Hungarian Goulash Soup (Gulyásleves)

September 3, 2014

Gulyásleves is a rich and aromatic soup filled with hearty vegetables, beef, sweet Hungarian paprika, parikacrem, petite little dumplings and lots of fresh parsley is sure to warm you up and cures what ails you this fall.

Hungarian Goulash Soup- Bam's Kitchen

My dear friend, Anna, showed me how to make this traditional Hungarian soup just like her mother and grandmother used to make. Anna is from Hungary and is a beautiful musician and conductor. I love listening to her music and was very lucky to have her as a next door apartment neighbour for a few months.  She is even a better cook!

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Anna brought with her a little taste of Hungary with her on her arrival to Hong Kong. She had homemade freshly ground Hungarian Paprika. It is vibrant red/orange colour and makes all of your dishes taste amazing.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Anna also brought with her a few tubes of "Paprikacrem" that is a wonderful combination of roasted peppers, chilis and tomatoes and not like anything I have ever tasted before. I think this would be very difficult to replicate but it tastes similar to tomato paste mixed with pureed roasted red peppers and pureed roasted red chilis and salt. So if you wanted to make this dish and cannot find paprikacrem, then this would be my exchange.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Anna started off making a Pörkölt which is a stew with boneless meat, paprika, tomato, onion, garlic, paprika creme and paprika and already her house smelled amazing.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Then after she added the potatoes, carrots, water and dumpling it was a rich and aromatic  Hungarian goulash. Hungarian goulash is one of the national dishes of Hungary. Hungarian goulash is a stew with more gravy or a soup using meat, paprika, vegetables and potato and tiny dumplings simmered along with the meat. I know that some people add caraway seeds to the soup base but this was not in her families recipe, instead they used the fragrant and delicious paprikacrem.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

My favourite part of the soup is making the dumplings.  They are sweet little petite dumplings made simply with eggs, salt and just enough flour so that it makes a soft drop biscuit. These biscuits are tender and float to the top when they are done and make the Gulyásleves a hearty and delicious soup.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Anna has moved to Hong Kong and could find the parsley roots anywhere that she used to find in Hungary as this was part of her families' Gulyásleves recipe . So we exchanged with lots of extra flat leaf fresh parsley in her soup and it was lovely. Anna also used the Hungarian brand of vegetable bouillon powder called "Vegeta"  but you could exchange with your favourite brand of vegetable powder. I brought Anna over some fresh parsnips, thinking they were the same product. I was wrong.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bam's Kitchen

Just as a FYI, parsley root and parsnip are similar in appearance, but they are two completely different vegetables. Root parsley tastes like parsley. Parsnips have a taste all of their own and are kind of sweet. There's also a difference in how the leaves are arranged at the top of the root.  Root parsley has leaves sporadically on top of the root.  However, parsnips leaves are in a tidily inside a ring, much like that of carrots. Root parsley is usually around 11-12 inches long and parsnips are similar to the length of a carrot. The root parsley is rather thin, like a carrot. Parsnips are sometimes double the diameter of carrots.

Hungarian Goulash Soup-Bams' Kitchen

I hope that your family enjoys this recipe as much as my family did. I highly recommending doubling this recipe if you have hungry teenagers at home as they will love this comforting soup after a stressful back to school day.

Thank you so much Anna for a lovely lunch and tutorial on how to make one of Hungary's most loved dishes, Gulyásleves.





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Hungarian Goulash Soup (Gulyásleves)

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September 3, 2014

Gulyásleves is a rich and aromatic soup filled with hearty vegetables, beef, sweet Hungarian paprika, parikacrem, petite little dumplings and lots of fresh parsley

Recipe Courtesy of Anna Feher

  • Cook: 1 hr


Hungarian Goulash Soup Base

oil - 1 tablespoon (sunflower or other light tasting oil)

onion - 1 medium chopped

garlic - 3 finely chopped

vegetable bouillon powder - 1 teaspoon (we used the Hungarian Vegeta brand but you can use whatever vegetable powder you like)

paprika - 3 heaping teaspoons of Hungarian Paprika

tomatoes - 1 cup fresh chopped (we used little cherry tomatoes and cut in half)

beef - 2 eye of beef steaks

white pepper - to taste

water - 6-8 cups (part for covering beef to simmer and rest to make the soup)

carrots - 3 peeled and sliced in about 1/4 inch slices

potatoes - 2 large peeled and chopped

parsley - handful of flat leaf parsley chopped

Petite Dumplings

egg - 1 egg

salt - to taste

flour - 2-3 tablespoons or just enough to make a thick paste)


1Add sunflower oil to a big soup pot along with onions and garlic until sweated off.

2Take the pan off the heat and add paprika and mix. Then add tomatoes, beef and a little white pepper and place back on the burner to cook.

3Add just enough water to cover meat and decrease the heat down to a medium simmer. Cook until tomatoes break down and you can no longer see it, about 20 minutes. You could extend this time if you wished to make the meat more tender with a low and slow cook.

4Add the rest of water, about 6-8 cups and bring to a boil. Add carrots, potatoes and handful of parsley and cook until vegetables are fork tender.

5Make the petite dumplings: In a little bowl beat one egg and add a pinch of salt and about 2-3 tablespoons of flour or just enough flour to make a thick paste pasta dough.

6Drop the pasta into the Hungarian Goulash Soup with just about a teaspoon of pasta dough at a time. The pasta will float up to the top when cooked.

7Garnish with fresh parsley and serve with crusty bread and enjoy. (Anna liked to garnish her Gulyásleves with a little bit of spicy paprika sauce but I loved it just liked it was, rich and flavorful)



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