Jump Start MindFUL Eating

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Jump Start MindFUL Eating & End MindLESS Eating…

What is mindFUL eating? How MindFUL Eating is going to be your new game changer!

Jump Start MindFUL Eating/ https://www.hwcmagazine.com

Mindful eating is becoming fully aware of the “Why” we are eating and the “What” we are eating.

How often do you sit down, or heck stand over the sink and woof down lunch all while you are on the phone or distracted by social media? How many of you are eating right now while reading this post? Caught you red handed!!! LOL

Do you ever find yourself with a bag of chips on your lap on the couch while you are watching TV and can’t believe a half a bag is already gone? Have you ever just eaten because it is time to eat but are not hungry? These are all examples of not being mindful while you are eating.

Mindful eating is about being aware of your emotions and triggers that make you want to eat. Do you eat because you are sad, scared, depressed, bored out of your mind, and stressed or just because you are really hungry?

Why do we mindlessly Eat?

Mindful eating is the process by which you take the steps to understand your triggers for wanting food and evaluating them. Many times people don’t even know they are doing this but not only do they eat for nourishment but they eat as a way to award themselves for good behavior. No shit, done that myself. I just finished a huge project so now I am going to have a piece of the pie. Am I really hungry, NO, but the thought of the pleasure seeking response I will have from eating that delicious flaky piecrust and delicious apple filling is just what I need to feel better, or is it?

How many times have your children told you, “Mom I’m hungry, I want a cookie.” Are you laughing out loud right now? Well you should be as this is an example of how early mindful eating practices needed to start taking place. Of course as a parent, you should respond if you are really hungry, then eat this healthy snack instead. (Good luck with that ) If your child takes the healthy snack then maybe they were really just hungry or maybe what they really needed was a solution to their boredom.

Jump Start MindFUL Eating / End MindLESS Eating

Lets get to the bottom of WHY you’re a mindLESS eater instead of a mindFUL eater. This is no easy feat but I promise you we will give you the tools to be the brand new you. Just by reading this post you have taken the first integral step in making a change. Give yourself a little hug, a pat on the back. Well done! Are you ready to Jump Start Mindless Eating?

Some people abuse tobacco, alcohol or drugs and people can abuse food too. Society lectures to us every day on how bad cigarette smoking is for our lungs and can cause cancer, COPD and a host of many other illnesses. Smoking is more than a physical addiction; it is also a “psychological addiction”. If you do not address both while trying to stop smoking all of your efforts will be fruitless. MindLESS eating causes the same effect. You can try to stop eating late at night or try to stop eating the high sugar, high carb fried foods but if you do not take a good hard look at the why you are craving these foods and why you are eating them or too much of them in the first place, you will never be able to put an end to mindless eating and packing on the calories.

 Be Good to Yourself/ Beware of the Obstacles

By all means, every once in a while we all deserve a sweet or savory treat. We are only human of course. To deprive yourself of everything would just back fire and you might be a closet eater. However, there are limits and with today’s accessibility to everything under the sun, we need to be careful that we do not treat ourselves out of habit, convenience or just because. The modern world has given us food delivery, 24 hour stores and commercials and media to brain wash into thinking that we need to eat 24/7.

As a food website, you would think all we want you to do is eat 24/7. Well, you are wrong. At Healthy World Cuisine, we want our readers to be both happy and healthy. We want you to think of food as delicious nourishment and a way to prevent illness. Do you remember the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Indeed you are and that is exactly why we want you to eat to nourish your body and brain with clean eating, healthy, close to nature food that makes you feel fantastic and not guilty.

How many of you are nighttime tv watching snackers? You just finished a great balanced dinner and then less than 2 hours you are in the kitchen looking for something sweet, something salty, or something naughty… Am I hungry? No, but it is habit…my mind knows that it is my reward for this busy day that I get to relax and eat.

Am I hitting the nail on the head?

How many out there, don’t worry no one can see you from behind that computer screen, eat for comfort and maybe not necessarily for hunger pains. Well, I am going to go ahead and raise my hand, I have been caught red handed but I have a plan on how to change this.

My goal/your goal is to make the decision to eat ONLY because your body is physically hungry and you have hunger pains, not because of feelings or triggers or even habits.

We know that life is busy but taking these few easy steps can help you change your entire outlook on the eating experience.

Try these 5 easy steps to change your mindset, eating habits and become a mindful eater. You might even drop a trouser/ pant size, if you’re lucky.

  1. Turn off all electronic devices while eating. Silence your phone, turn off the TV, shut down facebook, – you get the idea)
  2. Take a moment to take in the food using your 5 senses. (Take a look, smell, taste, texture and enjoy the feeling of being satiated as you eat)
  3. Slow down when you eat. This is not a race! Your mind can’t keep up with the trigger of being satiated if you don’t give it a chance to register. Remember what your mom told you and chew your food well. (actually this prevents issues with indigestion and many other issues)
  4. If you think your hungry, STOP. Ask yourself these 3 questions…  a) What am I feeling right now? (Sad, happy, stressed, or perfectly content) b) When was the last time I ate? c) Is my stomach grumbling?
  5. If you think you are really hungry then your hunger will be satiated with a healthy choice (fruit, vegetable, protein) If you think that you are still hungry after you eat something healthy, then reevaluate your emotions. Food is not going to fix being sad, lonely, depressed or bored.

Jump Start MindFUL Eating / https://www.hwcmagazine.com

Did you know that your own brain is outsmarting you? Yes, you heard me right. Your brain controls your body and if your brain is feeling neglected it will cause you to self-sabotage. Even if we are very self- disciplined we will still fail if your brain is not convinced that this benefits them too. It is like a quarrel in your own body. We have physical body against brain and brain against body. We need to get them talking the same talk and walking the same talk to make a positive difference in anything you do. What we mean by this there is no diet or exercise alone in the world that will ever help you loose weight or maintain weight if you just mindlessly eat without taking into consideration the WHY you are eating. This must come from deep within. Your brain must be re-wired to think differently, smarter and be mindful.

Being mindful of your actions, emotions and thoughts, we can get a handle on what your triggers are for eating and rewire your responses. You are not alone in the uphill battle.

If you would like to learn more about Jump Start Mindful Eating, stay tuned as we will be starting a course soon.

What triggers or emotions make you want to eat? Please share below so that we can connect as a community and help each other. 

Author: HWC Magazine

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