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Spicy Shrimp With Creamy Tarator Dip

Garlicky shrimp lightly seared with dash of red pepper and plunged into a creamy lemony and sumac tarator (Tahini) dip is a quick and easy party pleaser.

Spicy Shrimp and Creamy Tarator Dip /

Spicy Shrimp with Creamy Tarator Dip is an appetizer that is big on flavors and low on effort. I just love how the perfectly cooked shrimp just crunch when you bite into them. The shrimp are juicy and sweet and slightly spicy and a great contrast to the creamy and tangy tarator (tahini) dip. It is like a party for your mouth and for your home. Your guests are going to love this delicious little hot appetizer and you are going to love how fast this number comes together.  In about 15 little minutes ,with only 8 little ingredients, this could wow your guests too.

Even more to love is the fact that many of the items for the Spicy Shrimp with Creamy Tarator Dip are in your pantry or freezer, right now. I always love having a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer around the holiday time.  It is so easy to throw together a shrimp cocktail or even a healthy Asian Stir fry to counter act all the times you have been naughty with your eating habits over the holiday season. (Just saying....hmmm)

Spicy Shrimp and Creamy Tarator Dip /

This Spicy Shrimp with Creamy Tarator Dip is low in carbs, paleo friendly, diabetic friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free so it ticks all the boxes for the guests coming my way this holiday season. If you need a vegan option, just chop up fresh assorted veggies on the side and you can please everyone.

Another reason you will love this quick and easy appetizer is that you can make the Tarator (Tahini) dip in advance and keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You may need to thin out the Tarator (Tahini) dip with a little extra water or lemon juice before serving. Then on the day you want to serve your Spicy Shrimp with Creamy Tarator Dip, just thaw your shrimp under a little running water for a couple of minutes and cook and you are done!

Spicy Shrimp and Creamy Tarator Dip /

Tahini is paste made from sesame seeds and is used in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes and is generally made from white sesame seeds. We often use black sesame paste in many Asian dishes and desserts and really the taste would be relatively the same but the light-colored tahini looks so delicious with the succulent shrimp. I used an organic dark tahini paste for this recipe and generally this condiment can be found in health food stores. Not only is tahini delicious, some may even call it an acquired taste but it high in magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, calcium and iron.

When you mix delicious tahini with garlic, lemon, salt and parsley and a little water to loosen in the food processor it become an amazing tasty sauce called Tarator and it can be used on so many dishes like roasted vegetables, on noodles, salads on sandwiches or wherever your heart fancies. I added a little sumac spice to give it a little- POW! Wham! Sumac just dazzles your taste buds.

If you a looking for a new spice to brighten up the new year, then sumac is it. Sumac is dark red and gives your recipes a lemony and sour sparkle to dishes and is also high in antioxidants.

Spicy Shrimp and Creamy Tarator Dip /

Can you believe how the time is flying? Seriously it just seemed like yesterday was the first day of school and now here we are just a couple of weeks into the next set of holidays.

It is so good to be back and I certainly missed all of you! I just came back from visiting family and friends in Michigan. My visits always seem way too short and never enough time to see everyone or spend enough time with the ones you love. My parents are the cutest little couple ever with mom who is 89 and dad who is 91 going on 16. We had loads of fun, cooked a ton and went back into time without internet for over 3.5 weeks. Yes, you heard me right. NO Internet!!!

Goodness...we have evolved for the better or the worse, I do not know. Without internet, I found myself looking up businesses in the phone book or yellow pages. I had to use the telephone more to call and ask questions and talk to a real person and not be fed data by Google. I also had to stop and interact with people to ask questions and was greeted with warm smiles and happy answers. I had to communicate, I had to interact to seek out new information.

I think that even though we all adore google but how much of that information will we retain. We remember by doing and interacting and sparking your memory. For just a while, it felt good to unplug and reconnect with others in the way we did before the time of the internet.

Thanks for visiting while I was away and looking forward to catching up with all of you very soon. If you like shrimp appetizers you may also like to try our Gluten-Free Thai Shrimp Pancakes, Shrimp Boats with Pickled Radish or Shrimp Bundles with Thai Basil Dipping Sauce.

Spicy Shrimp with Creamy Tarator Dip /



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Spicy Shrimp With Creamy Tarator Dip

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December 17, 2015

Garlicky shrimp lightly seared with dash of red pepper and plunged into a creamy lemony and sumac tarator (Tahini) dip is a quick and easy party pleaser.

  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 4 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


Tarator (Tahini) Dip

tahini - 1/2 cup

garlic - 1 clove, peeled

lemon juice - 3-4 tablespoons or to taste

water - 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup or as needed to create desired consistency

salt - 1/2 teaspoon or to taste

sumac - 1/2 teaspoon

parsley - 1/8 cup roughly chopped

Spicy Shrimp

olive oil - 1 tablespoon

garlic - 1 clove, chopped

shrimp - 1 pound, peeled, deveined, raw but tails left on

red cayenne pepper - 1/8 teaspoon or to taste for desired heat

salt and pepper - to taste


1In a food processor, add tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice, water, salt and sumac spice and pulse until smooth consistency. You amy need to add more water to achieve your preferred consistency. I like mine more on the thick side so it sticks to the shrimp. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Add the parley to the tarator mixture in the food processor and pulse until chopped and well mixed. Set aside. The tarator dip can be made up to 3 days in advance and kept in the refrigerator until ready for use.

2In a frying pan, add your oil and add your chopped garlic and saute until aromatic. Add your shrimp, red cayenne pepper and salt and pepper and stir. Cook shrimp for only about 2-3 minutes over medium-high heat or until the shrimp are no longer translucent. Do Not Overcook the shrimp!

3Serve your spicy shrimp hot from the pan with tarator dip and enjoy!

  • This sounds delicious! The tarator that I’m familiar with comes from Bulgaria and doesn’t have tahini in it. I’d be happy to sit at your table for this!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Maureen. Isn’t just wonderful to try all the different version of dishes. Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday.

  • I know you made this for me cos you missed me so much, right? lol. These shrimp look so very tasty and I was not familiar with tarator dip but I know I will love it. Your pics are beautiful, Bobbi! Welcome home. oxxo

  • Carlyn

    I loved the story behind your recipe for Spicy Shrimp and Creamy Tarator Dip, Bobbi! I’m glad you had a great visit at home. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2016.

  • kitchenriffs

    Welcome back! We with you — always have shrimp in the freezer. So nice for a quick meal. Particularly one that involves garlic. Never had a tarator dip before — the flavor sounds so vibrant, and a perfect match for the shrimp. Really nice — thanks.

  • Bobbi I am so glad you are back but I am also so glad you got to unplug and enjoy your family! Haha – love how you describe your dad as being 91 going on 16!
    Now as for this shrimp – am all about easy and flavorful appetizers and this sure fits the bill! Also love that “Tarator” sauce – never heard of it before so thanks for teaching me something new today!

  • I’m not big fan of shrimp, but I love tahini, so I’ll give it a try. I trust you 😉 Happy Holidays, Bobbi!

  • Welcome back! Sounds like you had a good break…sometimes it’s good to unplug and then you come back re-energized and ready to go again because you missed some of the things you’d been doing. And I see you came back swinging with this delicious recipe. I think my extended family would be very happy with this instead of all the cookies I’m generating right now. : ) Enjoy the holiday season and I wish all the best to you and your family in 2016!!

    • Bams Kitchen

      I think we all need to spend a little time unplugged as it does wonders to recharge the batteries. It is so funny you talk about all the cookies as my family is wondering where all the cookies are… instead I am making savory snacks. We need to do a little food exchange. Wising you a super holiday season

  • Eha

    SO lovely to see you back and with such a fun recipe! Tho’ have aways to go to reach your parents’ age I fully comprehend the ’91 o 16′ bit! Am way younger but SO enjoy doing what I like when I like and HOW I like: if someone disagrees: bully for them 😀 !! But this is nice: and your sons seem to get hungrier and hungrier: what’s the ratio here – 1 to 4 ? Love your version of the ‘Tarator’ I oft make – well, you have made me put a certain recipe on my Yule menus log. . . thanks!

    • Bams Kitchen

      So lovely to hear from you too Eha! It is so nice to be back home but it was a really nice visit with my family. You know what my youngest sat down and inhaled almost all of this recipe. I was only able to sneak a few for quality assurance purposes only…. LOL seriously they are eating me out of house and home. Wishing you a super 2016!

  • I just love sumac and could use it in anything. This drip sounds great Bobbi, welcome home and glad you had such a good time!

    • Bams Kitchen

      I love sumac too! A few years ago my husband bought my first little package of sumac spice. I have been hooked ever since. I love sumac in salad dressings too.

  • I really like tahini, so I’d love this dip–sounds like it would go great with raw veggies, too! Glad you had a nice visit with friends and family. It’s always nice to unplug and enjoy the holidays! 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thanks you Nancy! The dip is fantastic with fresh cut vegetables. I also made some grilled chicken the other day and it was delicious to dip in the tarator sauce too. Wishing you and your family a super holiday!

  • Wow I can’t even imagine being without internet for 3.5 weeks. We missed you!! But, I’m sure the disconnect was refreshing 😉 Hope you had an amazing time back in the Mitten (I’m heading back there this weekend.. parents are in Kalamazoo area.) Happy Holidays!

    • Bams Kitchen

      We had one day where we had between 6 to 12 inches of snow depending on location in Michigan. Then the next week it was in the 50’s an unseasonably warm week, crazy Michigan weather. Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday and safe travels to Kalamazoo. Next time we need to plan our visits back to Michigan better so we can meet up!

  • hotlyspiced

    How wonderful that your parents are still growing strong at their age – what tremendous genes. I think I would have been suffering severe withdrawals if I’d had to be without the internet for that amount of time – you did well to survive. The shrimp appetiser looks like a fantastic appetiser to enjoy during the Christmas season xx

    • Bams Kitchen

      I did have serious withdrawals without internet and gave up caffeine too! Talk about painful… LOL We have no idea how attached we are to our electronic devices until we are without them. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Spicy, creamy and garlicky the best combination ever, all you need with those are some ice cold beers!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Ahh….drats forgot the cold brews. Come on over and I will put some on ice right now. I am delighted you like the recipe. Take Care

  • Perfect appetizer for the festive days to come! Happy Christmas to you and your family Bobbi! Pinning and sharing!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you Katerina! Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

  • Buona sera, BAM! How nice to see you around again! I do hope that we can get together when you come home next. That would be such fun.
    As for this recipe, how can anyone find fault with a post in which the first word is “garlicky”? It’s this foodie’s version of, “You had me at hello.”
    I hope you and your loving family enjoy wonderful holidays and nothing but the best in 2016.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo! We sure need to hook up next time I am in town. I received your recipe by e-mail and very big thank you to you and Zia for that. I am on my way to put the finishing touches on our traditional Timpano Pasta Dome…my boys favorite. I hope Santa is good to you this year.

  • mjskit

    Delicious little appetizers for the holidays! I’m with John on the “garlicky” thing. 🙂
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season!!! See you in 2016!

    • Bams Kitchen

      We always say…”Is there any other spice…?” LOL Lots of garlic in the shrimp makes it really delicious. Take care and wishing you a super holiday and 2016!

  • The dip is so flavorful and gorgeous clicks! Happy holidays Bobbi 🙂

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you dear Priya. Wishing you a very safe and holiday season.

  • Welcome back. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit and your parents sound delightful. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there Diane! Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy 2016!

  • Wow! Big wow! It looks delicious. I will try doing for my lunch. ^^ Thanks

  • OMG I love that you made dip with your tahini and not just hummus! What a great idea!

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