South African Bobotie

October 19, 2015

South African Bobotie is a delightful dish filled with tender ground beef, spices and aromatics with an egg topping and served with a side cozy side of yellow rice and sultans (raisins). South African Bobotie /

South African Bobotie is one delicious bite of comfort food that you are just going to love because it is filling, warming, a little spicy, a little sweet and maybe nothing like you have ever tried before. South African Bobotie would be a delicious serve to your trick -or -treaters as it is warming, easy to make in advance and kids love it's tender texture. I first published this recipe for South African Bobotie on March 1st, 2013 and have just updated it to make it dairy and gluten-free.

South African Bobotie /

A couple of years ago, I enjoyed my first delicious mouthful of a South African Bobotie and I am in forever in love with the flavors, spices, and creamy texture of this dish. Bobotie is a dish from South Africa, made of spiced meat and an egg topping.

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South African cuisine is amazing as it has influences from all over the world and their dishes are a melting pot of spices and flavors. Traditionally, Bobotie is made with beef but also can be made with pork, mutton or lamb and then has curry, chutney, soaked bread to make it moist, sultans (raisins) and other seasonings that make you go back for seconds or maybe even thirds. (Wink...Wink)South African Bobotie /

I know that the combination of ingredients might not sound like what you are used to but you have to trust me on this. It works! Perfectly balanced in flavor, a little sweet, a little spice a little savory and the creamy and moist texture, especially on these cooler days makes this dish a winner. It is what your body craves. I think this little dish is some true comfort food!

South African Bobotie /

If you want to make this recipe gluten free, use gluten free ketchup. If you are celiac, you are also going to want to make your own homemade fruit chutney or try another certified gluten-free chutney. I made Joy of Kosher Dried Apricot, Date and Ginger Chutney  and swapped out coconut sugar for the granulated sugar and it was just beautiful. I even used just a little less sugar as you know how I do not like my things too sweet.  Even though Mrs. Balls Chutney does not specifically list any gluten in its ingredients list, it is not made in a gluten free factory. Mrs. Balls Original Chutney is a famous chutney used is South Africa and it is also available in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and US.

A dear friend of mine, Abbie Wilson, spent several years living in South Africa and this is her families' Bobotie recipe. Abbie's recipe is traditional but she does not include sultans (raisins) in her Bobotie dish. Abbie's family tradition is instead to serve the bobotie with yellow rice with sultans and spices on the side, chutney, roasted butternut squash and peas. Abbie garnished her Bobotie with some toasted coconut and bananas. You have no idea what you have been missing out on.

South African Bobotie /

As you know, I love when dishes bring in elements from many cultures and blend it into one dish. Abbie mentioned as with any great little curry, sauce and such that the Bobotie is even better on the second day as the flavors have a chance to mingle. This concept is why this dish is just perfect for entertaining as you can make it the day before and pop it back in the oven and sit down with your guests and enjoy your gathering. A very special thank you to Abbie!

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South African Bobotie

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October 19, 2015

South African Bobotie is a delightful dish filled with tender ground beef, spices and aromatics with an egg topping and served with a side cozy side of yellow rice and sultans (raisins).

(Abbie Wilson)

  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: 8 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


ground beef - 1 and 1/2 pounds (750 grams)

bread - 2 slices stale white gluten-free, soaked in boiling water

onions - 2 medium, chopped

ketchup (low glycemic) - 1 tablespoon (gluten-free)

fruit chutney - 5 Tablespoons (used Mrs. Balls original but if celiac you will need to use a gluten-free certified brand or make your own (

tumeric - 4 teaspoon ground

curry powder - 2 tablespoons ground

salt - 1/2 teaspoon

bay leaf - 2 whole

egg - 1 beaten

almond milk - 1 cup (can use regular milk if no dairy issues)

oil - 1 tablespoon

yellow rice with sultans and spices - optional

bananas - for garnish (optional)

desiccated coconut - for garnish (optional)


1Preheat oven to 160 degrees C (Heat the oil and soften the onion on a very low flame for about 10 minutes.

2Add tumeric and curry and allow the flavors to mingle for about 2 minutes.

3Add chutney and gluten-free ketchup and cook for another minute.

4Strain water from gluten-free bread and add to pan, continue stirring.

5Add meat and stir lightly with a two pronged fork until evenly cooked. (Using the 2 fork pull apart method, makes the meat super tender)

6Add salt and bay leaves. Cook for a few minutes to allow the essence of the bay leaves to permeate the meat. Remove the bay leaves and discard.

7Place bobotie meat mixture into and greased ovenproof dish (9 in x 11 in)

8Make the Egg topping: a) Beat egg and milk together. b) Pour egg and milk mixture over the meat mixture and bake for about 45 minutes to 55 minutes or until the egg mixture is brown on top.

9Serve delicious cozy South African Bobotie with yellow rice, oven roasted butternut squash and peas on the side. Garnish Bobotie with desiccated coconut and bananas. Enjoy!


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