about 5 times other times to be exact.  After all, we need to clear out the inventory! (I have just a mini food processor but if you have a large one just double the ingredients to make more)

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

The new academic year is upon us, at least here in Hong Kong, and my youngest is off for another fun year of exams, papers, demanding instructors and of course school fees (that can only be paid by check as we are now in the 1950's time warp called school).  The complaining is already in full swing as the alarm went off early this morning. Let the insanity begin...!!!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

Trust me I hear you! You need some sanity in your life and some time saving measures in the kitchen and healthy snacks for your family. You are going to just love this 2 ingredient toasted almond and data larabars that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and you will have a Tupperware full of healthy snacks for the week. I love storing these bar in the freezer as it keeps them fresh and delightfully chewy. Whenever you want a little snack or a quick pick me up, you just grab one or maybe 2 or 3!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

I know it is so easy to grab a bag of chips, or cookies and throw it into the school lunches because we want to "save time". However, over time, these time saving measures are going to come back and throw a curve ball your way as your body needs to be filled up with nutritious foods and fuels so that it can work properly. I find if I have healthy snacks all ready to go for my family it makes the work/school week so much more manageable.

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /

Mornings will be rushed and if you do not have time to make them a "substantial breakfast" before they leave for school and you leave for work, at least you can hand off a delicious and nutritious protein packed 2 ingredient toasted almond and data lara bar. This little nutritious bar will keep you both happy and satisfied until lunch. Toasted Almond and Date Larabars also help greatly with that 2:30pm slump at work or a little pick me up and for those after school activities to tie the kids over until dinner.

Let the Back to School INSANITY commence!

Toasted Almond and Date Larabars /



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Toasted Almond and Date Larabars

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August 18, 2015

Just 2 little ingredients of "toasted almonds" and "sweet and tender dates" make this healthy larabar (breakfast bar, power bar) a nutritious and delicious start to any day or as a healthy snack for the kids or even work lunches.

  • Cook: 10 mins


almonds - 1 cup sliced

dates - 1 and 1/2 cup roughly chopped


1This recipe make 5 large extra large larabars. I have only a mini food processor so I can only fit this amount of product in it. Just double the recipe if you have a larger food processor or make a few batches if you have a mini food processor like me.

2In a dry skillet, add all of your sliced almonds and toast until golden brown over medium heat. Keep an eye on your almonds as it only takes 2-3 minutes to brown, stir occasionally. Remove from pan to cool.

3Take 3/4 cup of your almonds (set aside 1/4 almonds for later) and all of your dates and put into your food processor. Pulse the almond and date mixture until well combined and until the mixture starts to clump together. If your mixture is dry (dry dates) less humidity than Hong Kong, then add a few extra dates and pulse together or a small drop of water.

4Cut a piece of waxed paper (parchment paper/cooking paper) about the size of an A4 paper and spread 1/8 of the reserved almonds on to the waxed paper. Then on top of waxed paper with toasted almonds, spread and press down your date and almond mixture a little bit. Then take another sheet of waxed paper and lay it on top and just use a rolling pin and flatten your larabars to about 1/2 inch. Remove the waxed paper from the top. Cut your bars into 5 bars for super large bars or 10 bars for mini bars. Then press the remaining 1/8 almonds on to the top of the bars.

5Enjoy! Keep your larabars in the freezer and just take out a few as needed.

  • Will definitely be making these – fabulous!
    Have a super day Bam.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • I’ve been making different nut and date bars on a weekly basis but these might be the most simple recipe I’ve seen yet!!! I can’t believe it’s just two ingredients – though I know from nut bar experience they are two of the best ingredients! Definitely pinning!

  • Perfect, Bobbi. I’ll be making these and it will be hard not to gobble them while I do. Your photos are simply beautiful! I’ve never seen a bar look so darn delicious! Sharing, of course.
    Have a great day 🙂

  • Love these! I bet your kids do love them.

  • I believe I have the ingredients for these in the pantry! I love them. It’s perfect for the kids (and me). Good luck with the start of term! Insanity for sure. 😉

  • kitchenriffs

    Two ingredients? Sweet! I can count that high. 🙂 Fun recipe — sounds terrific. Thanks!

  • Oh Wow – These bars are perfect with just 2 ingredients – love the tip to toast the almonds Bobbie! I have gotta make this for my daughter – schools back in session here in Atlanta, Georgia too!

  • Looks like I need this for a snack

  • I’ve been wanting to try homemade Larabars–it’s great that these just have 2 ingredients! They look so yummy!

  • Ooh, these look like the perfect grab and go breakfast or snack. And so easy to make—which makes them even bigger winners!!

  • Love these Bam, as I am a fan of Lara bars. I have yet to try making them, but the time will come. Pinning for the future which just may be tomorrow! I feel for your kids. I never like the beginning of school either!

  • These look fantastic Bobbi. I cannot remember the last time I wrote out a cheque 🙂

  • hotlyspiced

    If I just looked at the image of these larabars, I would have thought there was about a dozen ingredients in there. Amazing how there are just the dates and the toasted almonds. Interesting how you can only pay the school fees with a cheque! I haven’t used my cheque book in so long I’m not sure I’d be able to find it. Good luck with all the early morning starts xx

  • Toasting nuts makes a huge difference, totally! Love how simple these are and packed with energy. Montreal is in a heatwave too, OMG!

  • Hi Bam, love, love these bars, my sister is coming for a visit next week and I will be making these for snacks. Thanks!

  • Oh, what a healthy snack! I have the ingredients at home, so guess what I’ll be making tonight 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things and have a great day!

  • When I read about the “Costco” type store, my instant thought was “how on earth is there the SPACE for that in HK?” Then I read it’s closet sized and burst into laughter – I can just imagine, jammed to the max, floor to ceiling, as Asian stores in Australia are!!!

    I absolutely cannot believe these are 2 ingredients. You are a genius. I’m totally floored. Majorly sharing!!

  • Well I have one of those Costco size containers of dates in my pantry and have – had – no idea what I was going to do with them all. Now I need to go back and get the almonds and we’re set. Great snack idea! Thanks Bobbi!

  • These bars look awesome! I’m always looking for new recipes with dates! So easy! Pinned to try them!

  • Thanks for sharing such a great recipe for natural raw Lara bars! These look delish!

  • WOW! That looks fancy! Thanks for sharing! I love natural bars!

  • These look wonderful! And only 2 ingredients?! It doesn’t get much better than that! I’m a huge fan of dates and they sound perfect in these raw bars! My hubby and I love hiking and biking, so we’re always looking for new snacks to bring with us – this will be perfect.

  • Oooo wow these look so delicious! Can’t believe there’s just 2 ingredients!

  • Love how simple this recipe is and how packed full of energy and flavour.

  • Yum! These bars look divine, I love how easy they are to make too! And only 2 ingredients – I have to try these! 😀

  • When Lara bars first came out, I ate my weight in the cherry pie ones! Those are my absolute favorite! The texture was so good and it tasted just like a cherry pie! Thanks for a homemade version I can make myself~ AND for sharing with Saucy Saturdays!

  • Are you kidding?! Just 2 ingredients. Wow. I’d love to munch on these and leave some in my purse to snack on in the afternoon!

  • Oh my, this is my type of healthy snack !!! Love this so much and I can think of a countless flavors for these lovely bars. And guess what I have a nice inventory of the finest expensive dates from Saudi Arabia that I got from my summer visit to Egypt, so guess where will some of these go? 🙂 . Don’t you just love how toasted nuts gives any recipe a new dimension?!! Thanks Bam, you are my hero.

  • Wow 2 ingredients can make such a wholesome bar, remind me to get some dates this weekend!

  • You always come up with the most creative recipes!

  • I want this right now 🙂 Looks amazing and super delicious

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  • These ARE brilliant! They look yummy and make a nice bar that holds together. Love it!

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