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Caramelized Red Pepper Pesto Steak

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

Have you ever had to wrangle your own steer?

I literally was wearing my cowgirl boots and was wrestling my steer right here in my kitchen last night. I mistakenly purchased a beef shank or the leg portion of the steer instead of a portion of a whole tenderloin. You know that is quite easy to do here in Hong Kong as they both were written in all traditional Chinese characters and they were both packaged right next to each other and I forgot my reader glasses.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

However, this is how happy accidents are formed. I ended up making this amazing tender beef shank studded with garlic, of course, topped with a caramelized red pepper pesto that will make any cut of meat taste like a million bucks.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

I went through some extreme measures including beating the beef with a hammer and marinating for almost 24 hours. I also fillet and opened this section of meat into a long section just like a flank steak. All of those nooks and crannies made great holes to tuck in all of my garlic and allowed the marinade to really get a chance to mingle.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

I cooked the shank on the grill, just like you do with a flank steak. I only cooked the fillet of shank for a couple of minutes on each side. The result was a perfect juicy medium steak with some delicious herbs.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

However just in case the steak did not meet my standards, I made two kids of pesto for dipping. I made a caramelised red pepper pesto recipe that I will be sharing with you today and also a caramelized basil pesto  or if you like a more traditional Tuscan basil pesto then try my recipe for Make sure you make extra pesto as both kinds are delicious in pasta, chicken, roasted vegetables or anything your little heart desires.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

If you serve Caramelized Red Pepper Pesto Steak with a bountiful tossed salad and side vegetable you have the perfect low carb, diabetic friendly meal that also happens to be gluten-free and lactose friendly.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak

I know this time of the year it is pretty hot and steamy and none of us want to be slaving in the kitchen and that is why this recipe is perfect. You can grill any cut of beef you wish to use. Make your pestos up to 3 days in advance. Throw together a quick tossed salad and you have a meal perfect for entertaining.

Caramelised Red Pepper Pesto Steak





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Caramelized Red Pepper Pesto Steak

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July 13, 2013

Marinated steak studded with garlic topped with a caramelised red pepper pesto that will make any cut of meat taste like a million bucks.

  • Cook: 1 hr
  • Yields: 4 Adults


Marinated Steak

Steak Fillet or T-bone Steaks - 1.5 pounds (I had intended to purchase beef tenderloins but ended purchasing beef shanks) Flanks steak, tenderloins, T-bones or any cut of steak you prefer will work well with this dish.

olive oil - 2 tablespoons

garlic - 2 cloves chopped roughly

onion - 1/2 small chopped

steak seasoning - 1 teaspoon

worcestershire sauce - 1 tablespoon

Caramelized Red Pepper Pesto

onion - 1 onion chopped and cooked in a little olive olive on top of the stove until caramelised.

garlic - 3 cloves

roasted red peppers (Capisum) - 1 cup chopped (if you only have fresh red peppers you can make your own roasted by putting your peppers directly on the stovetop and let them char on all sides and then put them in a paper bag to cool and then peel and remove seeds)

basil - bunch of fresh chopped

tomato paste - 2 tablespoons

olive oil - 1/2 cup or just enough to pull all the ingredients together in the (if you want to conserve on fats you can use half olive oil and half water)

salt and pepper - to taste

tuscan seasoning - 1 teaspoon (mixture of roasted garlic, bell peppers, rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley and dried lemon)


1Choose your favourite cut of steak and marinate with olive oil, garlic, chopped onions and Worcestershire sauce. If you are using a less than ideal cut of beef, then feel free to tenderise first before marinating. Use your weapon of choice to take out all of your built up aggressions. If you use a using a less than optimal cut of beef, then marinate it up to 24 hours. If you are using a perfect steak than marinate for 30 minutes to an hour before grilling. Place in refrigerator during the marinating process.

2In a small pan place a little olive oil, chopped onions and whole unpeeled garlic. Caramelise the onions and garlic together in a pan. Once the onions are nice and caramelized and golden brown, turn off the stove top. Remove the peel from the garlic.

3Make Caramelized Red Pepper Pesto: In the food processor, add caramelised onion, garlic, roasted red peppers, basil, tomato paste, olive oil, salt and pepper and Tuscan seasoning. Blend until nice and smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings. This step can be done up to 3 days in advance.

4Pre-heat your BBQ grill. I have a gas grill but you can use a charcoal grill or you can even use a grill pan on top of the stove top.

5Take the steaks out of refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature about 30 minutes before grill time. Remove steaks from marinade and sprinkle both sides with steak seasoning.

6Grill Steaks for about 3-4 minutes on each side for medium-rare. Your goal is to have a medium rare steak if you are using a flank steak of even a beef shank to keep it tender. Do not overcook as it will make your steak tough. Let your steaks rest while keeping warm while you toss your side salad.

7Cut your steak into thin slices across the grain and serve with a dollop of caramelized red pepper pesto on top. Enjoy!


  • Anne ~ Uni Homemaker

    My husband is more of a red meat eater than I am but this looks outstanding! Love the idea of red pepper pesto on a steak. You may have convinced me to eat red meat more often! 😉 Lovely post Bobbi!

  • Eha

    Uhuh! Did the same thing a few weeks back: wondered why the lamb ‘steaks’ were relatively cheap: well, they were shoulder ‘steaks’, but my story ended as happily as yours 🙂 ! Love the red capsicum pesto: had no idea it would keep as long and it will be trialled as early as tomorrow, admittedly with a grilled big pork fore-1/4 chop 😀 !

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hello Eha, I hope you are doing well. Red capsicum pesto would be amazing with pork chops and maybe even with a few of the caramelized onions on top just for a garnish. I really do need to start to bring my reader glasses into the markets with me but I try to travel light…Have a super weekend! BAM

  • That sounds like a great dish–the red pepper pesto is such a great idea!

  • Haha from your experience I do not want to wrangle with cow… dead or alive!
    But looks like won considering how delicious this dish looks – the golden colour is lovely!


  • Looks amazing…perfect summer weather dish!!

  • Very nice!

  • I love happy accidents in the kitchen where the mistake turns into something even better than you’d originally planned. Here’s to more happy mistakes. This looks delicious!

  • Great looking steak.

  • Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    Those onions look dreamy as does the entire dish. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to translate meat. When I moved to Australia it took me months to figure out what meat to buy and cook because they all looked different except t-bones. Only so many of those you can eat.

  • Beef shank is one of my favorite cut of meat for stews but I do like your method of marinating and grilling should give this a try when I am able to get hold of a whole shank.

  • OMG – dangerously delicious if I have ever seen such a thing!! Love this post.

  • You did a fantastic job wrangling this steer. Makes me wish I had a lasso!

  • This is seriously my kind of meal, if I’m in a meat mood. The sauce looks incredible.

  • This looks so good BAM!

  • Wow, terrific save! I’ve never thought to grill a beef shank – I normally braise it. But this is a wonderful idea, and the way you cooked it is perfect. Love the Red Pepper Pesto – this sounds so tasty. Really fun post – thanks so much.

  • I blame my glasses, or lack of them because I refuse to use them most of the time, for so many situations nowadays. This was a great mistake Bam! The additions of garlic and a dip make it even better, but then grilling meat is the best way to cook it.

  • The steak looks irresistible and together with these colorful salsas it’s a wonderful treat.
    Sometimes happy “accidents” like this create great recipes:)

  • Ooh, fantastic looking steak and sauce!

  • That is an AWESOME way to use flank steak ! I buy it here in Singapore because I have easy access to it and use it in Thai beef salads or for beef fajitas but it does come out a bit chewy and your tips (beating the hell out of it and using the holes to poke yummy things in and marinating it) are definitely going to be used – thanks !

  • Red pepper pesto sounds delicious! What a great idea!

  • hotlyspiced

    I would be at a complete loss shopping in a HK supermarket. Who knows what I would come home with. I think you averted disaster here really well and this looks like an incredibly delicious dinner xx

  • Yum! That steak looks so soft and rich! ^_^

  • The Sketched Chef

    Perfection in a steak, really beautiful !

  • Quite simply perfection on a plate!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • I have been having difficulty publishing comment on your blog even though I can see the post. When I hit post comment it says the web page is not available. The gluten free and lactose free meal look absolutely delicious!

    • Bams Kitchen

      Hi there and thank for letting me know you are having this issue with submission of comments. I most recently switched from shared hosting to private hosting just recently and I wonder if you were trying to log on during the move. Your comment went through today so let me know if you continue to have issues. I am sorry that I have not been around as much lately but recovering from a medical procedure so just been taking it easy.I am over to your site now. Have a super week. BAM

  • I’m “lucky” that now I need my glasses for everything but, when i only needed them for reading, I never really knew what I was paying for a steak which i had identified by shape. 🙂 Buying for one, though, just how far off could I be? I don’t know what I would have done had I brought home a whole beef shank.You, on the other hand, did a darn good job with it — on the grill no less! Your red pepper pesto sounds terrific, BAM. In Summer, I often use pesto in pasta salads. I bet your red pepper pesto would be a great change. Thanks for the recipes. Have a great week!

  • Your adventure sounds very much like my adventure at my Asian store, only difference being I don’t read any Chinese! But you managed a good save, the shank looks perfectly cooked and the pesto adds not only a great colour but I bet the flavour is amazing.


  • Jo

    Happy accidents indeed!! This would make my taste buds happy happy happy!!! 😉 xo

  • What a unique, brilliant twist on pesto! I love anything with caramelized onions, so it sounds like a completely fool-proof sauce for any dish.

  • You’re too funny, Bam, I could just picture you bashing that meat into submission. If anyone could transform a piece of meat, my bet would be on you! I’d probably just have grilled it, not noticed and wondered why it was so tough, lol! And you made not one but two pestos!! My gosh that would have been a treat of a dinner! xx

  • What a mouth watering slab of steak! Love the pesto sauce which gives for more unique flavors.

  • Mmm both of these pesto sauces in that picture look soooo good! I love when “mistakes” turn out in my favor…looks like yours did, too 🙂

  • That sure does look like a gorgeous summer dinner, Bam. And the pestos with the steaks sound like a perfect flavour combination, not to mention how gorgeous the colour is. And it looks like your bashing made a huge difference, the meat looks very tender and flavourful.

  • Nice kick’in steak !
    i sometimes combine roasted pepper ang sun dried tomato fot my pesto…..

  • Yum I love a good steak and this looks sumptious!

  • Yeah for happy accidents! Your steak looks and sounds wonderful … I’m off to the store (with my glasses) to get everything 😉

  • I just knew you were someone who could turn lemons into lemonade. Of course beating that steak into submission had to have been satisfying. Of course the steak looks scrumptious but I’m so glad you suggested the pesto’s…I never have made one before believe it or not – probably because I never knew what it was. As always, great info.

  • That red pepper pesto looks and sounds amazing!

  • It looks like your “extreme measures” paid off Bam – that meat looks fantastic. Juicy, succulent, and I love the pesto pairing!

  • My mouth is watering and I can just taste the wonderful flavors of this steak. DELISH

  • This looks like one heck of a great dinner! I love that pesto on top, and the kick it must provide. My husband will love this for dinner… and I will too!

  • This looks amazing, Bam! I love sauces with meats! Well worth the extra pounding it seems 🙂

  • You are one of the most creative people I know !
    I am sorry I have not been here in a while. Life has been crazy busy
    Sorry to hear you were sick.
    I hope you are all better now

  • I hope you are better now, Bam.

    Garlic, a caramelized red pepper pesto and steak..everything about this dish is amazing.

  • This looks fabulous! I love how you pound the meat and allow it to marinade for 24-hours. The sauce looks fabulous and of course caramelized onions are always a nice treat!

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