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Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad  is filled with crunchy toasted pistachios, almonds and sunflower seeds tossed with brown rice, nutty red quinoa, fresh crisp Asian veggies and drizzled with a rock your world ginger tamari and sesame dressing. 

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /

You are just going to love this quick and easy Asian Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad as it is packed with loads of high protein toasty nuts, it tastes great either warm or cold and is very portable to bring for work or school lunches. I love this Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad as it has loads of different textures between the tender rice and quinoa, crisp Asian veggies and crunchy toasty nuts. It is like a party going on in your mouth!

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad is also gluten-free, dairy free, egg free and vegan.

Getting back on the clean eating band wagon does not need to be boring, in fact you will love to eat this clean eating Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad just because it tastes that good... Really! If you are into salads, come on over and follow my Sensational Salad board on Pinterest.

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /

I know we have all eaten just a few too many holiday cookies, cakes, cheesy dips and more cocktails and mocktails that you can shake a stick at this holiday season. There is no need to go on a diet but maybe start to look at eating foods that count, no more empty calorie items without vitamins and minerals.

One great attribute of Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad is the fact that it is very filling as the nuts give you lots of protein and make you feel satisfied much longer. In addition, this is a great opportunity to clean out your crisper, freezer and refrigerator. Use the veggies you have on hand. You do not need to go out and buy the ones that I used. I just used what I had around.

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /

I had a couple of cups of cooked brown rice and just a little bit of quinoa left over so that went into my bowl. I sliced my veggies all the same size so that it was easy to eat this delightful chopped Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad.

The ginger Tamari dressing is so easy to make and super tasty in this dish. Ginger, garlic, tamari sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, olive oil and a drizzle of honey makes this salad rock. You actually might want to make a double batch of this dressing because it keeps for at least a week in the refrigerator and it is also great over grilled salmon. Just saying!

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /

If you decide to make your Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad in advance, you may wish to make additional ginger tamari sesame dressing as it absorbs into the rice, quinoa and vegetables as it sets, just like what happens when you make pasta salad. I would also hold the nuts and toss just in when you are ready to serve just so they stay extra crunchy. This delicious Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad will stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /

I actually prefer to eat this Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad at room temperature or chilled but my boys love it hot as a side dish. It can be called a salad, a side dish or even a vegan main dish because it is one completely delicious nutty dish power packed with antioxidant veggies, high protein nuts and seeds, red quinoa and warm ginger spice.

Tonight I am serving this delicious Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad  along with some Turmeric Pork Skewers and loads of fresh grilled vegetables.

Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad /



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Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad

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January 2, 2016

Crunchy toasted pistachios, almonds and sunflower seeds tossed with brown rice, nutty red quinoa, fresh crisp Asian veggies and drizzled with a rock your world ginger tamari and sesame dressing. 

  • Cook: 30 mins
  • Yields: 4 Adults or 1 Hungry Teenager


Salad Fixings

pistachios - 1/4 cup

almonds - 1/4 cup

sunflower seeds - 2 tablespoon

Brown Rice - 2 cups cooked

quinoa - 1 cup cooked (red)

red bell pepper - 1/2 cup chopped raw

snow peas - 1/2 cup chopped raw

baby corn - 1.2 cup chopped raw

edamame - 1/2 cup frozen-thawed

peas - 1/2 cup frozen- thawed

Ginger Tamari Dressing

ginger - 2 tablespoon- fresh

garlic - 1 clove peeled

tamari (soy) sauce - 1/4 cup + 2 tablepoons

sesame oil - 3 teaspoons

olive oil - 3 tablespoons light (or use canola oil)

honey - 2 teaspoons or to taste

white pepper - 1/4 teaspoon


1Add shelled pistachios, almonds and shelled sunflower seeds to a dry pan and toast just until warm and golden. Set aside. to cool. Roughly chop pistachio nuts and almonds.

2Make the Ginger Tamari Sauce: In a food processor, mix ginger, garlic, tamari sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, honey and white pepper until emulsified. Taste and adjust seasoning as desired.

3Add the cooked brown rice, cooked red quinoa, chopped red bell pepper, snow peas and baby corn to bowl.Add thawed frozen edamame and peas. Toss to mix well. Add the ginger tamari sauce, chopped pistachio nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds and toss well.

4Enjoy Nutty Ginger Tamari Quinoa Salad either chilled, room temperature or even heated through for a delightful side dish or even hearty main vegan dish. (Can keep up to 3 days in refrigerator, toss with additional ginger tamari sauce as desired)

  • Hi Bam, bring on the salads, I have everything to make this right now. love the dressing, I could eat a bowl of it. Happy New Year!

  • Great pour shots!! Also this recipe looks absolutely delicious 🙂

  • Eha

    First of all, a very Happy and healthy New Year!! And this surely is the first recipe for my 2016 which will be printed out in about 60 seconds and made asap . . . absolutely wonderful combination of flavours and the dressing just a little different to similar ones I use – wonderful to have ready for other salad recipes also since I have at least one full salad and one or two side ones most days. Hope HK weather behaving and not too dull: the cold one can take 🙂 !

  • Bobbi, this salad is simply stunning! The colors and textures are just gorgeous! I could certainly use a healthy dish like these after the holiday gorging I’ve done 😉 Wishing you a very happy New Year my dear.

  • Looks delicious – happy and healthy new year to you!

  • Wow! What a beautiful.salad! I’m loving everything about this salad especially the ginger dressing. You know I have weakness for ginger 🙂

  • I would enjoy your recipe no matter if served as a salad or side…it sounds terrific.

  • Clean eating would never be boring eating dishes like this. So much flavor going on and the textures are just wonderful. What a great way to start off 2016! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and things are starting off well in the New Year! Time to look forward to Chinese New Year! ; )

  • I would eat this as a meal, love the sliced baby corn disks touch. This will be a wonderful dish to bring to a potluck, making note.

  • I have not had breakfast yet and this has made my stomach grumble – in the best possible way 🙂

  • I love the versatility of this dish and its nutritious value! I would probably eat it as a main! Pinned and stumbled my friend!

  • Bobbi, this salad is a beauty indeed! I have been a little rogue with my eating lately, could certainly go a bowl of this deliciousness right now. 🙂

  • Buongiorno, BAM! Your timing is impeccable, as always. I’ve been looking for new meals to prepare for lunch. I’ve been in a rut of late and then I came here to find this truly appealing salad. I really am going to give it a try. Unlike you, I’ve few, if any, of the ingredients on-hand but a trip to the market will easily handle that. I’ve printed and pinned the recipe. This is one that’s not going to get away. 🙂

  • hotlyspiced

    I can see myself enjoying this as a side-dish for dinner and then having the leftovers as a salad for lunch. I do like the sound of the tamari and ginger dressing flavoured with white peppercorns – I have about a kilo of white peppercorns so am keen to use them wherever possible! xx

  • I used to have quinoa all the time, but lately not as much. I’ll have to make this so I can pretend it’s Spring instead of below freezing! Happy New Year Bobbi!

  • Happy New Year Bobbi! Yummy recipe to start the year!

  • Perfect recipe for my New Year resolution! And so pretty – love the baby corn looking like little flowers 🙂 Hope your start into the 2016 was amazing, Bobbi! XOXO

  • Amazing sounding and looking salad, the flavors are right up my alley and I love pistachios. Great comment on no diets just better choice of nutritional foods.

  • What a lovely and delicious way to kick start the year. Happy new year to you and all your loved ones.

  • kitchenriffs

    Happy New Year! WAY too many holiday cookies here — so we need healthy dishes like this. Lot of flavor in this! Really nice — thanks.

  • Happy New Year, Bobbi! What a delicious healthy dish to dive into! I ate a green salad that had edamame in it and loved the hearty texture, so I know I’ll love this dish – that dressing looks marvelous!

  • kushigalu

    In love with dressing. Looks so delicious and flavorful. Amazing clicks. Happy New Year!

  • Who says healthy food cannot be delicious? Just by looking at the ingredients I know that it’s bursting with flavours in every spoonful! I definitely need a bowl of this to clean my system of all the feast I’ve had over the past few weeks. :p Happy happy new year to you and your family Bobbi! You’ve been such an amazing friend and I’m so happy to have met you last year! Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet up again in the future. Have a great 2016 ahead, take care!

  • Oh my goodness, Bobbi, I’m just loving this dish! I would like it hot, cold or room temp – just please give it to me! The dressing is fabulous and the ingredients, colour and texture are the best. This is going to take the internet by storm because it’s the best quinoa salad ever! Sharing all over 🙂

  • What a wonderful combination of flavors and textures! I want to make it right away 🙂

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  • Hi Bobby Happy new Year!
    This is perfect timing – I’ve been needing more quinoa recipes to try!

  • Chinese Character Translation

    I would enjoy your recipe no matter if served as a salad or side…it sounds terrific.

    • Bams Kitchen

      Thank you, your going to love all the textures and flavors of this salad. Great to make ahead for work or school lunches.

  • This looks colorful and yum. I would like to dig in a bowl of this right now.

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